Chic groups of Art

I have a client who, luckily, has an extremely large living room. The only problem is...
that above the sofa, we are having problems finding are that we love that fills the space. It's a pretty big wall. So, I'm pushing for a grouping of framed smaller art pieces that go together.
It makes such an impact and the frames add an architectural detail which is just a bonus to the artwork. 
I also like them placed in order, not arranged in random order. There is something grand about an organized arrangement that makes the room more dramatic and bold. 

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Keeping it personal.

There are certainly many ways to style a console and I thought I knew all of them. That is until I laid eyes on this incredible vignette from the home of Carolina Hererra...
It's different and unique and totally fresh. I love this zebra console, I am kind of wanting one in my apartment right about now. Then the white x-bench with black piping...oh la la. I just love how she displays her family photos in such a collection type of way. A few books here and there stacked beautifully, then topped off with a beautiful pop art self portrait. I just love it. How very diva!
You don't have to always have a self portait to be chic. Photos of others always work in my book too. What I love about these consoles is that the decor is very realistic. Its not just trendy items that scream, I was professionally decorated. There are very sweet framed family photographs on display, which to me, says something is very special going on here. It keeps things so personal, which I can appreciate in a home. Making sure there are personal items like this is essential when you want to love where you live. 


As most of you know, I've been searching for some great art for my living room...
I just need to find the perfect piece. After perusing the elle decor world for a while, I found this look. An oversize black white canvas kinda makes a super chic statement.
 No art is art too, no?
 There is something calming about this look. I love it in the bedroom. It gives such a relaxing beach house vibe. A quiet look in the middle of a hectic city.
Yep. I'm feeling it. I'm also feeling the black. 
This look actually might be super glam in my living room.

images via: this is glamorous. elle decor. markdsikes

Art + Room: Black and white abstracts

In preparation for Memorial Day, I am tying up a few loose ends here and there before I head down to Palm Beach...particularly with my clients and their accessorizing needs. Even my own apartment, which is being prepared to shoot, needs some final touches. A big something missing is perfect artwork...
 As much as I love color, my most favorite look has always been the chic paintings done in abstract black and white. There is something about it thats very modern and very chic. I don't care how traditional you want to go in your space or how boho, abstract art looks good anywhere. 
 If you are anything like me, then you believe in high contrast and its impact. Black and white make the perfect non color collision that effortlessly creates something so striking and stunning. 
 The great thing about this particular look is that it goes well in a loud colorful + oh so vibrant dining area...
 or even the most peaceful + simple bedroom.

images via lonny mag, daydreams, hellosukio.


I am in the process of finalizing the decor for my bar cart area. My bar cart is lucite and I totally love it. I have a few sets of vintage glasses that I can't wait to display, a gorgeous trey and a few other pieces I love but more importantly I am looking for some bar cart art inspiration. I need a good vibe to happen in this area. Not sure if I want something graphic or more traditional...
Lately, I have been drawn to animalistic types of things, especially art. 

What do you guys think???

Modern Art Moments...

I am still looking for the perfect art for my new apartment. It's got to be the perfect piece for above my sofa, so I am looking so carefully and trying to find the exact thing that just speaks to my heart.
Right now I am in love with modern art. These are a few of my most favorite looks. I love the bright vivid colors of these pieces. I also love the amazing pink hallway and super femme art. So fun. 
 Maybe I should just paint something myself, maybe then I would love it that much more...?

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office space of the day... 6 Art wall looks I love

white walls + gorgeous blue chair + retro black lamp + wood desk + mixed framed art pieces =
domestic bliss

I've been working on my art wall above my home office. I'm loving the mix of frame finishes. 

This was the original photo that inspired my current wall. White walls and mixed frames, white, black and metallics. I adore this look, there is something very sophisticated about it. The space looks very modern and well put together, metallic finishes and a little dash of that john lewis furniture look. 
I have also always loved Mary Macdonalds office originally in Domino magazine. The contrast of blue and white always really stood out to me. As much as I love the look of mixed frames, there is something very chic about all black and white. She is so glam, I adore her decor.
 Something about this layered look really draws me in too.
 One of the most famous NYC decorators, Charlotte Mott, covers her decor offices in artwork and also mixed in an inspiration board look too. I did the same in my new space. 
 Finally, this really inspired me too. I love the way that the art really pops on the black wall. The mixed style of furnishings just look so polished and well put together. 

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Lana Gomez...

Allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite artists...
 I've recently been on the hunt for some art to go above my sofa, the bare is wall is just so sad and lonely. She needs something pretty. The first thought that came to mind. Lana Gomez. I absolutely adore her, one of my favorite gals back in LA and she it not only a sweetheart but she has style, and major swag. All the hot designers use her Kelly Wearstler, Tyler Dawson, Jaime Drake just to name a few...
Her stuff just looks so good in well decorated spaces. I am seriously needing a Lana Gomez piece like now. Which one would look best over my chesterfield?

Here she is again at the Santa Monica art fair. Always looking fab and in red. Love it. 

all images via lana gomez media

Secret of domestic bliss #70 ...Busty

The other day I was shopping in an old bookstore and I found this amazing book from the 1970's and it was all about home decor and trends. It's so funny how decor trends just always come back around again. I'm all about trends that never end and busts are definitely one of them. This year, I think I am going to add a bust to my apartment. A large, over the top, fabulous bust with total panache...

