bliss in the kitch'...Steven Sclaroff Stripes

I absolutely adore this little kitchen, the stripes remind me of my old apartment. So now I am thinking of where I want to put stripes in my new apartment. Maybe the kitchen, or perhaps the bathroom. I love the way Steven Sclaroff does stripes in this gorgeous home...

This bathroom really stole the show for me. I'm finding that I really enjoy thin pinstripes lately as opposed to the thicker variety. It looks so fresh and chic whether in the powder room or even on the sofa.
I even love this triple color stripe look in the bedroom. What kind of stripes do you guys suggest?

images via desire to inpsire

office space of the day... 6 Art wall looks I love

white walls + gorgeous blue chair + retro black lamp + wood desk + mixed framed art pieces =
domestic bliss

I've been working on my art wall above my home office. I'm loving the mix of frame finishes. 

This was the original photo that inspired my current wall. White walls and mixed frames, white, black and metallics. I adore this look, there is something very sophisticated about it. The space looks very modern and well put together, metallic finishes and a little dash of that john lewis furniture look. 
I have also always loved Mary Macdonalds office originally in Domino magazine. The contrast of blue and white always really stood out to me. As much as I love the look of mixed frames, there is something very chic about all black and white. She is so glam, I adore her decor.
 Something about this layered look really draws me in too.
 One of the most famous NYC decorators, Charlotte Mott, covers her decor offices in artwork and also mixed in an inspiration board look too. I did the same in my new space. 
 Finally, this really inspired me too. I love the way that the art really pops on the black wall. The mixed style of furnishings just look so polished and well put together. 

images 1//2//3//4//5

LATELY LOVING: grey brick walls

One of the things I love about city living is that architectural elements and details in so many rental apartments. It's so incredibly inspiring when decorating around them. After Paris, I became secretly obsessed with brick walls. They are all over NYC but something about the ones in Paris really inspired me. However, red brick is just not really my thing so if I can daydream that my home had brick inside, I think I would want to paint it grey...

 Obviously grey is such a good neutral color and in my opinion would take an ordinary brick wall to the next level. A little grey paint makes it instantly more chic. So, in my next apartment (which I am still tirelessly searching for) I am going to look for a brick wall because now I am kind of a little obsessed with creating this look. It's good. 

all images were sourced here and here 

Secret of domestic bliss #67...layered art

One trick to making your home look well decorated is having plenty of collected art all around your house. It says so much about the vibe and personality of your space. However, there isn't always the space or need for a wall of art. In that case I always suggest to layer your art to make it look more full and sophisticated. There is something about that unfinished art wall look...

 I love different mediums of artwork layered on top of each other, it really lends to interest. For example, a black and white photo paired with an abstract acrylic print and maybe a watercolor or two. 
The key is keeping the color palate to a certain limit and that makes sure it still looks cohesive and put together. This black white and peach combination is too good and goes well with the furniture, too! 
all images via lonnymag & decorpad

Wallcolor Wednesday: COLOR BLOCKING COOL

Painting in this city can be so daunting. With all of the moldings, curved ceilings and such it makes paint difficult to envision. I totally get it, but I have found that most of my friends get so afraid to paint because of these small little issues. I encourage you to take the leap and get some color on the wall. Now, if you are afraid of picking the wrong color or maybe you want a certain color but think it might be 'too much'. So, why not take a cue from fashion and only paint part of the wall a color...

 Even the smallest dash of color can make a BIG difference. It might be hard to imagine how it would look so I have put together some of my favorite inspirations to show you just how fab it can be. 
 I am a huge fan of color in the hallway and something like this is just perfect. 
 Afraid of black paint? Here is a great way to add it without killing the room with darkness.
DECORATOR TRICK:  In New York, so many apartments have these great moldings about 12 inches or so below the ceiling. If you keep it white it makes the ceilings seem higher than they are. 
 You can create the same effect with just using a lighter color (like the lavender + blue combo below).


needing. wanting. loving. NEON GREEN on the WALL

Oh how my sweet fellow NYC blogger, Jenny, inspires me...almost daily. She zhushed up her home decor with a little neon green, so hot right now! Here are a few ways I am inspired to add a dash of neon green to my home decor...
1) I can do matting on an art wall like jenny or 2) neon green frames like these in the kitchen
3) neon green patterned wallpaper could really get exciting.
4) a super cool fluoro green shower wall...
one. two. three. four.

DIY Decor Idea: colored matting

Happy Friday everyone! This week in NYC is so much's fashion week and things in my neighborhood are just buzzing. I love the energy. So, inspired by all the amazing fashion that I have been seeing around, I am desperate to add more color to my very GREIGE apartment.
One way I can get this plan into action is through matting in my artwork...

I adore this look with the gold and black frame and pink-ish matting, very neo-traditional...
mixing up the colors can be very boho chic yet still sophisticated.
I, of course, LOVE the hot pink but different colors look very cool too! 
This bathroom look is just oh so right, I think the green and yellow is so chic!
oh and this lavender is just my color lately and I am totally inspired by this photo from NYSD

images via... glamlamb. tumblr. lonnymag. littlegreennotebook. NYSD.

Wallpaper Wednesday...make it monochromatic!

