Black kitchen bliss

After my crazy fun and terribly hot weekend, I am jetting off to the OC to do a little something something with one of my favorite shelter publications...
and its all about kitchens. So, I decided to brush up on my favorite kitchens and make sure I'm well equipped. While daydreaming, I decided that in my dream home, I am having a black kitchen like this one. I love the dark wood mix too. 
Black looks so chic in any style of kitchen. This gorgeous modern kitchen looks so good and so does this sweet traditional look as well. The chandelier is the perfect kiss in this blissful little kitchen.
 Aren't these just so fab? I want!!!

bliss in the kitch' and white tile

I am searching endlessly for the perfect backsplash for a kitchen renovation downtown Manhattan...
I'm looking for that mix of a smart traditional look while keeping the downtown cool, fresh feeling. The minute I spotted this kitchen, I knew this pattern was look absolutely what I have been looking for. It's chic and oh so fresh looking.

I also noticed it on the floor of this very vintage kitchen look and it looks great here too. It can go with  that bohemian vibe so well. It also looks gorgeous in a laundry room as the backsplash too. This is my new jam and I'm loving every moment of it.

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bliss in the kitch'...the coffee cabinet

 There are often things that are essential for good home making that decorators might forget...
Small things like, candles, dishes, cleaning supply containers and the like. I relish in purchasing these things, Bed Bath and Beyond is like a trip to Disneyland for me.
One of those very things that is usually an afterthought when planning decor is a coffee maker. Recently one of my clients was complaining about always feeling tired in the afternoons, so I suggested she get a chic espresso maker and make herself some afternoon lattes in style. It makes it so much more enjoyable when the machine looks good in your home decor...
 Then we can get really fun with it and match your coffee wear right along with it. It becomes an entire vignette for fun styling. I can barely contain my excitement. 
Here are a few that I love...

bliss in the kitch'...Vintage Vixen

Every once and a while I come across a photographed home that really inspires me. It's not particularly  well designed but its well lived in. The decor, however, is so well done and really gives that collected look which I happen to adore and completely admire. Not many people can pull this look off well but this woman, Laura Gonzalez, did it and did it well. This little kitchen just makes me want to spend time learning new recipes, cutting flowers, have cute. 
 How adorable is this little dog? I mean seriously, he makes the room. Oh and the bookcase styling is beyond comparison, I love the way the butterflies keep it consistent and put together. I really enjoy mirrored coffee tables and this large block one is so good.

 I think its always wise to use baskets in open shelving to keep things looking organized. It looks so great especially next to the floral wallpaper. Such a femme fab space. 
images via moodboard

bliss in the kitch'...Steven Sclaroff Stripes

I absolutely adore this little kitchen, the stripes remind me of my old apartment. So now I am thinking of where I want to put stripes in my new apartment. Maybe the kitchen, or perhaps the bathroom. I love the way Steven Sclaroff does stripes in this gorgeous home...

This bathroom really stole the show for me. I'm finding that I really enjoy thin pinstripes lately as opposed to the thicker variety. It looks so fresh and chic whether in the powder room or even on the sofa.
I even love this triple color stripe look in the bedroom. What kind of stripes do you guys suggest?

images via desire to inpsire

bliss in the kitch' in kitchens

So, in my new little space...
(pics to come soon I promise) I have an eat in kitchen area. It's absolutely adorable and I am so excited to get to decorating it. This weather is limited me from scouring the streets. I really want a fab table and some vintage chrome or brass dining chairs. This would be my dream.
I do, however, also like the look of french seating because of the curves. Then I could mix with a more modern table. I think I prefer round as opposed to square or rectangular, though. 
This is such a fabulous mix. The trusty Ikea table mixed with some super fabulous Restoration Hardware seating. Gotta love that. I love love this look with two chairs + a bench. 
I did this in this apartment. The black and white stripes on the seating pulled it all together. I think this  really is a winning combination.

