Decorista Iphone Cases

As a designer/blogger, I am pretty much obsessed with my Iphone 5. I take it everywhere and take pictures of ev-ah-ry-thing! Hello Instagram! So, this summer I am making sure I bring it with a decorista-esque iphone case. Inspired by my favorite bathroom wallpaper looks I am digging a few of these...

Get the look of the most famous + fabulous Martinique wallpaper with this Juicy Couture Palm Leaf.
Nothing says summertime like a bold yellow and white stripe...Get this. Michael Kors Stripes
We all know I am a girl who just loves her gold foil...Marc Jacobs Gold Foil


 Leaving South Florida and coming back to the city was so bittersweet. I love bright colors, palm trees and bright sunshine...I can never get enough of it. So, when I got back to the city, I got just the sunny dose I needed. This incredible bathroom suite. Hello malachite ceiling...

 Talk about out of the box thinking and living for the details. I can't help but obsess over this room. The green wallpaper adds such softness, its Farrow & Ball Acanthus.
This photo shows such incredible details. Mossy green paint with teeny specs of gold trim, malachite wallpaper, Greek key ribbon, and bordered box valences. I love every little bit of this...
Interior Design by Shelley Johnstone Paschke, Photos courtesy of Veranda

WANDERLUSTING: The Grand Hotel Oslo Part 1

 It's no secret that I love to travel and I'm sure you all can guess how much I love hotels...
I mean...don't we all? I think it might be my life dream to travel the world and review the hotel decor around the globe. How interesting would that be? Well, I am always in constant search online for the best decorated hotels and this one, is one of those that just does it for me.
The Grand Hotel Oslo just might be in my top 5 list of places I must stay. One of my best girl friends on the net Dagny, is the creative director for Fargerike (a Norwegian paint company). Each year when the new color of year comes out they redecorate a suite with the color theme in mind. This year its purple! 
 My favorite part of the suite is the study & bedroom. I love the deep plum wallpaper with gold curtains setting the perfect combination. Then, when you look up a pretty light blue ceiling and killer chandelier. This whole look literally makes my knees weak. It makes for such a fab place to get some work done. Then, you walk back into the romantic bedroom. A touch of vintage with the right amount of gold for glamour and then the deep red curtains add a little luxe to the equation.
 I think this little orange stool is such a cute little guy too, love his rich color. Couldn't you just imagine staying here? I would never see the sights, I'd stay in my hotel all day! 

 I love the way the chandelier is accented with such a chic swag. I am also really loving deep purple with vibrant red. Maybe I should add a little of this to my bedroom...

all images via Grand Hotel Oslo / Fargerike

Currently leaves

I don't care how many times I see the ever so hot Martinique Wallpaper...
I will never get enough of it. All I can think about is adding more green leave decor to my world and I am doing my best to convince my clients that they need some too. In an effort to change their minds, I am reflecting on my most favorite looks...
 This patterned sofa is an easy way to add it in without going too drastic, as is this gorgeous printed fabric in the bathroom. It looks so chic with white. 
However, the wallpaper really just puts an extra pep in my step, every time. 

 I even find this lampshade a great way to add in a pop of the look. However you want to use it, it will add something extra snazzy and chic to the room. I promise! 
 images via this search

The perfect bathroom wallpaper...

Right now my bathroom is such a bore. I mean its soft and white and things are so serene but now that its spring time I'm just craving some color in there. While I was leaning toward stripes, I suddenly got the inspiration to add some green to the walls. Perhaps a little bit of leafy wallpaper (which are usually my favorite).
Martinique wallpaper is a classic, but when I saw this lily pad number in kate spades southhampton home, I was pleasantly surprised with how fab it looks, too. 

1- here 2-kate spade southhampton  3-here  4 & 5-lonnymag

Crushing on Kelly Wearstler for Lee Jofa wallpaper...

