This Memorial Day, I am feeling like super recharged and ready.
I'm excited for summer and I have lots of things coming up to look forward to, new work projects, lots of travel and even new hobbies that I have taken on. I'm feeling like the second half of the year is all about MORE.
Which is why I wasn't surprised how fabulous this living room shot was for me. A mirror in More...hello! 
 I love The Hamptons, especially the big beautiful homes with outdoor spreads that you just could never even imagine in the city. It's the perfect time to relax, stretch your legs and enjoy yourself. 
This home would be one that I would love to do just that in. 
 Keeping with that beachy, white wall look, they really stepped up the decor game with fresh modern elements. Pops of blue and aqua colors abound but with super swagger. Like for instance these modern light sconces. A sofa with tufts like I have never seen and a kitchen with the more gorgeous blue modern finish. The more mirror and that mirrored kitchen island, those are just the cherries on the top.  Oh, and that cool mirrored art with funky warm colors, that is pretty much the most rad part of this had me at hello. Seriously.

images via Elle Decor. photography by Simon Upton

bliss in the kitch'...PARISIAN PINK

I have been long dreaming of the perfect apartment for myself and my dreams always involve a large white glossy kitchen. After finding this precious apartment and modern with a dash of pink, I thought to myself I found the perfect inspiration. All the cabinetry is from IKEA and all the appliances are stainless steel which add metallic shine seamlessly. Think this kitchen is chic, then you must see the rest of the apartment...

The bedroom took my breath away. This gorgeous peacock wallpaper combined with a gorgeous Venetian mirror has me needing a a few new things for myself. Purple, pink, white and grays make a lovely bedroom color combo. 
Oh, and against her ikea mirrored armoire (i love all the chic ways to incorporate ikea by the way), she has gorgeous silk wallpaper and a perfectly parisian white chair. Beautiful! 
images found here


This whole storm situation just has me in deep thought. Half of our city is without power and I can't even begin to imagine how many people have damaged homes and lost furnishings. It seems so selfish to be blogging about these beautiful things right now. There are far more important things to attend to, like volunteering for those who are in serious need right now. However, I do realize the importance of carrying on, moving forward and being resilient like I know our beloved city always is...

So in light of these recent reflections, I must talk about how essential mirrors are in the home. They really are strategic pieces for making a not so glamorous space feel more glamorous. Surprisingly, a lot of people I work with don't really like mirrors. I really don't get it but mirrors everywhere can be intimidating for some. 
So, one way to switch up the look is mirrored tiles. The lines break up that perfect reflection so that it's not a full on mirror. However, when pieced together like this, you can get the effect to work towards bringing in the glamour and enlarging the space at the same time. 
I especially love the look in the bathroom. It completely changes the entire space, no?

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This week I visited a friends home in the city and a few of the bathrooms were standard and modern however she wanted to add a bit of old world french glamour to it. We discussed several different options but I found that there are just a few key elements that can add the look in a big way...

An ornate mirror in gold or silver with beautiful curves is first and foremost. Mirrors can change everything. I also adore venetian mirrors or a cute gold chinoiserie style mirror can also give a chic twist. Glamorous and beautiful lighting is also essential in a bathroom, whether your priority is drama or just a beautiful glow, you want to make sure that the lighting has some curves and sparkle. 
Wallpaper with a small repeat print with either floral elements or maybe even toile or stripes would be perfection...
To add the final touches, perfume bottles, apothecary jars and accoutrements give that perfect finished look. and voila! Magnifique!


A perfect apartment...

Just when I am starting to get in touch with bold colored rooms, I find something the complete opposite that just speaks to my decorating soul. This black and white apartment with just a teeny splash of pink has literally sent me into a whole new obsession...

In the dining room, the doors with round molding is just absolutely so chic. It perfectly warms up the modern elements of the room and stark black and white color scheme.  I am also LOVING the mixmatched mirrors, so sweet.
I love this black and white wallpaper, its absolutely perfect for spring! It fits so well with a cowhide rug and saarinen coffee table and cute, modern + PINK club chairs. 
I love the symmetry and balance in each of the rooms too, its very harmonizing...
This entryway wallpaper is so hip, I love any brave person who works with that look...I think just the right amount of wallpaper was used here, not too much but just enough to give the space some swagger. Don't you agree?
interior by Janet Rice Interiors

Decorating 101: Big mirror + fab console

After my amazing trip in San Francisco at the beginning of this week, I have up and headed down to Fort Lauderdale for a brand spanking new client and I am beyond excited about it! Her home is like a big coloring book for me...white walls + fabulously shaped furniture basics. She is a Brazilian/American fashion designer and her life is all about color. I adore her!
My first mission is to get some great vignettes going on in here and that all starts with a big mirror + a fabulous console table...
I love the way this floor mirror is covered with a pretty console. This look is genius to me. It creates mega space in the room but the mirror alone would be bland. The console table adds some dimension and is the perfect space to display a few of your favorite things.

