Working girl style...

I love running my own businesses. There is literally nothing that gives me more excitement than knowing I get to create things beyond any limitations...and I am all about making that happen in style. I have some big things coming up soon, my site will be all new and shiny and a huge workshop will be coming to Dallas, Texas in the fall. So, here are my latest loves while making things happen.

1. Not only does this Arteriors vintage bar cart look glam for entertaining, it also would be perfect to stack a fax machine, files, magazines,etc.
2. For the home office I usually throw on some ripped up jeans, a chic tee and a bold gold link necklace to polish it off and still be easy.
3. Essie marshmellow white are so my thing right now and go with everything.
4. If I have to leave for a meeting, I could throw on this perfect black leather pencil skirt and be ready to go.
5. With all the traveling I have been doing for work lately, I don't leave home without my white  mophie iphone 5 battery case. 
6. I need this Clare Vivier leopard clutch...desperatley.
7. How adorable is this little sea green task lamp?
8. After a long week, I just love burning this Mimosa candle on Saturday mornings in the city
9. What is more lovely than diamond and pearl earrings? Gotta have em.

Lately Loving...

After spending my long and lovely weekend in Shelter Island, I can't help but feel like I want to bring the style back to the city with me. All summer I have been loving moments of white, nudes and golds in my home and in my life. Here are a few key things I am looking to add to my world...
1.Striped Sailor Tank
2.DVF crochet dress
3. White Tilly Chandelier
4.Tory Burch Wedges zebra tray
6. Harry Allen Piggy bank
7.White perforated MK bag

Decorista Iphone Cases

As a designer/blogger, I am pretty much obsessed with my Iphone 5. I take it everywhere and take pictures of ev-ah-ry-thing! Hello Instagram! So, this summer I am making sure I bring it with a decorista-esque iphone case. Inspired by my favorite bathroom wallpaper looks I am digging a few of these...

Get the look of the most famous + fabulous Martinique wallpaper with this Juicy Couture Palm Leaf.
Nothing says summertime like a bold yellow and white stripe...Get this. Michael Kors Stripes
We all know I am a girl who just loves her gold foil...Marc Jacobs Gold Foil

Tablescape Tuesday...THINK PINK

 This summer, I have been stocking up on all the fun entertaining items
that I can get my pretty little hands on. For some reason I have just been really drawn to hot pink, shocking I'm sure. I have some upcoming photo shoots this week, doing a few rooftop entertaining looks and I found the perfect place to shop for these things...C.Wonder. Aside from flowers bringing the color, the store is jam packed with colorful, vibrant and on trend items that will really give my tabletop some personality.
A few items I suggest...

This ikat tray has great shades of pink, red and orange that will match a lot of different looks.
 I love gold and I love bamboo so this bamboo salad set is perfect for salad and the gold bamboo setting will make everything look so much more glam. 
I love the look of mixed glassware. So these chevron low glasses  go perfectly with these pink neon tumblers for some personality. 
I always start with napkins rings and then choose the napkin. I adore these  chain link napkin rings and I think they would mix perfect with this ikat napkin.
You have always got to throw in something unexpected and I adore this lobster bottle opener
These cute white foo dogs mixed with some candles and flowers could be a cute centerpiece. 
Also, pineapples are good luck so I would suggest grabbing a few of these pineapple stirrers for some extra fun in the sun. 

bliss in the kitch'...the coffee cabinet

 There are often things that are essential for good home making that decorators might forget...
Small things like, candles, dishes, cleaning supply containers and the like. I relish in purchasing these things, Bed Bath and Beyond is like a trip to Disneyland for me.
One of those very things that is usually an afterthought when planning decor is a coffee maker. Recently one of my clients was complaining about always feeling tired in the afternoons, so I suggested she get a chic espresso maker and make herself some afternoon lattes in style. It makes it so much more enjoyable when the machine looks good in your home decor...
 Then we can get really fun with it and match your coffee wear right along with it. It becomes an entire vignette for fun styling. I can barely contain my excitement. 
Here are a few that I love...

How to beautify your Vanity...

There is something I love so much about being at home...
I am the kind of girl that takes her time getting ready just because I love it. I especially love to style my home vanity area like its in a photo magazine. It makes the mood just that much more dramatic and glamorous...and you know where I find most of my inspiration? Tumblr. It's one of my favorite obsessions. Do you follow tumblr or bloglovin?
Anyhow, beauty products make the perfect decor. Perfume bottles, powder holders, brushes, etc. I adore anything and everything that has gold, really I just love it all! 