This weekend I was putting the finishing touches on my bedroom, to be revealed soon, not to worry! So moving on in the apartment, I am seriously in need of some new wallpaper for my hallway. My hallway is teeny, so it needs that much more of a pop. I wanted something fab + neutral, so Lee Jofa sent over some suggestions and I went crazy over these gold and white beauties. I want them all. 
images via lee jofa

bliss in the kitch'...Vintage Vixen

Every once and a while I come across a photographed home that really inspires me. It's not particularly  well designed but its well lived in. The decor, however, is so well done and really gives that collected look which I happen to adore and completely admire. Not many people can pull this look off well but this woman, Laura Gonzalez, did it and did it well. This little kitchen just makes me want to spend time learning new recipes, cutting flowers, have cute. 
 How adorable is this little dog? I mean seriously, he makes the room. Oh and the bookcase styling is beyond comparison, I love the way the butterflies keep it consistent and put together. I really enjoy mirrored coffee tables and this large block one is so good.

 I think its always wise to use baskets in open shelving to keep things looking organized. It looks so great especially next to the floral wallpaper. Such a femme fab space. 
images via moodboard


I'm getting excited as I watch my apartment really come together, I am beyond anxious to show you guys how cute it is. My sconces from Zgallerie are really rocking my wall area. We all know how much I love the high gloss marshmellow white in my living room walls. It looks so fab with my white sofa and leopard pillows but I feel that the wall is just calling for a fun pattern. Now that the idea got into my head, I am obsessed. I am on the hunt for a perfect wallpaper in a fabulous pattern to put behind my sofa. 
I could go a few different ways. One of them is that I could let out the inner artist in me and get out some black paint and a paint brush and just get a little cray. I have always loved this wall with brushed circles or the fan leaf effect. Both would look great with gold sconces.
 I always liked the way my homie Naomi added an accent wall of a modern birdy wallpaper. So fab. 
 This striped look is always going to be a classic. I love stripes but something has me wanting to do something a little bit more different and fresh. I love me some stripes though, they always look chic. 
 I also have always love the way a molding framed wallpaper looks. Very decorated and put together. I would love to do something like this. The metallic damask wallpaper look has always captured my interests. This is going to be a tough decision but I'm dying to get something up fast. 

images via me. cocokelly. design manifest + domino mag. 

bliss in the kitch'...Steven Sclaroff Stripes

I absolutely adore this little kitchen, the stripes remind me of my old apartment. So now I am thinking of where I want to put stripes in my new apartment. Maybe the kitchen, or perhaps the bathroom. I love the way Steven Sclaroff does stripes in this gorgeous home...

This bathroom really stole the show for me. I'm finding that I really enjoy thin pinstripes lately as opposed to the thicker variety. It looks so fresh and chic whether in the powder room or even on the sofa.
I even love this triple color stripe look in the bedroom. What kind of stripes do you guys suggest?

images via desire to inpsire

Chinoiserie Chic

A few things...

Lately I have found myself attracted to little bits of Chinoiserie strewn into a space. I am always a fan of a full on Chinoiserie decorated space. However, because its such a colorful and vibrant style, I don't think I could live with that everyday. NYC is hard core and work can be a bit hectic, so I need to come home and visually relax. Having said that, I like small elements of the look thrown around like on this adorable coffee table...or a glam bathroom.
 I think the look can be subdued by using it with a warm and sensual color combination like these rooms here, gorgeous gold and rich teal. 
  Another perfect pairing I noticed that I really like is black and white floors mixed with Chinoiserie patterns. Mary Macdonald did this entryway with the look and I happen to think its magical.
all images found here and on Chinoiserie Chic...

My ELLE DECOR favorite room of 2012-- gold ceilings...

A while back Elle Decor approached myself and 30 other designers to pick our favorite room of 2012. At first I was thinking to myself, "there is NO way I could pick just one". Until I laid eyes on this gorgeous bar area and remembered how much I loooove it. First, I am always a fan of dark grey walls and wallpaper is always a win. The part that really gets me is the gold ceiling, I am a super fan of gold ceilings and grey walls...If it was an outfit, I think it just might be my staple look....

