My Springtime accessories...

This seasons High Point Market is fast approaching (I fly out this weekend) and I'm scrambling to try and find things to pack. With so many showrooms to see, parties to attend, meetings to get to I need to be smart about what I choose to bring with me. Days are long, but incredibly exciting...who's coming with me?
Thanks to Coach I have been supplied with my shoe essentials from their new spring collection which I must say, metallics and wicker weaving are everything right now.

Now that I'm all set with footwear, what I really need to find is the perfect handbag. Something in a great color for spring time in the city and also big enough to carry around all of my decorista tools + supplies. There are so many chic bags out there, I need your help deciding which one to go with. I'm a very classic girl so I like clean lines and beautiful colors. 

Secret of domestic bliss #70 ...Busty

The other day I was shopping in an old bookstore and I found this amazing book from the 1970's and it was all about home decor and trends. It's so funny how decor trends just always come back around again. I'm all about trends that never end and busts are definitely one of them. This year, I think I am going to add a bust to my apartment. A large, over the top, fabulous bust with total panache...

I especially love them propped up in a fireplace or near a window so it gets to be almost a focal point. 
They look so good in any style of decor, everyone needs a bust, don't ya think?

images 1//2//3//4//5//6


Okay, after this years color of the year announcement, I have really come to terms with the fact that my favorite color is GOLD. I know its not the normal favorite color like blue or orange but I really just have this love affair with gold. If you have seen my work, you know I am a fan of painting ceilings gold or adding the metallic color the bottom of your dining table. I love and I just can't get enough of it. Especially in home decor accents...

I was taking the time to look through Elle Decor's lookbook and it occurred to me that all of the rooms with beautiful gold and brass accents were my absolute favorite shots. How amazing is this large round coffee table? I literally would do anything to get my hands on one of these. 
I love gold bases. The bottom of these small side tables in this living room are so perfectly touched with just the right amount of gold. Again, in this glossy black dining room, the gold base of this glass table is just stunning. 

Not to mention, gold lighting, gold chairs and gold finishes are all incredible accessories for any room. Talk about adding the perfect amount of glamour. So very decorista!
all images via Elle Decor lookbook

INSPIRED: hanging light fixtures in the bedroom

Lately I am really loving hanging lights in home decor. I have a chandelier in my apartment hanging over my bed, and I absolutely love it. However, I am loving the look of hanging lamps over bedside tables. This is such a great way to eliminate cluttered tableau and give room for other essentials and really fab accessories. Black and very glamorous chandeliers would be my first choice but there are several other styles that work too...

Light blue walls in the bedroom, mirrored dresser, dripping chandelier, and extra high headboard is the perfect concoction for an ultra modern and romantic bedroom. 
While sweet and romantic looks are always good in the bedroom, I of course, always think gold is the way to go...


Apologies for the lack of post yesterday, my site got hacked and I have no idea how it happened. Such a bummer. Anyway, I am preparing for styling a shoot this next week and I've been hunting for some good styling accessories. One of my most favorite decorating accessories is the ever so sophisticated OBELISK. Every glam designer uses them from Mary McDonald to Kelly Wearstler to Miles Redd. So chic, I love to use them too...

They really are great because they come in different heights and colors and finishes, so naturally they work well in any situation. Consoles in the entryway, coffee tables in the living, dining tables in the parlor, etc. 
I can not get enough of the beautiful things. If you are looking for some, ebay has all kinds. I've also found them at Target, Home Goods and my local thrift stores. We got one client of mine one for about $25 at home goods and her guests are always asking her about it, its that gorgeous! 

atlanta showhouse//decorpad//KK//belgianpearls//atlantamagazine//sketch42//elledecor//domino//

Elements of Eclectic Glamour

When people ask me to define my style, I always say "eclectic glamour". I think because I love so many looks and styles, its so hard for me to really define. The one thing I know is that I love glamorous things and I love the finer things. Perhaps thats why I love vintage + antiques so much, most of the time these things are made with such care and high quality. I rarely find an interior that really does eclectic quite like I like but Nicole Hanley's apartment featured in vogue did something I am completely into...

White I am not the biggest fan of yellow, I can't help but love the little touches of yellow throughout her space. It adds vibrancy and color to the mix. I've been seeing neon in acrylic so much lately and that adorable ashtray on her coffee table is probably my favorite thing in the space, aside from the glamorous kitten artwork. 
These black doors with yellow insets are oh so rad. Very "outside the box". Which brings out an eclectic edge. Her abounding art collection also nods to modern and the eclectic mix gives you that sophisticated feeling. To top off the look that golden obelisk paired with the marble eggs adds style, swagger and keeps it very glamorous! 
images via

office space of the day... fit for a hip chick

There is so much goodness still to share from the last issue of Lonny.
gorgeous desk lamp + fun inspiration board + perfectly pink and glass desk + sexy shape seating = 
domestic bliss
More things in Lonny that I LOVED...

