INSPIRED: How to style a bookcase {5 IDEAS}

Sometimes it's hard to find what to add to your bookcases to add character, vibrancy, life and color. Lately, I have been inspired by the random objects I've seen thrown into these chic vignettes, aside from the gorgeous books that are always the good starting base.
1. Art always works for making a bookcase chic but I adore the idea of a lei and album covers, so cool.

2. One of my best friends has a home in LA with so much book storage but not enough books to fill it. So, I am very fond of similar colors and styles of pottery. Very sophisticated.

 3. Items that are eclectic and look like you picked them up on your latest wanderlust adventure, these work so well. Here, elephants, turtle shells, maps and the like make a super chic ensemble.
 4. I really love how this collection of bowls, vases, serving dishes and saucers in blue and white make a great artsy yet whimsical look. I think having your entertaining items on display is so effortless chic.
5. Or why not put regular old storage. I love the way these old granny yellow plates are stored and displayed as well as orange boxes. This is a great way to add some serious color that dominates the bookcase and makes it look pulled together. 

images: 1-carolina herreras bookcase 2- elle decor 3- daydreams 4- jaime mears styling 5-unkown

How to: Make a Inspiration Board

This spring season has me in a flurry of cleaning out clutter and making room for new things. I love a good spring cleaning. I'm sort of doing this in all aspects of my life, not just at home. 

When I want to move toward a new vision for myself I love to make a new vision/inspiration board. It's like a visual inspiration of style, looks and colors that you’d like to try/buy in 2013. Not only will it help you develop your domestic signature style but it may save you money by inspiring you to reinterpret things you already own.

Here’s how…
Buy a Blank Canvas.
Make sure you opt for something you love so that it can be displayed in your home work space and still look stylish.  You can make a super chic board by backing an un-glassed vintage picture frame with cork board from the hardware store.

Define Your Mood.
Get really clear about what vibe you are going for so as to not have a board thats all over the place. Go for something like Bohemian Glamour or Sophisticated Modern. Then as you edit your photos, you will be able to decide what belongs on the board and what doesn't. 

Cut it out.
Go through those images you have been saving on your desktop forever or tear through your favorite magazines. This will clean the clutter you have been saving and allow you to toss out the things that you don't need anymore. This is key for organization in springtime! 

Get Excited. 
They say that if you put it on a vision board, it will come. So really go all out for what you want. Want that gorgeous J. Adler sofa we all dream of? Tear it out and put it up. There is power in vision! 

Don't Limit Yourself.
I have boards everywhere. Not only do I pinterest but I also daydream too. 

decor image via apartmenttherapy


Thank goodness for clients in New York City. I swear, every issue we come across gives me perfect ideas for what to share with you all. Finding out what to do with a bare hallway can be such a daunting task. Especially when we all know how important first impressions are in a space. Here are a few ways to handle your hallways...

 I am a girl who loves mirrors... the more mirrors ,the merrier I am. So, I just love the idea of throwing up some chic mirrors in the hallway. Mirrors always make a space seem bigger than it is so this would be key for a narrow hallway.
Only recently am I loving high contrast trimming on walls. Especially in these hallways, it gives such a dramatic and stylish look without filling the halls with furniture.
I adore this one wall painted in a different color. It makes the nook seem larger doesn't it? Such a great idea. I also am always a fan of small repeat patterned wallpaper. It looks well decorated, gives a burst of color and major style!

image credits: one. two. three. four. five. six. seven

How to keep a fashion forward home

Waking up this morning in LA has made me the happiest girl. As much as I love my life in New York City, there is nothing like being at home in Hollywood, my city of Angels, where I truly believe my heart belongs. Now that I am in pure relaxation mode, I can reflect on the things I learned at Vegas Market. On the last day I attended a seminar about Food, Fashion and Furniture and how the worlds collide. The panel was given by some great girlfriends of mine, Cassandra, Emily and W Magazine (so I couldn't miss it). It was so informative and I learned some insightful and surprising new things. Being a girl who comes from a love of design first, then to fashion, I often don't think of things the other way around. However, I came with a few things about keeping on trend in your home...

#1 The best way to keep trends in your home is incorporating them through smaller items. Keep them throughout your space in places where they are unexpected, so they cause conversation. Like in this fashionista inspired space.
#2 Be like Kelly Wearstler and use funky trends on your tabletop while entertaining. I love how she used this diagonal black and white stripe with a pop of neon pink for a dinner party. 
#3 Do not be afraid to paint your walls. It's not permanent and a pretty inexpensive way to spice things up a bit. This edgy installation was done with a little paint + neon tape.
#4 Constantly using different patterns and looks and mixing them. Like a fashion forward girl, mix up things with switching out different patterns. Like fashion, keeping things in the same color family is always your best bet to making it work. 
#5 Like any fashionista, make sure to check out all international shelter publications like Living Etc (pic above) for style inspiration. Notice the eccentric shape coffee table, artsy lighting, open stacks of magazine with no shelving, whimsical console...Try adding 1 element of European Influence to your space and watch the instant fashion forward feeling come alive. 