And last but not least, my very favorite project that I ever worked on...

rooms: 1-Richard Mishaan, 2-unkown, 3-shuistyle 4- ashlina kaposta 5- mary macdonald

3 Ways with Emerald {PANTONE'S COLOR OF THE YEAR 2013}

 I am just overjoyed that PANTONE named EMERALD green color of the year. Green is absolutely one of my favorite colors to decorate with. It's a little bit darker than normal bright green but it's pretty close. So this year, its going to be such a joy to play with this color. I love mixing green as an accent color in a gorgeous palate...

Greens and black and white is always a super chic look. I love a little pink mixed in too, pink and green is one of my favorite combos. 
This dining room in Nicky Hilton's glamorous pad is one of my favorite uses of green and pink.
Aside from being just an amazing accent color. This room makeover just shows you what a stunning color it is on its own. I love what emerald green did for this little white bedroom. 


bliss in the kitch'...PARISIAN PINK

I have been long dreaming of the perfect apartment for myself and my dreams always involve a large white glossy kitchen. After finding this precious apartment and modern with a dash of pink, I thought to myself I found the perfect inspiration. All the cabinetry is from IKEA and all the appliances are stainless steel which add metallic shine seamlessly. Think this kitchen is chic, then you must see the rest of the apartment...

The bedroom took my breath away. This gorgeous peacock wallpaper combined with a gorgeous Venetian mirror has me needing a a few new things for myself. Purple, pink, white and grays make a lovely bedroom color combo. 
Oh, and against her ikea mirrored armoire (i love all the chic ways to incorporate ikea by the way), she has gorgeous silk wallpaper and a perfectly parisian white chair. Beautiful! 
images found here

office space of the day...David Hicks meets Studio Ten25

As soon as I spotted this office with the David Hicks hexagon pattern inset on the armoire, I knew this Studio Ten 25 design was office space worthy. I use this pattern a lot in projects, it's such a classic and modern print. I also just love the idea of using it in other ways besides just the walls...
black walls + yellow curtains + greek key rug + flamestitch chair + david hicks hexagon on armoire=
domestic bliss

Real Living: daydreaming in Teal

While I thought apartment shopping would be so enjoyable, truthfully, it's much harder than it seems. I am such a picky little decorista. One thing I am enjoying about it is the 'blank canvas' idea and my imagination of what I would do in the space gets to run wild. The last apartment I saw had the most adorable little kitchen breakfast nook. If I moved in, I would recreate this adorable little teal and white situation...

When I first saw this modern and glamorous apartment from Real Living, I knew that it was something I would want to replicate one day. Mint green walls in the bedroom, wild wallpaper in the living room and the deep gorgeous teal in the dining nook. Metallics abound in all colors, silver, gold and bronze (hello olympics) and it's packed with feminine edge. Remember my confession about my love for turquoise chairs? Hello.
How cute is that little gold pineapple hook? Ugh. This space just speaks to my soul. 

 scans via, photographs by chris warnes, styling by sarah ellison for real living au


Thank goodness for clients in New York City. I swear, every issue we come across gives me perfect ideas for what to share with you all. Finding out what to do with a bare hallway can be such a daunting task. Especially when we all know how important first impressions are in a space. Here are a few ways to handle your hallways...

 I am a girl who loves mirrors... the more mirrors ,the merrier I am. So, I just love the idea of throwing up some chic mirrors in the hallway. Mirrors always make a space seem bigger than it is so this would be key for a narrow hallway.
Only recently am I loving high contrast trimming on walls. Especially in these hallways, it gives such a dramatic and stylish look without filling the halls with furniture.
I adore this one wall painted in a different color. It makes the nook seem larger doesn't it? Such a great idea. I also am always a fan of small repeat patterned wallpaper. It looks well decorated, gives a burst of color and major style!

image credits: one. two. three. four. five. six. seven