As much as I adore gold, which is what we are using in Vanessa's crib, I will always adore all mirrored pieces. It's just so very elegant and glamorous! 

pinteresteclectic revisited.

office space of the day: white done right

Gorgeous white office spaces are the reason I love what I do. In reality, I could never actually work in a space this color free, but creating this magic would be a brilliant feat. It's incredibly well styled and fits my love for white done right just perfectly...
white wallpaper + mirrored desk + art deco-ish chairs + white flokati rug + long venetian mirror =
domestic bliss
image via

bliss in the kitch' {mirrors make it modern}

Modern kitchens are so what I live for right now. How incredibly genius are these mirrored cabinets...

Incase I haven't told you, I live for mirrored furniture. Right now mirrored coffee tables are my absolute favorite but when I saw this kitchen, it too that love to another level. I love mirrored cabinets now...very very chic.
there is something about a mirror that just does it for me. It can take any piece of furniture and just make it more modern, more glamorous. I am always finding pieces and wanting to add a mirrored effect. 
Thoughts??? Do we love mirrored cabinets?

images via modernmaizy, decorpad

needing. wanting. loving. {hexagonal & octagonal mirrors}

Ever since I have been in New York City, I have been more in love with mirrors than ever......
Mirrors are so essential when you live in a shoebox sized space and the phrase 'the more the merrier' completely applies. As I was on the hunt, like usual, for the most fabulous mirrors this week, my heart just fell for the mirrors at Flair NYC. They have the most exquisite hexagonal and octagonal mirrors and they just took my breath away. Now I am completely obsessed and wanting one or two...

The Art of Living: how to decorate with mirrors

I love decorating with mirrors, but I find that I am bored of just a simple mirror all alone on the wall. I like panache and extra effort when it comes to styling them. There is something about just a little something extra, that really can take your home decor to another level. It's interesting to see how adding mirrors to my own apartment brings a new dynamic and new dimensions. I am inspired to create even more creative displays with mirrors...
I also really love the look of gatherings of mirrors, they are highly effective for any smaller room as it creates a dramatic look AND as we all know, mirrors give the illusion of more space! 
There is such charm about leaning mirrors too, never underestimate the power of unstyled style.
I love mirrors in a bigger grouping of items as well.
This is a little something I am dying to try in my new apartment. A vertical line of mirrors in between windows, this is sure to maximize some natural sunlight. I love it.

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secret of domestic bliss #52...take mirrors outdoors

I have a very fabulous friend who turned me onto outdoor mirrors recently. Being a mirror girl, I am always game for mirrors all around. I never really thought how chic a little outdoor mirror could be but it actually is a powerhouse of panache for your outdoor situation.
I love this outdoor mirror with candles floating in front of it...will create the perfect nighttime light.

Whatever you place in front of a mirror will just have more impact and I am loving this green.

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The Art of Living: mixing mirrors and pattern

My top two obsessions right now...mirrors and fabulous patterns. Mixing these two together can be SUCH a chic looking combination. I love this red geometric patterned wallpaper mixed with an ivory finished mirror...very, very sophisticated. I don't know what it is about the mix, but the right pairing of pattern and mirrored frame can be incredibly impressive. It can give a room the perfect touch.


The Art of Living: layered living rooms

When decorating your home, it's important to create a gathering place. A room where everyone can collect together and enjoy great conversation and fun, that is what creates domestic bliss
Some people prefer the kitchen, much like my family, but I also really love the feel of an entertaining ready living room. A well decorated living room will have multiple seating/conversation areas, walls layered with gorgeous pieces that elicit great conversations and plenty of fabrics, patterns and interesting textures. I always think too many mirrors never hurt anybody...oh, and never skimp on reading material either. Big photography based books make for the most fun! 

Decorista Trend Spotting: paneled mirror loveliness

In NYC, I am noticing that basically any project I'm on, mirrors reign supreme. A wall of mirrors is the perfect compliment to a big and beautiful loft window. But sometimes, mirroring an entire wall with mirrors can be intimidating for home owners. When my girl Mackenzie posted this photo, I knew instantly that these paneled mirrors are the perfect way to create a look of mirrored walls without going overboard. Lately, I have seen them around more and more, they are an elegant twist to a regular mirrored wall, no? Stylish, glamorous, resourceful and incredibly beautiful. I love them.

image links. 1.23,4,5. 6

the most fabulous gold mirrors + where to put them

Today I will be bustling around WeHo attending the design events and I am so delighted about it!
I'm excited to meet all of the other designers and design bloggers. What I am most excited about, however, is checking out all of the amazing pieces at each showroom. I'm sure they will be putting out the best of the best for all of our eyes to see. What I'm most entranced by at the moment.....outrageously good gold mirrors. So in love...