The Art of Living: how to decorate around a tv

Having a television can be a tough decorating problem to tackle...
but it doesn't always have to be so bad. Because my new apartment is so small, I am looking for a clever way to add a tv to the wall. I have thought about creating a super fun and large scale art wall but I am also feeling quite inspired by these fabulous decor inspirations!
I just adore those two little busts... and the AMAZING wallpaper below...

images via. lonny. thecoveteur. elledecor. domino.

needing. wanting. loving. A seriously cool TV console

Okay, so sometimes I go a little crazy for things that are bold, bright and beautiful. Like this fabulously chic  entertainment console. I spotted the beauty at Kyle's blog from this fabulousness etsy shop. It made me seriously consider great ways to decorate around ugly tv's. This is definitely one way to do it well!

Actually reminds me of my favorite piece from the Woodson and Rummerfield Chasens collection. 
I am absolutely bonkers for the thing.
 another tv displays I am crazy chic.
grant k gibson

The Art of to decorate a fireplace

The next few days here in New York are supposed to be wildly snowy. So aside from the bevvy of blogger/magazine launch parties this week, I'd love to be bundled up next to the fireplace catching up on the online glossies. Which brought me to the question that most readers ask me... 
"how do I decorate or style my fireplace?"
I am always a huge fan of artwork above the fire, something extraordinarily beautiful to gaze at.
Mirrors work too, they open up the space and with beautiful ornate framing can be a lovely sight.
A combination of both art and mirrors can work extremely well too.
I especially love this purple room and how to use architectural elements (ie. graphic molding) to create a beautiful look with amazing style.

images here and here

weekend decorating idea... how to decorate with succulents

Lately I have been seeing adorable little arrangements of beautiful succulents all over the city.
All the cutest boutiques have the most lovely little displays full of green!
I am determined to decorate for the holidays with some wild panache,
and succulents are the way to go, especially for the tabletop decor.
I'm crazy about these beautiful botanicals.

I think what is key when decorating with succulents is placing them in unique and unexpected items.
Gorgeous vintage trophies, milk glass jars, apothecary jars, candle holders, etc.
So chic!

images via. theselby. countryliving.

The Decorista tip of the to decorate your home office

{I've gotten tons of emails asking about decorating offices. So I felt compelled to share.}
Here are my secrets to a killer home office...

1. matching storage + organization: 
when your organized files match, it creates harmony which is perfect to work around. makes filing way more fun + sophisticated!
2. bookshelf/magazine display
I love having books and magazines around handy is great for inspiration on the fly

3. a practical + stylish guest chair: 
nothing is better than having someone able to hang with you in you while you work away. 
4. an inspiration board: 
putting up your favorite images and fabrics makes your home office such a personal space.
5. a fabulous desk lamp:
amazing lighting is a must in any office space. having a fun desk lamp is even better. lately im loving brass ones.

images via...
lonny mag
vintage domino

decorating ideas...wonderful walls of white frames

Oh how I love a good "white done right" room.
These are two very cool rooms with gatherings of all white frames.
Super chic and super easy to recreate...

1. grab a can or two of high-gloss spray paint
2. get a few random frames with detail at your local thrift shop (always buy in odd numbers)
3. spray away!

Easy as 1, 2, 3 and very inexpensive. I just love this kinda stuff.

The Art of to properly set a table

The weekend is here and the dinner party invitations are steadily coming in.
As always, I offered my help to each of the hosts and surprisingly I got asked a question...
Do you know how to properly set a table for a dinner party?

My grandmother taught me at the age of 5 and she always insisted a formal table setting at every single family occasion.
{I figured you guys might like to know the answer here are my cheat sheets.}

This setting is perfect for intimate dinners with close friends...

Now if you are having a large party or just want to impress your guests this formal setting is for you!

A well styled table is a sure fire way to achieve harmony at a dinner party and ultimately create the perfect mood for you very own domestic bliss!
images via stylenote

How to decorate for Halloween in style

Happy Halloween week everyone! I absolutely love this holiday, dressing up is so much fun!
This weekend I am heading to Palm Springs with Crystal, Anne and many more bloggers for #acehalloween. If you aren't on twitter, you should join now!

As much as I love this holiday, I'm not a huge fan of ostentatious halloween decor, it's probably because I don't have kids yet (oneday).
I like to keep things around my house pretty chic and not fussy. I found a few inspiration photos that show how I think silver, black and white are the perfect colors for holiday decorating...they can carry through all of the season, even unto new years eve.

in other blissful news...
I am a new Los Angeles contributor for
 The Front Row- Los Angeles
a hot online website that has just expanded to Los Angeles.
It is THE place to keep up on all things style.
So excited!!!

