Secret of domestic bliss #71...Antiques; the good wood

It's official. I am becoming an upper east sider this next month. Finally found an apartment that fits all my favorite furnishings. I have grown out of my adorable little studio so quickly but its going to be so hard to let it go. I have so many wonderful memories here. The upper west side will forever have a place in my heart. At first I was considering parting ways with all of my furniture and just getting all new pieces. However, there is one that I will never part with and that is my beautiful antique wood dresser that was my very first furniture purchase here in NYC. It's made so beautifully and will live with me forever. I am convinced that no apartment or home is complete without a beautiful antique wood dresser...
Above is my gorgeous wood beauty. Scored her for $100 and I have been in love with her ever since we first met. 
While for a minute I was contemplating painting my antique dresser in a vivid lacquer my gut was absolutely resisting it. I have to allow the woods  natural beauty and pattern to shine. Sometimes natural beauty is so much better. 
Each of these photos is from Lonny Mag (ever filled with mad decor inspiration), where my favorite photog Patrick Cline gets the details of each of these gorgeous wood numbers so perfectly. Every piece inspires me so much for new looks for my space. Definitely gotta get some fabulous mirror to sit atop my lovely antique.

images via lonny magazine

Not your ordinary chair...

I think I am getting a little homesick. After all of this hurricane mess, I just really want to be with my family right now more than ever. Thank goodness Thanksgiving is just around the corner. I leave for Paris in 9 days and then fly home to Texas for Thanksgiving and my cousins wedding. It's about to get really hectic over here.
Having said that, what I am looking forward to the most is being home and having family dinners around the dining table. While my family is very stylish and appreciates good furnishings, I really wish they would get a little more snazzy with the seating....

Right now I am just over the moon for dining chairs with metal. You all recently saw my clients new brass + lucite barstools which are just so incredibly good I can't stand it. Metals are so in for seating right now I am just loving it. An upper east side client of mine and I recently did some chairs like these above. We found 6 vintage chairs like this and had them recovered in white ostrich leather (faux of course). They are so spectacularly gorgeous and glamorous and budget friendly, too! 
I always love a good chair + banquet seating combo. So good. 

image sources found here 


My weekend in Fort Lauderdale was super successful. I spent so much time in the vintage & antique stores around here scoring things for my clients pad. Like I told you all before, she is a young + stylish fashion designer and her style I will call, VINTAGE PALM BEACH CHIC...
Her 2 bedroom condo is so bright, think white walls and lots + lots of sunlight. She loves brass and her motto for her home is the more gold, the better. Could it get much better??? 
(Anyone in the S. Florida area need an interior decorator...CALL ME...I LOVE it here.)
I have scored like a winner in Vegas when it comes to her furnishings so I will share with you a few things we found on the first day....
The fabulous peacock chair was the perfect piece for her home office guest seating and it was under $40...HELLO!
I could not get over how beautiful driving around this city was. It's been so long since I have actually been in a car to get around, I kinda missed the feeling.
Her bathroom has a little nook for a cute vanity so this Art Deco mirror was $90 and perfect to fit for her to primp with and she loves the glam-ness...This faux bamboo rattan shelving is storage for her bedroom, where she can display her jewels and shoes and the like.
 We are outfitting her digs with tons of vintage brass accessories and we found a whole lot for under $20 each. Hello horses and unicorns (her favorite animals)... How amazing is this gorgeous armoire we scored for her guest bedroom. The amount of storage is insane and the faux bamboo is so her style...and it was under $200
 Now, this next week she is having family come in so we had to fill her home with dishes to outfit her dining table so she can host a party and we stocked up on gold! We got these gorgeous gold rimmed wine glasses at an antique store for $2 each and beautiful white dishes with a gold trim for 1.50$ each and a set of gold flatware for 8.... $69. Everything in perfect shape too! 
This place has such amazing stuff...Here are some interesting pieces that I thought were unique and fun and I so wanted to take home but....well...I can't shop for me.

 and I seriously fell for this New York City skyline screen. It was so cool.

Secret of domestic bliss #52...get some guilded gold goodness

As we settle in to our digs I am quickly realizing that shades of gray are the jam! There is not anywhere I look that I don't spot the dark and delicious color. As I fall hard for my fave shade, I notice that the perfect compliment to this sort of hue is ornate, gold accessories. This antique gold is so on my radar right now. I can't get over it. I want more of it! Especially because no matter what your style is, this gorgeousness can be the perfect addition.

this room from lonny magazine really has touched my decorista soul. The mix of light blue and gold is just effortless. 

the Art of Living... bringing home Hollywood

So I just want to let you all in on something that I got today that just warms my heart. This gorgeous Sophia Loren print is going in my new cozy bedroom. It looks amazing framed in white and on my muddy gray walls. I can't stop staring at the photo, its perfection.
It got me thinking of my love for vintage photography and I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite to get you inspired. Hollywood photography in a home can be very chic and give a room an entire mood change. Photography can conjure up emotion, which is essential for achieving domestic bliss! (I fondly remember NKTOB posters on my wall doing the same thing for me as a young girl.yes mom, I will always love you for doing that for me). For some, rock and roll shots give a bit of edge and for others old hollywood starlets add a touch of glamour and romance. Whatever your preference, I say go for it, you can't go wrong. 

designer ryan korban uses the BEST vintage hollywood looks.
i love this audrey shot styled by windsor smith.

