ON THE HUNT for a Red Chandelier

I just love putting the finishing touches on a clients space...
The final touch for this particular room is going to be a red chandelier but I am in search of just the right one. It's going in a living room with deep navy walls and bright white accents. It's a modern glamorous version of the July 4th color palate, how fitting for this time?
Murano glass ones are usually my go to, but this time I want something unique. Perhaps something vintage with a little bit of a twist. Maybe a red bamboo one or something with some dimensions and swag, like a Tony Duquette masterpiece. He is one of my decor idols after all.
 I love how these red chandys give a little pop of exotic edge to these rooms, its like a cherry on top of a perfectly decorated sundae.

images: 1/2/3/4 + Tony Duquette//domino mag 

CURRENTLY CRAVING: Lindsay Adelman Lighting

I am pretty certain that by now I should know my own style, and I do.
I have a specific look and taste that I usually feel is very "me". However, sometimes I find something that is so not my style and absolutely can not get enough of it. Case in point. These incredible modern light fixtures by Lindsay Adelman. I don't know, something about them just gets me every time.
 They are different looking from most light fixtures that you see. I would actually assume these would be used in a restaurant or hotel, but they look so dang fresh in a more traditional living room or perhaps a chic dining room. Wherever they end up they are sure to look fab. Now I just need to get my hands on one. 
images via lindsay adelman studio, Elle Decor and Luxe magazine.

Finding the perfect floor lamp...

Shopping for clients and the perfect lighting for these apartments in New York is an entire situation. You really can never go wrong with lighting because I truly believe lighting is the best accessory, sort of like the perfect earrings. They just make the look complete. Right now I am a little in love with three arm floor lamps. Modern, chic and extremely useful...

I love this design by Ryan Korban, he uses a Serge Mouille three arm lamp as a kiss of perfection.
The three arm look just adds an element of luxury, its almost like a really good piece of art. Well, some of them actually are! 

floor lamps:
1- Mid Century Modern Tri Light $475
2- Serge Mouille $8200
3- Jonathan Adler Havana Lamp

decor images: 1//2//3//4

needing. wanting. loving. GOLD LIGHTING

As I am putting the finishing touches on a current project bathroom, I have become obsessed with lighting for the kitchen and bath. I am seriously shopping around like a mad woman for the perfect thing and I honestly am hopelessly in love with GOLD lighting. It's just so beautiful and glamorous and gives such special love to whatever room it sits in...

I absolutely love these vintage brass flower pendants. So pretty! 

I just love this Arteriors lamp, its definitely one of my favorites...

images via shelter. dress, design, decorpinterest....

needing. wanting. loving. chandelier magic

This weekend I am welcoming some old friends to town and putting the finishing touches on my apartment...
This weekend it is my mission to find the perfect chandelier. I have a mild obsession with chandeliers, they just might be my favorite item in home decor. So glamorous and always the perfect statement piece. I can't get enough of how they just elevate a space so marvelously.
Everyone needs one. 
They are perfect in the dining room, bedroom, bathroom, almost anywhere they make magic...no?
Behold a collection of my favorite looks with the perfect chandelier...

(ava antunes. apartment therapy. pinterest. pinterest. coastal living. tumblr. ruemag. decorpad.}

bliss in the kitch' {gorgeous chandeliers}

I am just over the moon for jewels in the kitchen...

They are the ultimate indulgence for your eyes. Especially if you love to be in the kitchen a lot, like me. It's got to be a fabulous and spectacular space filled with glam accessories, no?
I'm heading to High Point Market this weekend and am beyond excited. Will be keeping my eyes out for the perfect chandeliers to put in my teeny apartment. Remember the photo of the gorgeous chandelier from last week? I think its exactly what my little apartment needs.

happy weekend decorista daydreaming lovelies!

Tablescape Tuesday: the right lighting

There is nothing more that I love that a perfectly decorated tablescape...
However, one super important factor that can make or break your tabletop decor is the right lighting. You must have the lighting right, not only must it be pretty to look at, it must also be the right amount of light to enjoy a meal, have a good conversation, etc. In my humble opinion, chandeliers are the perfect way to jazz up your dining room...they are just so beautiful!
I am also in love with the look of the long light fixture atop a long dining table. Very chic.
While my heart belongs to pretty chandeliers, I can get down with these drum shades too! 

images via...mochatini. pinterest & stylemepretty

The JEWELS of the home...

I have come to the conclusion that it's high time I find the perfect chandelier for my apartment bedroom. I have always longed for a big, gorgeous and glossy chandelier. They are my absolute favorite! Have you seen my design website? I designed it around a glittering drop chandelier. Every one of them is so beautiful and different and just delights my heart.

Whether its a glossy black chandelier or gold and crystal chandelier, its probably the perfect addition to your life. I know any one of these beauties would be the most perfect addition to mine...


The Art of Living: dining room de-lights.

So with my recent obsession with nude colors, you can imagine that these gorgeous pillows and beige breakfast area had me at hello. Next to the pretty colors, I fell hard for the lighting. I love pretty lighting above a dining table. So gorgeous!

i adore this glamorous + romantic lighting....
chic and modern lighting...
how clever is this colorful situation?
more of that gold glam!
I have also always loved this fun + funky combo...

The Decorista tip of the day...get an arch lamp asap

 The weather here in the city is rather odd lately, gorgeous one day, rainy and gross the next. I had a lot of time inside the apartment and was thinking about an easy way to glam up the living room. I had a marvelous idea, To get a little extra something in your space, get an arch lamp. They are gorgeous, modern, sexy and oh so glamorous! I am currently obsessed with the look of these bad boys. 

Anyone who has an arch lamp in their home has mad style. Everytime. They are just the thing to take your decor to the next level. How gorgeous does this room look with an arch lamp? Loving the tiger pillows and red leather club chairs. MEow! 


fiela feather lights by haldane martin

I don't know what it is about feathers lately but I am just smitten with fluffy things for spring!
I have noticed around the Scandinavian style blogs and online mags, these gorgeous feather pendant lamps keep popping up and every time I lay eyes on these babies I have an instant love affair. They are fluffy, cozy and gorgeous...perfect for romantic french or scandinavian chic style. 

Designer Haldane Martin from South Africa actually makes these gorgeous feather lights.
They are oh so delicious + pretty. They come in either pendant style or arch lamp style. 
I love everything about that...get them here.

The Decorista trend spotting: spotted fabric

I adore this incredibly well styled vignette. Spotted fabric is all the rage right now and I am coveting some for my new space. A perfectly paired elegant wood dresser and gold mirror combo looks rich. The fabulous cat lamp with an orange shade mixes it up a bit and adds a touch of fun. Loving this mix.

love the spotted fabric?

here is what the chair looked like before...
via beau

The Art of Living...using the right light fixtures

One of the things about living in a modern building that is not my favorite thing is standard lighting. I have a client with a gorgeous condo in a beautiful uptown high rise. It's absolutely gorgeous with floor to ceiling windows. During the day, the view of the city is immaculate and the beautiful bright light just nourishes the apartment so well. Problem is, they don't have adequate light at night. (who are these architects? jk) So today. all that is on my mind is out of this world light fixtures. I'm obsessed with finding things that have major style but also will give some good light.

In my search, I have found myself fawning over gorgeously designed light fixtures. Modern, rustic, retro, vintage, glass, lucite, there are just so many. I can only express how important it is to remember that even though its gorgeous, it needs to do its job, too! 
Isn't this such a fun brass sconce? So vintage + cool.

images via headoverheels