Loving the moments of turquoise in the magazine, I am thinking there is a resurgence of blue moments happening...
  That brass lamp. If you have been reading me for a while, you know I used one in my FL project and I have been in love with them every since. So good! That blue statue too is the perfect dash of eccentric kelly wearstler style glamour. 
 I love the styling in this little fireplace vignette...
 Hello Parisian citrus magic.
 Lately I am loving some blue and white pieces mixed in, this look never goes out of style.
images via lonny mag by patrick cline.

decorate with feathers...

You guys have been so amazing to vote for me at the JOYUS contest. I loved hearing your feedback on the room too! Many of you mentioned your love for the peacock feathers I used in the space and I just wanted to encourage more of that. Feathers are fun! 
My obsession with Kishani Perera's book + decor reaffirms my feelings for feathers, too! Here in this pretty pink dining room she accessorizes with feathers....

Even in artwork, feathers can be cute too. I adore this pretty peacock painting.
Or why not go with the real deal?

Passion for Pinterest & Hermes Orange Boxes

So I have been working with one of my clients on a makeover in the bedroom. The clients just feel like they want something new for spring. Things need a change but we don't really want to go out and buy all new pieces for the room so I was putting together a mood board for some ideas when it occurred to me just how FABULOUS pinterest is.  
It is such a powerful decorating tool. I had an idea for getting some orange into the room. I was thinking maybe through boxes and my pinterest totally helped support my case to the client. 
Let me prove to you how orange boxes are awesome...


Styleicious Sunday: Stylish skulls

Skulls seriously have been slowly creeping onto my radar...
and when I found this pretty pink skull pillow on a shopping trip in the Hamptons this weekend I fell instantly. Now, I am dying to get some skull action in my home and have found some incredibly chic ways to incorporate the edgy accessory into my life.
{I also kind of dig the wallpaper above...not sure where I could use it but I will find something!}
The Alexander McQueen skull scarf has been a stylish piece for a while...but I am now digging on some skull art. It's edgy and chic all at the same time.
Styling up your accessories with skulls is very chic too.
Skull artwork is so masculine and perfect to add to any bachelor pad.
Cute right? I just can't get enough of them...

DIY decorating: 4 clever and creative ideas for domestic bliss

1. Use creative shoe storage: how incredibly glam is this case piece? It is the perfect way to show off your pretty shoes without being disorganized.

2. Use creative dual purpose furniture:Use trunks as sidetables, they are GREAT for storage as well as providing ample space for lighting, trinkets, books and the like. 
3. Add a pop of color to a neutral space: Get a canvas, paint it a gorgeous color and voila, you have instant, chic art and a pretty pop of color! Works wonders and on a budget, too.
4. Stylish beauty displays: When not baking, let your cake stand double as a cute tray for pretty perfume bottle display. Adds a bit of dimension to the tablescape vignette, no?

{images. pinterest. unknown. fullhouse. LAinthebay.}

How to decorate with major impact. Birds.

Can we just talk about the importance of good styling at home? Here is a surefire way to guarantee a perfect vignette....
These oversized stuffed pheasants/birds are such a great way to accessorize. They create drama, they are eccentric and whimsical. All things that are key in making sure there is some swagger to your vignette. 
If you aren't into the bird thing, don't fret. There are other ways to create drama, just make sure they have as much boldness as these guys.


The Art of Living: how to decorate around a tv

Having a television can be a tough decorating problem to tackle...
but it doesn't always have to be so bad. Because my new apartment is so small, I am looking for a clever way to add a tv to the wall. I have thought about creating a super fun and large scale art wall but I am also feeling quite inspired by these fabulous decor inspirations!
I just adore those two little busts... and the AMAZING wallpaper below...

images via. lonny. thecoveteur. elledecor. domino.

the power of mixing pillows

Never underestimate the statement that even the smallest of accessories make...
One of my favorite ways to add some fun to your space is through pillows. Pillows, when placed well, can be such a huge decorative impact for your space. A low budget way to add some serious style and swagger. The real style comes in the mix of styles, patterns, textures and sizes.
Here are some of my most favorite mixes for you to pull inspiration! 

images pulled from decorpad, pinterest, via domino mag, livingetc & housebeautiful

because today I am LOVING sconces

This afternoon I had a wonderful time scouring the city for some great finds. For some reason, I found the most amazing sconces and now am obsessed with finding a perfect pair for my new apartment. Maybe even more than one pair will do the trick! I love the way they look solo too.

LOVE this mirror/sconce....gorgeous! 
I really love these white ones too! 

1) 2) urbank 3) elledecor 4)lonnymag 5)mary macdonald

fashion meets decor... creamy moroccan wedding blankets

pretty,creamy and delightful rachel bilson dress
pretty, creamy and delightful moroccan wedding blankets...
your busy-ness is boho chic yet still oh so glam...and i just love you.
they really do make the perfect bedspread coverlet, no? adds a little something to the room.
I also love it used as a headboard or a pretty tapestry like art for the wall...
such a stylish rug too...


Decorating idea...things on walls

So here is a thought. If you don't like art or sunburst mirrors like the rest of us, it can be extremely confusing for you all to know exactly what to put on your walls. Something I have been noticing in the glossies lately are these gorgeous groupings of collections. Mary Macdonald, Miles Redd and the like, all use this clever trick for keeping the walls different and interesting. I'm totally into it.