I prefer a mirror but I do adore these cutely put together art walls. Such a great alternative idea.

onetwo. three. four. five. six. seven. 

bliss in the kicth'...Mainly Marble

Hope everyone had a marvelous Christmas holiday, I know I surely did. I spent a LOT of time in the kitchen making beautiful memories and I must say it was awesome. One thing I found was how much I enjoyed baking on a marble countertop. Gorgeous and ever so easy to clean, I will always be a huge supporter of marble in the kitchen. Or anywhere else for that matter...

I'm loving the contrast of the white and black marble, my eyes always are fond of a high contrast. I love the swirl look too, it is such a classic and artsy look at the same time. Its incredibly beautiful. 


bliss in the kitch' and copper with Marjourie Skouras

My heart always melts for any sort of metallics in the home and this adorable little kitchen just makes me weak in the knees. A white stove with gold details...whaaaaat!? I can't even explain how amazing this is. Where would one find such an indescribably good sort of thing? Not only is the stove marvelous, this woman has a collection of copper pots and pans that would make any domestic gal go gaga! Oh, and that mirror...

I have only shown you a few pictures of her rich and lusciously layered spread but if you want to peep more of this womans style see her home tour on Apartment Therapy here.

bliss in the kitch'...PARISIAN PINK

I have been long dreaming of the perfect apartment for myself and my dreams always involve a large white glossy kitchen. After finding this precious apartment and modern with a dash of pink, I thought to myself I found the perfect inspiration. All the cabinetry is from IKEA and all the appliances are stainless steel which add metallic shine seamlessly. Think this kitchen is chic, then you must see the rest of the apartment...

The bedroom took my breath away. This gorgeous peacock wallpaper combined with a gorgeous Venetian mirror has me needing a a few new things for myself. Purple, pink, white and grays make a lovely bedroom color combo. 
Oh, and against her ikea mirrored armoire (i love all the chic ways to incorporate ikea by the way), she has gorgeous silk wallpaper and a perfectly parisian white chair. Beautiful! 
images found here

bliss' in the stopping tile

What I wouldn't give to have the courage to use gorgeous Mediterranean tile in this teal and black lace pattern. It's the perfect mix in this overly modern, clean lined, black and white kitchen. Lace is big this season in fashion and I love how this look really is fashion forward. I could could up a storm in this sexy kitch'. Right now its all about the exotic tile...

images... 1//2//3//4

bliss in the kitch' ... a little something SMEG

One of my dreams has always been to have a huge and open kitchen. Living in New York is hardly the place to really fulfill that dream, but you never know. In the pre war apartments that I so adore, I think a vintage looking SMEG fridge could be just the perfect addition to really add some chic style to the kitchen. As I think about what I would really want, I find that its also a way to add a little fashion forward color. It could be perfect in pink or even mint green. So cool and so on trend...

Most small NYC studios only have space in the kitchen for the mini fridge, so even something like this little size (its really a dishwasher but..)could be so adorable. I am so in love with this look right now. It can go in a retro space, a modern one, or even a completely glam kitchen. 

images via herehere, here, here, hereherehere, & here.

bliss in the kitch' : BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK...

The weather in the city is shaping up to be so lovely, I can already sense fall on the horizon. So, I've been braving the streets of Soho and my favorite design showrooms for some fresh inspiration. From what I can tell, black is the new black and it's looking real good. I have always loved black, I just can't get enough of the way it instantly glams up a room. What's even better? When glossy black finishes are paired in a space that doesn't look to modern or gaudy. Like in this glossy black kitchen, the chinoiserie backsplash makes for a perfectly pretty little kitchen...

