Keeping it personal.

There are certainly many ways to style a console and I thought I knew all of them. That is until I laid eyes on this incredible vignette from the home of Carolina Hererra...
It's different and unique and totally fresh. I love this zebra console, I am kind of wanting one in my apartment right about now. Then the white x-bench with black piping...oh la la. I just love how she displays her family photos in such a collection type of way. A few books here and there stacked beautifully, then topped off with a beautiful pop art self portrait. I just love it. How very diva!
You don't have to always have a self portait to be chic. Photos of others always work in my book too. What I love about these consoles is that the decor is very realistic. Its not just trendy items that scream, I was professionally decorated. There are very sweet framed family photographs on display, which to me, says something is very special going on here. It keeps things so personal, which I can appreciate in a home. Making sure there are personal items like this is essential when you want to love where you live. 

Styling ideas for above cabinets...

I am always getting asked about how to style the high areas...
We all know them, the kitchen cabinets, the occasional armoire or even just the top of bookcases. Its a tricky place because storage usually makes the most sense (especially in this city), but its not normally easy to reach so you have to put items that can hang out there for a while.
 I personally think a collection of anything looks so good in a space like this and is rather easy to style if you feel that you aren't great at that sort of thing. I adore this all white collection of vases and ginger jars, it looks so chic. Especially with a little pop of artwork and a dash of greenery. 
Also, keeping it simple can also make a huge impact. The blue and white pair of jars looks fab atop a bright yellow armoire, no? I love it.

image sources- 1-jasmineway 2/3  4-french provencial

Flowers for the home...

While I would like to think I could be home to recharge and relax, I have no time to even think about taking a break or day off. Sigh. My newest client, however, has me incredibly excited to get to work. Before I jet to LA next week for LCDQ (is anyone going to be there?), I'll be styling a campaign for a really premier floral company here in New York. They are beyond one of the best in the business and I can't wait to get to creating this look book.  
 My inspiration will come from home decor. Not your ordinary tabletop setting, but looks showing how incredible florals can be in home decor. I love the way they look in china pieces. It's so feminine and pretty. I also love florals on the desk or anywhere really for that matter. 
 I love how fresh the green is on the stems of fresh flowers. The best way to show that off is through a gorgeous clear glass vase. 
all images via this page. follow more here and here.

INSPIRED: How to style a bookcase {5 IDEAS}

Sometimes it's hard to find what to add to your bookcases to add character, vibrancy, life and color. Lately, I have been inspired by the random objects I've seen thrown into these chic vignettes, aside from the gorgeous books that are always the good starting base.
1. Art always works for making a bookcase chic but I adore the idea of a lei and album covers, so cool.

2. One of my best friends has a home in LA with so much book storage but not enough books to fill it. So, I am very fond of similar colors and styles of pottery. Very sophisticated.

 3. Items that are eclectic and look like you picked them up on your latest wanderlust adventure, these work so well. Here, elephants, turtle shells, maps and the like make a super chic ensemble.
 4. I really love how this collection of bowls, vases, serving dishes and saucers in blue and white make a great artsy yet whimsical look. I think having your entertaining items on display is so effortless chic.
5. Or why not put regular old storage. I love the way these old granny yellow plates are stored and displayed as well as orange boxes. This is a great way to add some serious color that dominates the bookcase and makes it look pulled together. 

images: 1-carolina herreras bookcase 2- elle decor 3- daydreams 4- jaime mears styling 5-unkown

A bedroom side table

The next thing on my shopping list...

 Typical of New York, my bedroom is particularly small and I refuse to give up my big bed. So, I am in search of the perfect small side table that will fit that area. On the one side, my large vanity fits perfectly but on the other, I need something small and sweet, just enough for a little lamp and an accent or two. By the way, I am collecting my favorite things on luvocracy. Check em out! 

images via bedside stylings


Apologies for the lack of post yesterday, my site got hacked and I have no idea how it happened. Such a bummer. Anyway, I am preparing for styling a shoot this next week and I've been hunting for some good styling accessories. One of my most favorite decorating accessories is the ever so sophisticated OBELISK. Every glam designer uses them from Mary McDonald to Kelly Wearstler to Miles Redd. So chic, I love to use them too...

They really are great because they come in different heights and colors and finishes, so naturally they work well in any situation. Consoles in the entryway, coffee tables in the living, dining tables in the parlor, etc. 
I can not get enough of the beautiful things. If you are looking for some, ebay has all kinds. I've also found them at Target, Home Goods and my local thrift stores. We got one client of mine one for about $25 at home goods and her guests are always asking her about it, its that gorgeous! 

atlanta showhouse//decorpad//KK//belgianpearls//atlantamagazine//sketch42//elledecor//domino//

5 ways to style your sofa table

There is always room for more tables and I am a total fan of putting tables behind sofas for more space. The possibilities are endless...
1. Have a fabulous console loaded with your bar cart essentials

2. Create a storage area with beautiful baskets and your favorite books.
3. Make use of the space to keep extra seating for when guests come over. 
4. Create a cool workspace with funk and fresh accesories.
5. Invite guests over to the area by adding cute seating and a round table for a conservation spot.


office space of the day... fit for a hip chick

There is so much goodness still to share from the last issue of Lonny.
gorgeous desk lamp + fun inspiration board + perfectly pink and glass desk + sexy shape seating = 
domestic bliss
More things in Lonny that I LOVED...

