Chic groups of Art

I have a client who, luckily, has an extremely large living room. The only problem is...
that above the sofa, we are having problems finding are that we love that fills the space. It's a pretty big wall. So, I'm pushing for a grouping of framed smaller art pieces that go together.
It makes such an impact and the frames add an architectural detail which is just a bonus to the artwork. 
I also like them placed in order, not arranged in random order. There is something grand about an organized arrangement that makes the room more dramatic and bold. 

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Keeping it personal.

There are certainly many ways to style a console and I thought I knew all of them. That is until I laid eyes on this incredible vignette from the home of Carolina Hererra...
It's different and unique and totally fresh. I love this zebra console, I am kind of wanting one in my apartment right about now. Then the white x-bench with black piping...oh la la. I just love how she displays her family photos in such a collection type of way. A few books here and there stacked beautifully, then topped off with a beautiful pop art self portrait. I just love it. How very diva!
You don't have to always have a self portait to be chic. Photos of others always work in my book too. What I love about these consoles is that the decor is very realistic. Its not just trendy items that scream, I was professionally decorated. There are very sweet framed family photographs on display, which to me, says something is very special going on here. It keeps things so personal, which I can appreciate in a home. Making sure there are personal items like this is essential when you want to love where you live. 

Styling ideas for above cabinets...

I am always getting asked about how to style the high areas...
We all know them, the kitchen cabinets, the occasional armoire or even just the top of bookcases. Its a tricky place because storage usually makes the most sense (especially in this city), but its not normally easy to reach so you have to put items that can hang out there for a while.
 I personally think a collection of anything looks so good in a space like this and is rather easy to style if you feel that you aren't great at that sort of thing. I adore this all white collection of vases and ginger jars, it looks so chic. Especially with a little pop of artwork and a dash of greenery. 
Also, keeping it simple can also make a huge impact. The blue and white pair of jars looks fab atop a bright yellow armoire, no? I love it.

image sources- 1-jasmineway 2/3  4-french provencial

A few thoughts on entryways...

I've been working on my entryway lately. It's so small so I really have to make sure I use the space very wisely. I already have some fab wallpaper and my gorgeous Sophia Loren print hanging, but now I need to style it up...

I love a gorgeous console piece. A stand out piece is always a good way to go. I also love the idea of a bench or a little seating, a perfect place to take off and put on shoes.
 I always love a good basket set. In NYC we are always looking for some extra storage so baskets can be of assistance. 
 My final thought. A mirror is another great addition to an entryway. A final place to check your outfit and make sure the makeup is looking right. This last one might be one of my favorites. So playful and fun, I just love it. 
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I am putting the finishing touches on my bedroom as we speak and there is just one more thing I have to find...the perfect gold piece. I want something like one of these gorgeous, gold and glamorous pieces for above my bed. I've been searching online, in the city and elsewhere. Hopefully soon I can find one.

 I've always loved the look above the bed like this...beautiful! 

Books on chairs...

 Okay, so I have just been all over the place sourcing things for my new apartment and I think I am falling in love. Actually, I have to admit, I am in major love with it. Decorating a new apartment just gets me going like no other. In Manhattan, its even better because when you move to a new neighborhood, its like an entirely different city. 
 The east side has some majorly amazing spaces and I am always finding things on the streets. Sofas, dressers, etc. NYC city streets are abounding with amazing things. The other day I found this gorgeous old french chair. It has a little tear on it but nothing that scared me away, her bones are so beautiful. I can always use some extra seating around the house and then thought to myself, "How do I style this?"
 Then it occurred to me..."books!" Maybe a plant, pillow or two but definitely a stack of amazing looking books will do the trick. Loving this look.
images via Lonny. Ryan Korban. Society Social.

Weekend styling

Today I went to see a new clients home a little north of Manhattan. I was mesmerized. It's been so long since I have really understood what life was like outside of apartment dwelling. It was absolutely refreshing to put my design brain on inside of a huge home. 
One thing I noticed the most was the interesting placement of books. While most of us New Yorkers have shelves of books that was intimidate more suburban librarians, this couple had only enough books for the most beautiful displays. It reminded me how beautiful big coffee table books can be when not overdone but simply just because they look beautiful...

Of course I love all matching jackets like this stack of pretty white ones, but I am also a huge fan of removing the jackets to unleash the beautiful binding. More often than not, underneath that jacket lies beautiful metallic fonts just waiting to be adored. This weekend why not try and switch things up and play a little with your book collection, you might have a whole new look. 

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Lessons I Learned from Lonny...

I love what I do. Have I mentioned this lately? I am constantly getting emails asking for my advice from young students or those who want to change their careers and get into interior design. What's the best way you can learn how to develop your craft? 
My answer is probably one of my favorite pastimes, research & development. Practice decorating your own space and use it as a laboratory. The other part, indulge yourself obsessively in books and magazines in your field of choice. Continue learning. This last issue of Lonny, really did that for me...