As most of you know I love black and white as a combo, especially black with white trim or vice versa. It just highlights the look so well and keeps things crisp and clean looking. 
What I would love in my new apartment more than anything is permission to tear down some of the old wood cabinetry, in most pre-war spaces, and throw up some glossy black kitchen cabinetry. My heart skips a beat thinking of what I would do with it. Rose gold pendant lights, pops of blue and white or maybe even kelly green... just endless possibilities! 


bliss in the kitch': kitchen metallics

There is something very very sexy about metallics in the kitchen. I love the way a shimmery backsplash looks or a beautiful brand new shiny stove. Shine and sparkle go a long way with me in a modern kitchen and even the tiniest bit of sparkle in a more subdued kitchen looks smashing. 
If at all possible, I recommend you up the glam factor in your kitchen for some serious domestic bliss! 


bliss in the kitch' backsplash

I am seriously loving the kitchen decor here. Black walls and white washed floors in this gorgeous kitchen is just breathtaking to me. The high gloss white cabinetry is pretty cool too. The mix of a vintage and glamorous chandelier with an old wood table is perfection.
Black backsplashes are my current weakness...
I mean, the biggest decorista in all the land, kelly wearstler, does it!

images via casa sugar...

Bliss in the kitch' in grey

Absolutely smitten with this little cottage kitchen style. Dark grey walls are the perfect backdrop for white dishes, green and yellow accessories and perfect little country knick knacks. Gingham is the perfect sister to that fun country look and how about that sweet mix matched tile flooring. Just all around adorableness...
I love the grey in these kitchens too! So classic.
Right now I am just in love with deep grey and this neon yellow! 
I also am very into that earthy look...

images....bright bazaar. apartment34. unknown.

bliss in the kitch': DIY decorating idea for your apartment kitchen

This pretty little kitchen inspires me to add a little more personality to my own. So, today I want to share with you a few little ideas to perk up your own apartment kitchen...

1. Adding a quirky, cute wallpaper that matches your cabinetry is oh so fresh + stylin'...
(oh yes, I love me some pretty wallpaper)
2. black tape + sexy pictures makes for interesting kitchenette fashionista decor...
3. To spice up a more sophisticated kitchen, try putting up photos in neon green frames for some super swagger...

bliss in the kitch'...mixing wood + metallics

Over the holiday I got to catch up with a few of my favorite blogs and found a new love for warm metallics in the kitchen. I love the idea of mixing, rose gold, gold and brushed silver fixtures. I also love a good stainless steel countertop and appliances. My client and I will be playing all week trying to come up with the perfect combination...

for the perfect look, I am taking a cue from a few of my fave pinterests
I love the big wood planks on the floor mixed with a rustic grey-ish cabinetry. It's very cute country but still a bit modern with that GORGEOUS glass faced fridge. 
No exposed woods here but a very pretty mix of deep brass, bright gold + a pop of aluminum. love.
the second i saw this photo on debby's blog, I freaked. The black wood countertop + brass fixture look, mixed in with marble walls and brushed silver drawer pulls and copper and aluminum pots and pans. It's perfection.
they are all so pretty. my heart sings songs of decorista joy! 

bliss in the kitch' {gorgeous chandeliers}

I am just over the moon for jewels in the kitchen...

They are the ultimate indulgence for your eyes. Especially if you love to be in the kitchen a lot, like me. It's got to be a fabulous and spectacular space filled with glam accessories, no?
I'm heading to High Point Market this weekend and am beyond excited. Will be keeping my eyes out for the perfect chandeliers to put in my teeny apartment. Remember the photo of the gorgeous chandelier from last week? I think its exactly what my little apartment needs.

happy weekend decorista daydreaming lovelies!

bliss in the kitch' {mirrors make it modern}

Modern kitchens are so what I live for right now. How incredibly genius are these mirrored cabinets...

Incase I haven't told you, I live for mirrored furniture. Right now mirrored coffee tables are my absolute favorite but when I saw this kitchen, it too that love to another level. I love mirrored cabinets now...very very chic.
there is something about a mirror that just does it for me. It can take any piece of furniture and just make it more modern, more glamorous. I am always finding pieces and wanting to add a mirrored effect. 
Thoughts??? Do we love mirrored cabinets?

images via modernmaizy, decorpad