Style-icious Sunday: light, bright and flea market chic

It's a beautiful day in the city today, the weather is perfect! Dying to head to the local thrift and see what fun things they might have for my new digs. While I am much more modern glamour...I am secretly in adoration of the thrift store finds and romantic glamour that goes along with it. The eclectic mix of items can be incredibly pretty. 

The Art of to decorate Mid Century Modern style

I love all styles of decor, its part of being a decorista to the core. Not every style looks good though and mid century modern is one of those that can go all wrong. I particularly love this home and how they rocked the look. Lots of white really keeps it fresh and piles of colorful cushions gives a little extra kick. The best part, really good artwork and gorgeous woods, you can't have old ratty wood for this look. It will kill it and be far too retro. Take a style cue from this fabulous pad. Oh and p.s. how GORGEOUS is that light fixture? So so good! 

style at home

Tablescape tuesday {a southern shabby chic christmas}

Being back in the south, I am quickly reminded how old shabby chic style vintage boutiques are so prominent around here. The smells of maple and hazelnut fill the small town diners and family owned stores. I love being back in the south, especially the people with such southern charm!
To inspire you today I found a beautiful vintage store/shabby chic-ish theme tabletop. The pretty pastel colors and embellished vintage items set the perfect tone for a southern charmed holiday dinner or breakfast.Notice the floral chintz table runner mixed with charming detailed mason jar candleholders. Too cute.
Everything you see can be found at your local thrift and makes it oh so easy to throw together!
How amazing do those Vanilla Belgium Waffles look? Would be absolutely divine to dive into those on Christmas morning. Don't you think? Here is my personal favorite recipe...

2 egg yolks
2 cups milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup oil
2 stiffly beaten egg whites

Preheat waffle maker. Put all ingredients except egg whites in large mixer bowl. Beat on low until moistened. Increase to medium, mix until smooth. By hand, gently fold in beaten egg whites. Pour 1/2 cup batter over grids. Close waffle maker, bake until steam no longer escapes, about 3-5 minutes. Repeat. Serve hot with your favorite topping.

Pecan or Macadamia Nut Waffles: Sprinkle 1 Tbsp. finely chopped pecans or macadamia nuts over preheated waffle grids. Pour 1/2 cup batter over nuts & close waffle maker. Bake as directed.

Blueberry Waffles: Fold 2 c. fresh blueberries into batter. Pour 3/4 cup batter over grids. Bake until golden.

Chocolate Chip Waffles: Fold 1 cup chocolate chips into batter. Bake as directed.


Home Tour: glamorous vintage style is the perfect winter decor

In the pursuit of fabulous finds for winter decor, my decorative eye has turned so romantic.
I have fallen more in love with decor from all over the globe and the 
"scandinavian maximalism
look has captured my adoration rather quickly.

This incredible apartment shown above is the home of a supremely stylish gal, Camilla, who owns a gorgeous glam & vintage decor shop called Milla Boutique. Her home has the perfected the look of ethereal and glamorous winter-time romance
Couldn't you imagine relaxing here on a cold winter night?
A candle lit bubble bath maybe or a cozy evening in bed watching old black and white movies...
I will be forever daydreaming of that.
(oh and decorating with a photo of kate moss is highly suggested)

However, her home wasn't always so dark and lovely.
Take a peek at the delicious look of her home just a few months back. This bright, vintage and glam space just took my breath away. Whether this home has its bright & lovely spring look or its dark & dreamy winter look, I would be ready to call her "home" instantly!

a shout out to dagny for the lovely introduction to this amazing home...

Tablescape tuesday {what to look for at the thrift store}

Love the look of this shabby chic tablescape? 

For mere pennies you can recreate the look...
All you have to do is hit up the local Goodwill or Salvation Army and stock up on these goodies.

Brass candlesticks, You can literally find these everywhere for less than $2. What I suggest doing is getting some spray primer and paint in bright white. Then you can get some light pink long tapered candles to complete the look. (You can change the colors of candle according to your decor...snazzy!)

 It's true, beautiful bright white china is usually out of the budget BUT a saavy decorista can re-create the look of beautiful dinnerware by scouring the thrift stores for mis matched pretty pieces.  The trick is to keep your plates to the same accent color scheme (think golds + pinks, or silver + turquoise), after some time of shopping you will have build yourself lovely collection. It will look like magic on the dinnertable.
Clear mason jars are probably the easiest on the budget and will totally recreate that fishbowl look that elegantly embraces beautiful blooms. They can also serve as hurricanes for tea-lights when flowers aren't and will create a magical mood.
I firmly believe that mismatched flatware in silver is effortless. Literally they come in bundles at your local thrift store or flea market. Choose your favorites and don't worry if they look awkward, their individual beauty will shine through come dinner time.

Don't be afraid of purchasing random breakfast chairs from your local thrift. The more different each chair is the better. The key is to make sure that the chairs are really sturdy and have a strong base. They are unloved little guys who will look brilliant together with two coats of bright white paint and some light sanding. Once they are all finished they will give that perfect shabby chic look.
all images via flickr.

currently craving a little history and romance

There is something so very romantic about candles + dark rooms.
I don't know what it is, but I find it intoxicating!
Lately, I have been really inspired by anything that might resemble a bit of history or romance in interior design.
One of the most beautiful ways to add a nod to the past is by decorating with vintage portraits.
Gorgeous portraits of beautiful women, historical gents or breathtaking scenery evoke  a sense of mystery.
I always find myself thinking about the stories behind antique paintings like these.
(a la the girl with the pearl earring...i loved that movie)
Don't they just look lovely?

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