ON THE HUNT for a Red Chandelier

I just love putting the finishing touches on a clients space...
The final touch for this particular room is going to be a red chandelier but I am in search of just the right one. It's going in a living room with deep navy walls and bright white accents. It's a modern glamorous version of the July 4th color palate, how fitting for this time?
Murano glass ones are usually my go to, but this time I want something unique. Perhaps something vintage with a little bit of a twist. Maybe a red bamboo one or something with some dimensions and swag, like a Tony Duquette masterpiece. He is one of my decor idols after all.
 I love how these red chandys give a little pop of exotic edge to these rooms, its like a cherry on top of a perfectly decorated sundae.

images: 1/2/3/4 + Tony Duquette//domino mag