Chairs are everything.

 Chairs are to me, what shoes are to most girls...
I think this should be my motto. I literally squeal when I see a really good chair and if I could, I would have an entire house full of chairs. In fact, my small little apartment has a whole slew of chairs. In random places of course because there really is not enough room. If I had more room, there would be more chairs. 
So, this dining room with gorgeous gold chairs and table literally struck my heart. Wow. I can't get over the delicious shade of purple velvet. Can I just have these please?
 I'm also really feeling these black and white chairs in Molly Sims dining room. Her designer, is my sweet friend Kishani Perera, and this girls style is out of control good. I love the black stripe down the middle. So creative. So different. So good.
 The minute I saw these white stunners, I thought to myself..."woah. we are not in Kansas anymore" These are something next level serious. white with a pop of leopard and insanely shaped. Now this is a work of art. 
Which leads me to finalize my love affair with these gold and cream beauties. So sophisticated and sexy. The modern glamour look works every single time. 

Parisian Bistro Chairs...

This week is going to be such a fun week. I'm hosting two dinners and a brunch at my new apartment. Even though I am in the middle of decorating, I have to keep the entertaining going. My dining chairs finally arrived and I am so in love with them. However, I need a few extra seats and I can't help but think back to my trip in Paris and all the wonderful bistro chairs. These black and white spotted ones were my favorite. 
I think they are really stylish in homes too. I love these sets of bar sized stools with amazing patterns, too. My trip is still such a source of inspiration, its endless.
Here are a few I am into for my apartment...

Not your ordinary chair...

I think I am getting a little homesick. After all of this hurricane mess, I just really want to be with my family right now more than ever. Thank goodness Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I leave for Paris in 9 days and then fly home to Texas for Thanksgiving and my cousins wedding. It's about to get really hectic over here.
Having said that, what I am looking forward to the most is being home and having family dinners around the dining table. While my family is very stylish and appreciates good furnishings, I really wish they would get a little more snazzy with the seating....

Right now I am just over the moon for dining chairs with metal. You all recently saw my clients new brass + lucite barstools which are just so incredibly good I can't stand it. Metals are so in for seating right now I am just loving it. An upper east side client of mine and I recently did some chairs like these above. We found 6 vintage chairs like this and had them recovered in white ostrich leather (faux of course). They are so spectacularly gorgeous and glamorous and budget friendly, too! 
I always love a good chair + banquet seating combo. So good. 

image sources found here 

NEEDING. WANTING. LOVING. beautiful brass seating

 When I first stumbled across this lovely office space I couldn't help but think of how lovely the shade of pink on the wall was. I quickly realized that my favorite part of this space is this amazing chair. I am so into metal accent chairs lately, especially the brass ones. I am now going to be endlessly searching this city for the perfect one for my home office...

 I just love this Klismos (old greek style) brass and leather weaved chair. It's incredibly glam and stylish, but I am not quite sure how comfortable that would be to work in all day. I am very much into comfort, so a plush seat with buttery soft leather would be so perfect for me...
 Even placing a sweet little brass chair in the bathroom makes for a heavenly little sitting spot. 

images via sfgirlbybay, lonnymag, here, tylerdawson, & younghouselove.


This summer, its the exotic things that call out my attention and chairs just happen to be one of my favorite parts of decor. Chairs in exposed or exotic woods, wicker, bone inlay, and even those with incredibly chic exotic fabrics are essential items for the home right now...

While my apartment is on the more hollywood glamour side, I think a nice and cozy chair like this would be such a cute addition to my space. I could throw on a little exotic pillow and call it a day. 
Something like this cute wicker guy with a cozy shape and that open and airy feeling could be the perfect fit. 
Even as I daydream about my future huge NYC apartment, I can totally see something like these gorgeous bone inlay chairs for my white dining room...perfection, no?


I recently purchased a set of vintage chrome dining chairs for a client. Six of the sparkly, metallic beauties make the dining room that much more glamorous. I cannot wait to see the way they make the dining room sing. They are vintage and need to be recovered but they are ready to be turned into show-stoppers! I scored these guys at a killer price too...

Aren't they glam? They sparkle and shine so well. We are going to recover them in a fabulous white croc leather or maybe even a rich and gorgeous kelly green velvet. We are working out the details but I am getting inspiration from these fab photos.
 Maybe her husband would love a buttery tan leather...
I just love them all.

1/2/3/4/domino magazine.

Seriously in LOVE with Gabriel...

I literally have not seen design richness like this in a while. I have been awaiting someone new to be inspired by and this Gabriel Hendifar fellow is just knocking my socks off...
Hello black luscious gosh I dream of living in something like you.
The aqua and turquoise flamestich-ish fabric on those chairs just moves me. 
How about these incredibly acrylic and leather seats below. Hello! 
They work wonderfully next to the studded black, leather yellow and curvy legs on that killer tortiseshell table. 
These acrylic stools are sexy too!  
images via elements of style.