How to: Make a Inspiration Board

This spring season has me in a flurry of cleaning out clutter and making room for new things. I love a good spring cleaning. I'm sort of doing this in all aspects of my life, not just at home. 

When I want to move toward a new vision for myself I love to make a new vision/inspiration board. It's like a visual inspiration of style, looks and colors that you’d like to try/buy in 2013. Not only will it help you develop your domestic signature style but it may save you money by inspiring you to reinterpret things you already own.

Here’s how…
Buy a Blank Canvas.
Make sure you opt for something you love so that it can be displayed in your home work space and still look stylish.  You can make a super chic board by backing an un-glassed vintage picture frame with cork board from the hardware store.

Define Your Mood.
Get really clear about what vibe you are going for so as to not have a board thats all over the place. Go for something like Bohemian Glamour or Sophisticated Modern. Then as you edit your photos, you will be able to decide what belongs on the board and what doesn't. 

Cut it out.
Go through those images you have been saving on your desktop forever or tear through your favorite magazines. This will clean the clutter you have been saving and allow you to toss out the things that you don't need anymore. This is key for organization in springtime! 

Get Excited. 
They say that if you put it on a vision board, it will come. So really go all out for what you want. Want that gorgeous J. Adler sofa we all dream of? Tear it out and put it up. There is power in vision! 

Don't Limit Yourself.
I have boards everywhere. Not only do I pinterest but I also daydream too. 

decor image via apartmenttherapy

How to create a stylish bar area...

 I always take my first inspiration from Kelly Wearstler, of course. She is like the mother of all glam design. Her stuff is always my first point of reference and then I like to create a twist on it. A few things I'd like to take from here are the gold barstools, the dark grey, beautiful marble backsplash and eccentric gold accessories. 
I also love this bar area I did in my upper west side clients house. Its a more realistic way of approaching the gold, black, white and deep grey look. 
I'm really wanting to do this look in my new apartment so I'll be shopping for some bar cart essentials. 
A few things I am into...

 decor images 1 and 2.

Loving Lamps Plus

Things around here are so crazy right now, so forgive me for not posting as often as usual. I have been trying to get everything with clients up to speed and my new apartment ready before my trip to Spain. Yes, I am heading to Madrid for work and a little bit of play next week...

Thank goodness for people and companies who make shopping for decor oh so easy and seamless, like Lamps Plus. Where I decided to get a few things to beef up my vanity area. I really wanted to make it fresh and modern yet still girly glam. 
The robert abbey delta lamps (my current obsession) look so fresh atop this gorgeous white desk, right?

Once I started shopping, I literally couldn't stop. I knew for my new space I wanted a super fluffy white rug. I also knew I needed to get some brass into the mix so this gorgeous mirror and floor lamp were the perfect additions. I also fell hard for leatherette lamp shades for my new brass vintage babies. 
So far, I am loving everything. Decor success!

Pop of red...

I know Valentines day is long over but I am still so enamored with the beauty of the color red. I don't know what it is lately, but its slowly becoming my favorite new accent color. My new bedroom is all white and I'm in love with it. However, this photo just makes me want to add some luscious and rich deep red curtains. And maybe a few little accents too...


It's Friday! The first friday of the year and the Friday that kicks off my birthday weekend. I can't believe I am already getting another year older. Eeeeek. Although, I am kind of excited. So, what have  I been up to the past couple of days in preparation. Filling up my vanity with all of my favorite beauty essentials of the winter. I am totally revamping my girlie area for 2013! Here are my must haves...

 Amarige - my winter signature scent
Argon oil - my favorite hair product
the most heavenly thing I have every put on my body

Finding the perfect floor lamp...

Shopping for clients and the perfect lighting for these apartments in New York is an entire situation. You really can never go wrong with lighting because I truly believe lighting is the best accessory, sort of like the perfect earrings. They just make the look complete. Right now I am a little in love with three arm floor lamps. Modern, chic and extremely useful...

I love this design by Ryan Korban, he uses a Serge Mouille three arm lamp as a kiss of perfection.
The three arm look just adds an element of luxury, its almost like a really good piece of art. Well, some of them actually are! 

floor lamps:
1- Mid Century Modern Tri Light $475
2- Serge Mouille $8200
3- Jonathan Adler Havana Lamp

decor images: 1//2//3//4