LESSON #1: I was so inspired by the content in this issue, I really feel that I learned a few new things, actually old things but looking at them in a whole new way.
In these first two photos, I'm noticing the magic of white chairs with black legs. Separating the pair on either sides of the sofa makes for a really open and symmetrical look creating the perfect conversation space. 
LESSON #2: Busts and statues still are ultimate accessory for areas where you don't know what to put. When in doubt, throw one in the mix and let the magic unfold.
LESSON #3: There are a few essential pieces for the new stylish bar cart... A fabulous wooden antique  sideboard + a cherry blossom chinoiserie screen + sterling silver serving trays + gorgeous glasses. There you will have a winning combination.
LESSON #4: Horse art is happening! It is still some of the most stylish art I see out there. Groups of them together make for such sweet swagger. 
  LESSON # 5: Collections are cooler as clutter when displayed in color groups! Say that a few times fast. 
 all images via Patrick Cline for Lonny magazine

How to live chic in New York...Lonny Magazine style

As most of you know, my obsession with the doors of my wonderful city just had me on one...I. cant. stop. Every time I snap a photo of a new door, my imagination runs wild with what could be inside these incredible apartment spaces. Every once and a while someone has their drapes pulled back and you can see inside and gaze at the lovely decor. I love this, but hank goodness for Lonny mag, who gave me a glimpse inside one of the most fabulously decorated NYC apartments I have seen in a while...

An ultra fabulous gal Jessika Goranson, tricked out her upper east side apartment with some serious panache. Layers and super chic accessories make this apartment all about the details. I really love the way she styled it up. First. WALLPAPERED HALLWAYS. I think it's such a good idea. In my own apartment I painted my hallway with stripes, it makes the whole area seem bigger. 
POPS OF PINK. Her style is pretty feminine but its not too over the top. This pop of pink is perfect, don't you think?
 She styles things up really well and has a collection of dogs and little figurines would that make any true traditional decorista swoon.
 Alas, a perfectly decorated hallway for New York City and a collection of horse art, that just seals the deal. So very upper east side and so very swanky. Fab job Jess.
images via Patrick Cline for Lonny...

LATELY LOVING: grey brick walls

One of the things I love about city living is that architectural elements and details in so many rental apartments. It's so incredibly inspiring when decorating around them. After Paris, I became secretly obsessed with brick walls. They are all over NYC but something about the ones in Paris really inspired me. However, red brick is just not really my thing so if I can daydream that my home had brick inside, I think I would want to paint it grey...

 Obviously grey is such a good neutral color and in my opinion would take an ordinary brick wall to the next level. A little grey paint makes it instantly more chic. So, in my next apartment (which I am still tirelessly searching for) I am going to look for a brick wall because now I am kind of a little obsessed with creating this look. It's good. 

all images were sourced here and here 

INSPIRED: hanging light fixtures in the bedroom

Lately I am really loving hanging lights in home decor. I have a chandelier in my apartment hanging over my bed, and I absolutely love it. However, I am loving the look of hanging lamps over bedside tables. This is such a great way to eliminate cluttered tableau and give room for other essentials and really fab accessories. Black and very glamorous chandeliers would be my first choice but there are several other styles that work too...

Light blue walls in the bedroom, mirrored dresser, dripping chandelier, and extra high headboard is the perfect concoction for an ultra modern and romantic bedroom. 
While sweet and romantic looks are always good in the bedroom, I of course, always think gold is the way to go...


Apologies for the lack of post yesterday, my site got hacked and I have no idea how it happened. Such a bummer. Anyway, I am preparing for styling a shoot this next week and I've been hunting for some good styling accessories. One of my most favorite decorating accessories is the ever so sophisticated OBELISK. Every glam designer uses them from Mary McDonald to Kelly Wearstler to Miles Redd. So chic, I love to use them too...

They really are great because they come in different heights and colors and finishes, so naturally they work well in any situation. Consoles in the entryway, coffee tables in the living, dining tables in the parlor, etc. 
I can not get enough of the beautiful things. If you are looking for some, ebay has all kinds. I've also found them at Target, Home Goods and my local thrift stores. We got one client of mine one for about $25 at home goods and her guests are always asking her about it, its that gorgeous! 

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Things are getting crazy around the city for New York fashion week. My clients are all in a hurry to get things looking good for their guests visiting town. So I have been a mad woman scouring the streets of new york for some fabulous accessories and I found a pair of incredible chairs with the frame in tortoiseshell. My heart skipped a beat the second I saw them. That pair was sold but since those beauties I have been dying to use tortoiseshell in other ways...

images...dining room photo//console styling//the tortishell mirror//tortiseshell wallpaper


Thank goodness for clients in New York City. I swear, every issue we come across gives me perfect ideas for what to share with you all. Finding out what to do with a bare hallway can be such a daunting task. Especially when we all know how important first impressions are in a space. Here are a few ways to handle your hallways...