Wallcolor Wednesday: A pretty little green room...

After a day of being out in the streets walking around I am just overjoyed that spring weather is finally arriving to the city. It has me dreaming of the most bright and vibrant colors on the walls. Especially the color GREEN...

The perfect touch of pretty femininity...
A touch of modern chic...
A touch of history...
A touch of traditional...
And a baby touch of masculine...

images via, brian park photography...elle decor...apartmenttherapy. lonnymagazine.

office space of the day: white done right

Gorgeous white office spaces are the reason I love what I do. In reality, I could never actually work in a space this color free, but creating this magic would be a brilliant feat. It's incredibly well styled and fits my love for white done right just perfectly...
white wallpaper + mirrored desk + art deco-ish chairs + white flokati rug + long venetian mirror =
domestic bliss
image via

Guest Post + Decor Idea: Chairs in the Kitchen area

If you are looking for a way to add a touch of ergonomic sophistication to your kitchen area, a new set of dining chairs could be just what you need. Dining chairs are brilliant: they combine the practical with the pretty and marry relaxation with resilience. With options available to suit every taste, chairs represent an attractive and versatile alternative to other types of kitchen furniture...

some gorgeous ideas...
The term "dining chair" conjures images of tradition, harmony and familial warmth. Centred around the dinning table, they quite literally bring families and friends together, providing comfortable and attractive foundations on which happiness can blossom. Classic four-legged designs are perennially popular. With their stable foundations, these dining chairs are capable of striking astonishing vintage silhouettes which are guaranteed to draw gasps and impressed gazes from your guests.
Chairs need not be too conservative however, and in recent times quirkier models have taken precedent. As technology develops, so too should furniture. Manufacturers realise this and with this in mind they have created a range of modern contemporary designs for those who value different and distinctive furniture. Acrylic dining chairs are slick and futuristic, challenging the concept of a dining chair while retaining all of their best qualities. Z-shaped chairs are fashionable but functional, striking unique figures in a largely traditional market.
Some directly combine the old-fashioned with the contemporary. There are polished wooden chairs which will swivel and slide according to your wishes. Mobility and magnificence shouldn’t be mutually exclusive and neither should the classic and contemporary aesthetics. Indeed, many are completed by protective floor plugs, ensuring that ruined floor surfaces are a thing of the past. Whoever said that you can’t have it all clearly didn’t have a set of dining chairs in their kitchen!
A range of different seat types is available from faux and real-leather to ABS plastic resin. There is nothing quite like a real-leather seat for those who want to give their homes an opulent twist, although faux-leather is a close contender. Available in a range of colours, faux- and real-leather dining chairs are not to be missed if you value elegant, durable and flawlessly made furniture.
Although dining chairs aren't made for the kitchen, and with all these incredible options available, it’s impossible to resist the allure. So why not add some dining chairs to your kitchen and witness their wonders for yourself?
images...from here

The Art of Living: keep your dining room hip

If you guys love to entertain as much as I do, something I have just got to suggest to you is mixing up your dining room seating....
Sure, all the same chairs looks very fresh and pretty but there is something very chic about mixing in different seating. It keeps things unexpected and a little more interesting. I have a small obsession with chairs...all kinds, but I think its good to keep with similar styles like modern + modern, french louis + greek klismos, etc. It's just really something that will set your dining room apart from everyone else's and make you look a little bit more cool.

I kinda like the look of these together...pretty cute.

images via...decorpad. lonny. designsponge

The Art of Living: great kitchen/bar stools

I love meeting my new clients in the city for the first time. Especially when they are fun, sweet and fabulous! 
Yesterday, I met my new beautiful client, Dina and we chatted on and on and realized that in NYC sometimes there is just no place for a dining table (that so won't fly with to entertain)!
 However, for the most part, all I have to search for when looking for seating options are bar stools. The name 'bar stool' for some reason just gives me the jitters....I am not in love with them. So, in search for the perfect bar stools, I found a few that changed my perspective.
Now that I have found these cool and sophisticated stools, I am so very into them. 
These fabulous pair were picked out by W + R for the Ritz Carlton. I worked on this project and let me tell you, its breathtaking! 
These are incredibly gorgeous white with yellowish green seating. I love them.

all images via

needing. wanting. loving. {decorative busts}

As I was doing my research on faux fireplaces (don't ask me why...just super curious) I stumbled upon this gorgeous photo. Instantly the mirrored fireplace struck me, it's a very very cool example. After a bit more adoration of this space, I couldn't resist loving the beautiful bust sitting between the two chairs. Normally, I would think to place a small cocktail table between a pair of fabulous chairs. However, now, after seeing this incredible bust, I think next time I might try using something a little more creative like this. Super gorgeous piece...excellent style! Busts are so my new obsession.