INSPIRED: How to style a bookcase {5 IDEAS}

Sometimes it's hard to find what to add to your bookcases to add character, vibrancy, life and color. Lately, I have been inspired by the random objects I've seen thrown into these chic vignettes, aside from the gorgeous books that are always the good starting base.
1. Art always works for making a bookcase chic but I adore the idea of a lei and album covers, so cool.

2. One of my best friends has a home in LA with so much book storage but not enough books to fill it. So, I am very fond of similar colors and styles of pottery. Very sophisticated.

 3. Items that are eclectic and look like you picked them up on your latest wanderlust adventure, these work so well. Here, elephants, turtle shells, maps and the like make a super chic ensemble.
 4. I really love how this collection of bowls, vases, serving dishes and saucers in blue and white make a great artsy yet whimsical look. I think having your entertaining items on display is so effortless chic.
5. Or why not put regular old storage. I love the way these old granny yellow plates are stored and displayed as well as orange boxes. This is a great way to add some serious color that dominates the bookcase and makes it look pulled together. 

images: 1-carolina herreras bookcase 2- elle decor 3- daydreams 4- jaime mears styling 5-unkown


I still haven't found a new apartment to move into. Shopping for spaces in this city really is difficult. The longer I am here, the more books I have added to my collection. Slowly but surely I am running out of space to put them. As much as I love my fireplace right now I am currently coveting built-ins to style my books. Oh, how much fun I would have with something like this next to my fireplace...

Or even just a piece like this to display books openly so they can be part of the decor...
With all the magazines I have I could make this piece work too. This is perfect home office organization right here. I also think that little shelf above the door is mighty clever too. A perfect place to display unframed artwork...
Stacks of books are the perfect look for fall and winter too. What's better on a rainy or cold day than lots of really good reading material?

images. verdigrisvie. zhush. isuwanne. designdarling. isuwanne.


Inspired by this beautiful photo I knew that a brass bookcase would make the perfect addition to my clients home office. We searched high and low and found this interesting looking one...

Isn't she beautiful. Very unique and oh so perfect for displaying gorgeous items.
It's not styled to perfection yet, but at least we have begun the magic.
Today, I am relishing in the fact that we actually found one for around $100 and it looks so old school glam. Now I am considering getting one for myself! 


The Art of Living: inspired bookcase styling

No longer are the days for bookshelves to be used for books...
Now it is the perfect place to display your most treasured accessories. I personally use this philosophy in my clients homes, especially in the city. Sometimes bookcases can be perfect for storing everyday essentials for easy access. I love gorgeous items and why not display those that you just adore the most!
Take some cues from these marvelously styled bookcases.

images via pinterest.

secret of domestic bliss #45...good color combos

There are so many ways to achieve a well decorated look for your home. A great start is choosing the ideal color combination or scheme. I know its difficult for a lot of people to decide on a color story, thats why they hire decorators. I do e-decorating color consultations, too. The right color combination can do wonders on any space and create amazing impact that you will love! The goal is to fall in LOVE with where you live.
One of my favorite combos right now is gray and pink. So adorable. You can infuse color into almost anything. Fabrics in the bedrooms, delicious pops of colors on beautiful chairs, painted furniture, beautiful pillows, artwork, etc. It's so much fun to play around with color... pink and gray get along so famously, I just knew I had to share. 

all images via decorpad

secret of domestic bliss #36... marvelously decorated bookshelves

Nothing says pedigree better than a finely decorated and well stocked bookcase.
It gives the opportunity for people like me, who love looking at people's digs, an idea of who they are,
what you enjoy reading & what your interests are.
It says so much about you!
If you don't read at all, it is most certainly proper to showcase your fabulous dishware.
Whatever you fill your bookshelves with, make sure they are treasures that you are in love with.
(I'm just crazy for the ones above lined in black, simply gorgeous!)
I have always been inspired by the bookcase in Olivia Wilde's home. I love her style.
I just love the unexpected objects and typewriter as accessories.

It's brilliant to accessorize with vintage book collections, the colors are usually simlar.

When you can, I always suggest grouping in's such a sharp looking effect.

I also am a huge believer in strategically placing fabulous artwork, it can give your bookcase extreme personality.