Loving the moments of turquoise in the magazine, I am thinking there is a resurgence of blue moments happening...
  That brass lamp. If you have been reading me for a while, you know I used one in my FL project and I have been in love with them every since. So good! That blue statue too is the perfect dash of eccentric kelly wearstler style glamour. 
 I love the styling in this little fireplace vignette...
 Hello Parisian citrus magic.
 Lately I am loving some blue and white pieces mixed in, this look never goes out of style.
images via lonny mag by patrick cline.


Inspired by this beautiful photo I knew that a brass bookcase would make the perfect addition to my clients home office. We searched high and low and found this interesting looking one...

Isn't she beautiful. Very unique and oh so perfect for displaying gorgeous items.
It's not styled to perfection yet, but at least we have begun the magic.
Today, I am relishing in the fact that we actually found one for around $100 and it looks so old school glam. Now I am considering getting one for myself! 


The Art of Living: inspired bookcase styling

No longer are the days for bookshelves to be used for books...
Now it is the perfect place to display your most treasured accessories. I personally use this philosophy in my clients homes, especially in the city. Sometimes bookcases can be perfect for storing everyday essentials for easy access. I love gorgeous items and why not display those that you just adore the most!
Take some cues from these marvelously styled bookcases.

images via pinterest.

How to decorate with major impact. Birds.

Can we just talk about the importance of good styling at home? Here is a surefire way to guarantee a perfect vignette....
These oversized stuffed pheasants/birds are such a great way to accessorize. They create drama, they are eccentric and whimsical. All things that are key in making sure there is some swagger to your vignette. 
If you aren't into the bird thing, don't fret. There are other ways to create drama, just make sure they have as much boldness as these guys.


the power of mixing pillows

Never underestimate the statement that even the smallest of accessories make...
One of my favorite ways to add some fun to your space is through pillows. Pillows, when placed well, can be such a huge decorative impact for your space. A low budget way to add some serious style and swagger. The real style comes in the mix of styles, patterns, textures and sizes.
Here are some of my most favorite mixes for you to pull inspiration! 

images pulled from decorpad, pinterest, via domino mag, livingetc & housebeautiful

fashion meets decor... creamy moroccan wedding blankets

pretty,creamy and delightful rachel bilson dress
pretty, creamy and delightful moroccan wedding blankets...
your busy-ness is boho chic yet still oh so glam...and i just love you.
they really do make the perfect bedspread coverlet, no? adds a little something to the room.
I also love it used as a headboard or a pretty tapestry like art for the wall...
such a stylish rug too...


Tablescape Tuesday: pretty pops of yellow

Nothing says spring like a bright and sunny pop of yellow in your tabletop decor. Come to think of it, nothing says spring like dining al favorite. I'm heading back to LA this week to hit up west week (all sorts of fun design festivities happening) and all I can think about is an outdoor baby shower that I am going to attend. I'm on the decor committee, of course, and right now all signs are pointing me to a teeny pop of yellow. 


Tablescape Tuesday: the perfect tablecloth is everything

When decorating your table for a dinner party a sure fire way to have a stylish soiree is a pretty patterned tablecloth! Choosing the right bold pattern will give your party an instant look of chic. Don't be afraid to get fearless when mixing patterns. If you feel thats too risky for your style, go with simple colors in your dishes and flatware and let the tablecloth speak for itself. 

The Decorista trend spotting: spotted fabric

I adore this incredibly well styled vignette. Spotted fabric is all the rage right now and I am coveting some for my new space. A perfectly paired elegant wood dresser and gold mirror combo looks rich. The fabulous cat lamp with an orange shade mixes it up a bit and adds a touch of fun. Loving this mix.

love the spotted fabric?

here is what the chair looked like before...
via beau

Modern glamour: family living in Australia

With my clients, I am always hearing about how husbands and boyfriends are super picky about a space being not too glamorous or girlie. Then I stumbled upon this gorgeous family home with just the right amount of girlie glamour. The gorgeous ornate chandelier and beautiful detailed gold accents are just the right amount of feminine panache and super props to the husband who went for it. 

more of the home tour here

moments of domestic bliss with Rachel Gilbert

This beautiful fashionista opened her home to SHOP til you drop mag. Rachel Gilbert's NYC apartment is super girlie and totally glam. I love these photographs from her spread in the Feb issue. It just goes to show how the little things are what make a home blissful. JOY letters by the window, lovely flowers, black and white photographs of you and your friends, artwork you adore and of course fabulous ghost chairs in the dining room. Too cute.