 I am a girl who loves mirrors... the more mirrors ,the merrier I am. So, I just love the idea of throwing up some chic mirrors in the hallway. Mirrors always make a space seem bigger than it is so this would be key for a narrow hallway.
Only recently am I loving high contrast trimming on walls. Especially in these hallways, it gives such a dramatic and stylish look without filling the halls with furniture.
I adore this one wall painted in a different color. It makes the nook seem larger doesn't it? Such a great idea. I also am always a fan of small repeat patterned wallpaper. It looks well decorated, gives a burst of color and major style!

image credits: one. two. three. four. five. six. seven

How to keep a fashion forward home

Waking up this morning in LA has made me the happiest girl. As much as I love my life in New York City, there is nothing like being at home in Hollywood, my city of Angels, where I truly believe my heart belongs. Now that I am in pure relaxation mode, I can reflect on the things I learned at Vegas Market. On the last day I attended a seminar about Food, Fashion and Furniture and how the worlds collide. The panel was given by some great girlfriends of mine, Cassandra, Emily and W Magazine (so I couldn't miss it). It was so informative and I learned some insightful and surprising new things. Being a girl who comes from a love of design first, then to fashion, I often don't think of things the other way around. However, I came with a few things about keeping on trend in your home...

#1 The best way to keep trends in your home is incorporating them through smaller items. Keep them throughout your space in places where they are unexpected, so they cause conversation. Like in this fashionista inspired space.
#2 Be like Kelly Wearstler and use funky trends on your tabletop while entertaining. I love how she used this diagonal black and white stripe with a pop of neon pink for a dinner party. 
#3 Do not be afraid to paint your walls. It's not permanent and a pretty inexpensive way to spice things up a bit. This edgy installation was done with a little paint + neon tape.
#4 Constantly using different patterns and looks and mixing them. Like a fashion forward girl, mix up things with switching out different patterns. Like fashion, keeping things in the same color family is always your best bet to making it work. 
#5 Like any fashionista, make sure to check out all international shelter publications like Living Etc (pic above) for style inspiration. Notice the eccentric shape coffee table, artsy lighting, open stacks of magazine with no shelving, whimsical console...Try adding 1 element of European Influence to your space and watch the instant fashion forward feeling come alive. 

5 ways to style your sofa table

There is always room for more tables and I am a total fan of putting tables behind sofas for more space. The possibilities are endless...
1. Have a fabulous console loaded with your bar cart essentials

2. Create a storage area with beautiful baskets and your favorite books.
3. Make use of the space to keep extra seating for when guests come over. 
4. Create a cool workspace with funk and fresh accesories.
5. Invite guests over to the area by adding cute seating and a round table for a conservation spot.


The Art of Living: WINDOW WONDERS

Every once in a while you happen upon a space thats a little odd in design. Especially the modern buildings around downtown NYC. The shapes of the buildings aren't traditional at all, so when it comes to decorating, you have to get creative. Windows can always be an interesting spot. Sometimes you have that extra or irregular window and no idea what to do around it. So, I've been on the hunt for some intoxicating and innovative inspiration...

1-unknown 2- 3-elledecor 4-tranquil 5-pinterest

Above the sofa Arrangements

Upon seeing this beautiful living room wall arrangement decorated by Ashley Whittaker, I realized that many of my clients are always asking for stylish ways to decorate above the sofa. I think we can all relate, right?  I find they get bored the with ever so popular oversized art piece, and mirrors are a little too expected. So, something I find to be fun are arrangements of mirrors, art and collected items that look chic together...

While mixing mirrors and artwork is fun, I also like the look of mixing.all artwork of different mediums and styles. It gives a very sophisticated feel, so very art collector chic.
On the other hand I really do love the look of an all mirrors grouping as well. So funky fresh and glamorous.



This incredibly gorgeous room by Ruthie Sommers reminded me that layers and textures are what makes a room look cozy, lived in and so well decorated. Much like in fashion, any style looks so much more pulled together when layered correctly...

I think the key is to keep things organized looking so everything has its place. Different styles and finishes on furniture is such a great mixed look. I don't appreciate it when things are too matchy-matchy. I am such a believer in layering rugs, they are a perfect way to add texture, color and ultimately...serious style. 
In this room by Suzanne Kasler, I love how she put the drape in the corner of the room off to the side of the window. Fabric over a corner just completely softens the look of the room. 



With all the blues and greens of summer, there is nothing like splashing in a bit of berry colors to the mix of your home decor. One way to do that with style is in a gorgeously exotic rug...

We all know how much I adore pink and I find some of these to be completely covetable for any look. Magenta, rose, strawberry red and even blush all can complement the most modern and masculine of styles. 
After seeing a few of these looks, I am completely inspired!