This Memorial Day, I am feeling like super recharged and ready.
I'm excited for summer and I have lots of things coming up to look forward to, new work projects, lots of travel and even new hobbies that I have taken on. I'm feeling like the second half of the year is all about MORE.
Which is why I wasn't surprised how fabulous this living room shot was for me. A mirror in More...hello! 
 I love The Hamptons, especially the big beautiful homes with outdoor spreads that you just could never even imagine in the city. It's the perfect time to relax, stretch your legs and enjoy yourself. 
This home would be one that I would love to do just that in. 
 Keeping with that beachy, white wall look, they really stepped up the decor game with fresh modern elements. Pops of blue and aqua colors abound but with super swagger. Like for instance these modern light sconces. A sofa with tufts like I have never seen and a kitchen with the more gorgeous blue modern finish. The more mirror and that mirrored kitchen island, those are just the cherries on the top.  Oh, and that cool mirrored art with funky warm colors, that is pretty much the most rad part of this had me at hello. Seriously.

images via Elle Decor. photography by Simon Upton


 This weather is feeling mighty good lately and I am loving every minute of it. 
 In terms of decor, I am being moved lately by the look of the well decorated beach house...
White walls always look good in a beach home, especially when paired with white floors. Soft colors go so well at the beach, especially the lighter shades of blue. It's such a relaxing look and thats what is most important when you come in after a long day in the sun, right?
 I can't wait to get to the Hamptons this summer, I am in need of some serious sunshine and serious square footage. 

 As I said recently, I am in love with adding green leaves to the home in any way, shape or form. Like the actual plants or event prints above the bed look chic too. 
 This is such a fun way to display art and family photos. It looks so chic and well styled. 
This little outdoor section is just calling my name today. I love being inspired by images of beach homes, it just gets me in such a good mood. 

decor images: the home of paula joye