I especially love them propped up in a fireplace or near a window so it gets to be almost a focal point. 
They look so good in any style of decor, everyone needs a bust, don't ya think?

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Secret of domestic bliss #67...layered art

One trick to making your home look well decorated is having plenty of collected art all around your house. It says so much about the vibe and personality of your space. However, there isn't always the space or need for a wall of art. In that case I always suggest to layer your art to make it look more full and sophisticated. There is something about that unfinished art wall look...

 I love different mediums of artwork layered on top of each other, it really lends to interest. For example, a black and white photo paired with an abstract acrylic print and maybe a watercolor or two. 
The key is keeping the color palate to a certain limit and that makes sure it still looks cohesive and put together. This black white and peach combination is too good and goes well with the furniture, too! 
all images via lonnymag & decorpad

Art + room: pretty portraits

gorgeous rug + amazing chrome/wood table + black accent wall + chandelier + portrait of a lady =
domestic bliss
Portraits are always a keeper when it comes to home decor, I think they give a sense of nostalgia and history to a space...

While one single portrait can make a beautiful statement no matter what room, a group of portraits is also very chic. I can really describe why it looks so great, but I find that it really makes me want to create stories about the people in them. That in and of itself can be a fabulous conversation starter. 
Of course, because I love all things feminine, the female portraits are so sweet and lovely. I am constantly looking through the cities thrifts and fleas for good ones. Haven't found one yet, but i'm on the lookout. I'll keep you posted! 

1. image via design crisis (Erin Williamson) 2/3/4/5/6


I am spending most of my summer days by the beach, so it's only fitting that my little decorista heart is longing for some lovely beach photography. I think it looks fabulous year round but in summertime, it's oh so happenin'. I am especially loving DEBBIE HYMOWITZ beach photography, she's is my current favorite NYC photographess...

Now here are some of what inspire me, I just love the look of Massimo Vitali's work. I see it everywhere and its absolutely gorgeous. 
However, I like to keep things new and fresh and Deb's work just makes me swoon. The color is just so powerful and really can inject some gorgeousness into a room...


Mother/Daughter Decorating...

In a effort to show my love for my mom and to thank her for being the kind of mom who always made a stylish and pretty home, I want to celebrate some super stylish mother/daughter duos who are creative and making the world a more beautiful place...

When I spotted this office space and the pretty art I had to know more and then found that this is the NYC apartment of Alex, and the artwork is by her mom Kerri (one of my new fave artists)...
Let us not forget the swanky pad of Jane + Judy in Dallas.

And of course the new authors of 'Good Bones Great Pieces', the total traditional duo. This little apartment was a perfect blend of their styles, So fab!
happy mothers day...

office space of the day...pretty pastel art

white walls + white parsons desk + acrylic chair + retro lamp + pretty pastel art=
domestic bliss
Right now pinks, purples and gold are just rocking my world in art...

I want something like this decorista PINK number for my would steal the show! 

If you don't already know I LOVE flamingos and I must get this print from Cozamia.

images 1) kerri rosenthal arthere,  the glitter guide,  here + here

Office space of the day...Adore Home Magazine April/May

pretty white pieces + pops of pink office supplies + chanel ottoman + graffiti artwork =
domestic bliss

Loving the latest issue of Adore Home Magazine. It's really fun and bright and has totally inspired my work. Here are a few of my favorite photos...

 I can't get over the look of this pretty bathroom, the mirrored cabinets had me at hello. I also love the grey towels and wicker baskets to really give some warmth to the cold, modern fixtures.
 Pretty pillows = cozy bedroom. That pretty fur throw is yummy looking too! 
 Black and white striped breakfast nook, HELLO...this is my favorite.
 Another cozy bedroom and another faux fur throw...I also love the oversized mirror behind the bed.
 Total new york glam apartment. I love this look. I also am seriously in love with the pops of pink, and lucite bar cart/folding tray. So glam, no? I think the sisal rug really gives the perfect touch too.
 "I'm dreaming of a!" 
I think this look is so palm springs pretty. I love the white and chrome touches. Pops of yellow make it very Viceroy. Gotta love that.

art + room: Damien Hirst Dots

This afternoon I am making my travel arrangements for High Point Market. Oh yes, its like fashion week for the interior design world here in the US and I am obsessed with it. I have days filled with showroom tours and my main goal is to see the artwork displayed with the interiors. My client's apartment has dark gray walls that are calling out for some color so badly!
What I am loving right now.... Damien Hirst dots artwork...oh yes. It's rocking my world and I kind of want one for the space, like RIGHT now....

Would look smashing in an all gray modern space, no?

art + room: OMBRE ART

My client has commissioned me to do a piece of artwork in her home and I couldn't be more excited.    (I adore painting) So, I am in pursuit of amazing pieces of work to inspire my work...this room by Tilton Fenwick just might have done the trick for me. I love this purpleish/pink ombre art piece. Very glamorous with a little bit of edge...
national geographic collection + deep teal lamps + tortishell harmony + studded walls + ombre art =
domestic bliss

I really love this aqua ombre look.
Then this awesome DIY ombre art tutorial really spoke to me and its pink! 
Now if I really wanted to get cool in an apartment I might try something like this orange wall...
I'm into it......