As we all know by now, I am obsessed with wallpaper. In almost every way shape and color. 
Right now, I am loving the look of monochromatic rooms that are perfectly matched to the wallpaper. It makes the space look intentional and stylish, like a well decorated home. People will never believe you didn't hire a decorator if you create a chic look like that! 
Here are some of my faves...
For one kelly green is so fresh, and so is this bright orange with a mix of matchy matchy greys.
Black and white looks very classic and neo-traditional.
Pretty pink is always a winner for me. 
Here is how you pull of that boho, eclectic vibe without looking too scattered...RADIANT RED!
and baby blues is always a treat.

images via...

office space of the day... art wall ideas

mod desk + beautiful blue chair + sculptural lamp + bar cart office tray + mix of artwork=
domestic bliss
I have slowly been creating a beautiful home office for myself. I finally found the perfect desk to fit in my apartment. It's black and glossy with the most beautiful legs. (i will put up a pic soon)
So now, I am looking for the perfect way to dress up the wall space above my desk...
and I love the way these collections of great pictures look above fabulous pieces. 
All black frames with white matting looks divine, but mixes of gold frames is an old favorite too! 
Curious to know what you guys have above your desk....? I'm would love some fun suggestions. 

needing. wanting. loving. {hexagonal & octagonal mirrors}

Ever since I have been in New York City, I have been more in love with mirrors than ever......
Mirrors are so essential when you live in a shoebox sized space and the phrase 'the more the merrier' completely applies. As I was on the hunt, like usual, for the most fabulous mirrors this week, my heart just fell for the mirrors at Flair NYC. They have the most exquisite hexagonal and octagonal mirrors and they just took my breath away. Now I am completely obsessed and wanting one or two...

because today I am LOVING sconces

This afternoon I had a wonderful time scouring the city for some great finds. For some reason, I found the most amazing sconces and now am obsessed with finding a perfect pair for my new apartment. Maybe even more than one pair will do the trick! I love the way they look solo too.

LOVE this mirror/sconce....gorgeous! 
I really love these white ones too! 

1) 2) urbank 3) elledecor 4)lonnymag 5)mary macdonald

The Art of Living: how to decorate with mirrors

I love decorating with mirrors, but I find that I am bored of just a simple mirror all alone on the wall. I like panache and extra effort when it comes to styling them. There is something about just a little something extra, that really can take your home decor to another level. It's interesting to see how adding mirrors to my own apartment brings a new dynamic and new dimensions. I am inspired to create even more creative displays with mirrors...
I also really love the look of gatherings of mirrors, they are highly effective for any smaller room as it creates a dramatic look AND as we all know, mirrors give the illusion of more space! 
There is such charm about leaning mirrors too, never underestimate the power of unstyled style.
I love mirrors in a bigger grouping of items as well.
This is a little something I am dying to try in my new apartment. A vertical line of mirrors in between windows, this is sure to maximize some natural sunlight. I love it.

1) greige 2,3) passiondecor 5,6,7)nuevoestilo 8)domino

The Art of Living: living room lovers

The living room is the ultimate place where we connect with our guests, so it can be quite crucial that this space be a happy place. I am oh so inspired by light colored living rooms right now. Currently, my walls are dark, dark gray which is perfect for fall, but for some reason, I am desperately looking to brighten things up and go for a softer look. Sometimes all white or soft, pale colors can be soothing to the we go, weekend decorating.

This dynamic dining/living area rocks my world because its infused the beautiful rose gold. So heavenly.

Art + Room: how to create the perfect collection of art

I'm always trying to convince my friends that in tiny little kitchens (thanks to nyc apartments), a surefire way to perk up a little eating area is an art wall. An art wall is a collection of photos or prints that make you smile. 
I love this mix of black and white frames, with a mix of matting colors. It's a great color combo that goes perfectly with the colors of the kitchen. When creating your own art wall, make sure that the photos have a similar theme going on, or in similar color want to make it look like it was done on purpose. That is what will keep it chic and stylish...and give you domestic bliss! 

photos via

Bliss in the kitch' {stylish shelving situations}

Feeling fabulously convinced that proper storage in a kitchen is more than necessary. I love how this black wall of shelving sits perfectly next to a bright and white little kitch'. Complete with an island, industrial lighting and a very hip ladder, this kitchen space is more than meets the eye. While there is plenty of space for chopping and mixing, the space for all your storage needs is more than swoonworthy. My heart melts for really, really good shelving and storage. 


secret of domestic bliss #48...use wallpaper creatively

Not everyone is a fan of wallpaper but most of you know this particular decorista LOVES her some wallpaper. What I love is when people use wallpaper in super creative ways to make dramatic statements in their home. I was a smitten kitten the moment I saw this foyer. How incredibly stylish is that? Always be brave and use fabulous pattern in not-so-fabulous spaces. It will give your home that extra something special...


Decorating idea...things on walls

So here is a thought. If you don't like art or sunburst mirrors like the rest of us, it can be extremely confusing for you all to know exactly what to put on your walls. Something I have been noticing in the glossies lately are these gorgeous groupings of collections. Mary Macdonald, Miles Redd and the like, all use this clever trick for keeping the walls different and interesting. I'm totally into it.