I've spent my entire life impacted by interiors, from hotels to restaurants to antique shops. Always inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, I have a passion for putting it all together and creating intoxicating environments as a way of giving back to people and the world. 

I believe in the power of the interior and that your home is a reflection of your soul! 

Through my interior design + decorating work, I have cultivated a unique process of changing lives that I call Decor Therapy. There is no 'one design fits all' way about it, I cultivate and tailor my work to fit you and your lifestyle. The outcome always feels therapeutic for my clients.  Upgrade your home, upgrade your life! 

Let me help you design the life you have always dreamed of. 

Are you ready to transform your life and be open to having it all? It begins with a clear vision. 


From a young age, I was always very creative naturally. I took an interest in photography, art, sewing pillows, creating collages ( I've been making vision boards since my teen years ), etc. I always felt a calling deep inside me that I was meant for something BIG.


After feeling creatively stifled at college in Texas, I moved straight to Los Angeles in pursuit of becoming the next Kelly Wearstler. I was forced to take a job as a sales girl at an antique furniture showroom in Hollywood due to the lack of available design internships anywhere in the city. I didn't have any connections or ties in LA, so just like the struggling actors, I was a struggling interior designer. I spent years taking odd jobs, selling antiques, designing window displays at Macy's, assisting in luxury hotel development and selling art in the hottest gallery in Beverly Hills. 

While these jobs each gave me incredible and very valuable experience, I knew instinctively that I hadn't found the right fit for me, I just didn't know how to find my calling. I was on an endless search to discover my purpose in the world.


The economic crash of 2008 certainly served me well. First, I was laid off from my job along with several other of my co-workers and a bit later, I lost the hero of my life, my grandfather, to cancer. My grandfather was the man who gave me all of my creative genes and his one wish for me was to live in New York City and become a writer. 

I found a collection of my writings that he kept in his office where he would make comments on my work and send copies of my work out to family members. I never even thought about becoming a writer, as I was horrible in all of my English classes. However, something inside of me felt the call listen to him and walk in that direction. 


I've always been a very passionate person and I have had a very strong connection to my spirit and intuition. I've learned how to tap into the signs and follow what I feel is the right move for me. Having just gotten laid off, I was determined to forge a new career path. My passion for interior design and this new calling to be writer was my focus. I just didn't know what I was supposed to do with that deep desire. 

After reading about 20 books on becoming a writer and not finishing any of them because they were so boring to me, my boyfriend at the time suggested I start a blog. We had watched the movie Julie and Julia and he felt that it would be a great way to pair writing with my love for interior design. 

This was precisely when I learned the lesson to feel the fear but do it anyway. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, I was walking blindly into to the online space, writing, blogging, photography, etc. I got some books, found out the best place to start a blog and I just did it. And I kept at it. Secrets of Domestic Bliss.blogspot.com was born.  It was a long and very difficult road to navigate. There were no books on blogging or people who were willing to share the REAL advice behind the madness. I would spend nights awake till 3 am learning how to code, figure out search engine optimization, learning how to work advertising, etc. 


I quickly began to realize that writing was pretty easy for me because I decided to just use my own voice. Instead of getting it right, I wrote for myself. I created a blog which was almost like a journal of what I was obsessed with. I quickly realized that others were obsessed with what I loved too. I wasn't trying to be like the other blogs out there, I decided to create something very unique to who I am. To this day, I attribute that individuality to my success. 

Within six months of starting my blog and being consistent about the content, I was being invited to fabulous red carpet events and featured in magazines around the world. Shortly after that, I was offered a job as design assistant at one of my favorite design houses in LA. 


This experience made me understand that if you are brave enough to walk through fear and doubt, you absolutely can create anything you want. It was about this time, now working in my dream career, creating an online destination that led me to speak around the country to interior designers, I had made my dream come true. It just wasn't the traditional way or how everyone says its supposed to go. 


Shortly after I began working for the firm, I got an opportunity to go work on a project in New York City. I was absolutely so terrified by this and incredibly intimidated. Then, my cousin offered me to stay at his apartment while I was working on the job. It seemed like left and right doors were opening and all signs were pointing to NYC.

That moment, in spite of all my fears, I said yes! I determined to see my 3 month stay in New York as an opportunity provided by God. I realized how important that it is to say yes, even when it seems that things to good to be true. 


New York wasn't easy by any means but everything seemed to flow. Doors of opportunity opened. When I mentioned on my blog that I was in NYC, I was getting emails left and right to help city dwellers transform their spaces. About a month into my stay, Ashlina Kaposta Interiors was born, I had accomplished my dream of starting my own design business. Next thing I knew, one of my designs made the cover of Adore Magazine. This changed everything for me. I was so busy with my new business, I had to learn how to not only stay afloat but how to continue to grow. 

In order to flourish, I had to keep up my faith. I was praying, meditating and believing so much in my ability to live out my dreams. Out of nowhere, I was introduced to some incredible business mentors who helped put me on a structured and strategized plan to success and growth in my business. I learned invaluable online business lessons from the top people in the online sphere. I was also led to taking personal development seminars which taught me how to shift my perspectives, develop my speaking practices, learning to tap into your intuition as a compass for success. My leap to the next levels of success came just after I made some very large investments in bettering myself and my skill set. 

Questions and interview opportunities began to flood in and I kept getting asked the same questions. What were my secrets of success? I was being weighed down by answering so many emails, so I decided to create an online E-book to give any and all advice I had to share. I believe that there is enough success for everyone, so why not help those who are starting out and searching for advice? I know how it feels to be in that same position. 

I created an online magazine to journal my process, Ista Magazine. . .


I instinctively knew that teaching people what I have learned in life would fulfill me on a deep level. I began to get lit up by coaching and mentoring people so much more than I did designing a living room. All things ISTA was giving me purpose and meaning and I felt like I finally was doing the work my soul was longing for.

It was then when I decided to transform my entire business to be based from the heart and soul as opposed to just for success. I no longer wanted to create interior designs for the pages of magazines, I wanted to create sanctuaries that change lives. I want to connect to my clients, find out what they long for and help them to design a life that makes them feel alive and blissful. 

I recently finished my passion project, my book BLISSFUL LIVING. This was my love letter to the world about what I have learned by changing lives one interior at a time. 


I believe the home is a reflection of your soul. It's my mission to inspire women just like you to create luxury in their lives, everyday. After years of designing and decorating homes, I have learned that how you dress, how you style your home, how you live, has a direct effect on how you experience life. 

Through a process I have developed called, Decor Therapy, I work one on one with clients to design a new life by changing around the things in your home. . . 

*Are you ready to take your life & home to the next level?

*Do you want to learn how to make your home pulled together, organized and feeling luxurious?

*do you have a deep desire to make your home 'instagram worthy' ?

*Want to put the finishing touch on your space but need the resources to make it happen with ease?

Together, we can turn your home from ordinary into the place that makes you feel like the most glamorous, extraordinary woman on the planet.