Tablescape tuesday {what to look for at the thrift store}

Love the look of this shabby chic tablescape? 

For mere pennies you can recreate the look...
All you have to do is hit up the local Goodwill or Salvation Army and stock up on these goodies.

Brass candlesticks, You can literally find these everywhere for less than $2. What I suggest doing is getting some spray primer and paint in bright white. Then you can get some light pink long tapered candles to complete the look. (You can change the colors of candle according to your decor...snazzy!)

 It's true, beautiful bright white china is usually out of the budget BUT a saavy decorista can re-create the look of beautiful dinnerware by scouring the thrift stores for mis matched pretty pieces.  The trick is to keep your plates to the same accent color scheme (think golds + pinks, or silver + turquoise), after some time of shopping you will have build yourself lovely collection. It will look like magic on the dinnertable.
Clear mason jars are probably the easiest on the budget and will totally recreate that fishbowl look that elegantly embraces beautiful blooms. They can also serve as hurricanes for tea-lights when flowers aren't and will create a magical mood.
I firmly believe that mismatched flatware in silver is effortless. Literally they come in bundles at your local thrift store or flea market. Choose your favorites and don't worry if they look awkward, their individual beauty will shine through come dinner time.

Don't be afraid of purchasing random breakfast chairs from your local thrift. The more different each chair is the better. The key is to make sure that the chairs are really sturdy and have a strong base. They are unloved little guys who will look brilliant together with two coats of bright white paint and some light sanding. Once they are all finished they will give that perfect shabby chic look.
all images via flickr.

the Art of Living...cleverly displaying your jewels

The minute I saw this photo, I feel instantly in love.

I took a quick notice at how the lovely jewels are displayed. 
I am always looking for creative ways to hang my necklaces so they are on display + chic.
So I toiled around the blog-o-sphere for a while and checked out how other decorista + fashionista bloggers hang their necklaces.
Some fabulous ideas here ladies, take notes!

lovemaegan. cupcakesandcashmere. scandinavianchic. ariannabelle. rebeccajune. smart+sassy.

secrets of spring...

Spring has arrived and so have the flowers...
Want to learn how to make the perfect bouquet for the home?

  1. Step1

    Begin by unwrapping the greens from the plastic. Cut the stems of them at an angle under room temperature running water. Arrange these so that they circle the vase evenly.

  2. Step2

    Unwrap the babies breath, also cut the stems of these ones at an angle under water, and disperse them around the vase, between the greens.

  3. Step3

    Now take and unwrap the flowers. Picking each one up singly cut the stem at an angle under room temperature running water. These may be cut at different lengths, so some may stand above the others and have a fuller look. Take each flower and arrange it between the greens and the babies breath (I prefer these to be in the middle of them).

  4. Step4

    When all bouquets have been cut and arranged to liking in the vase, unwind the raffia and wrap around the vase once. Depending on the size of the neck of your vase you make be able to wrap this around more than once. However, after you have wrapped the raffia around the first time, tie once in the middle of the front of the vase and wrap for a second time. Tuck the ends into the raffia that is already wrapped.

  5. Step5

    Finally take a strand of the raffia (some may have fallen off while you were wrapping it) and thread through the loop on top of the charm you have chosen. Tie this around the wrapped raffia in the front of the vase. Now you have a beautiful personally designed bouquet of flowers. Enjoy!

    source. image courtesy of adaanddarcy

    and don't forget to enter my giveaway for the book,

    Thom Filicia STYLE!

secret to domestic bliss #8...decorate in threes

To keep up on my design chops, I once read a Feng Shui book
 and to be honest I only got a few things out of it
that seemed realistic to my decorating tastes. 
One of them being that decorating in three's creates harmony in the home.
I didn't know how to incorporate that into my style because I adore symmetry.
I quickly realized in design school that decorating in three's just makes sense,
it creates balance to the room without being too matchy-matchy.
 If ever you are in doubt of how to work accessories or items into your room
without looking overly done, just stick with the rule of threes.
trust works.

Here, three pillows balance the art + lamps.
sets of 3 pillows on couch corners is perfection

3 vertically placed frames warm up these windows
3 pairs of mirrors provide a large scale focal point.
a group of 3 happy blue vases is bliss
3 mirrored panels are a perfect match with this low setee

notice the blue file boxes in groupings of 3.
3 candlesticks + 3 stacks of books make a beautiful tablescape
add 3 items to the fire mantel for simplicity
try 3 layered framed photos....
or try 3 hanging ones above the bed
stack books in groups of 3 to keep them looking tidy
or use 3 book shelves to calm the madness
3 mirrors above a bed is too cute
3 panels of framed artwork in this bedroom keeps it traditionally perfect.
to add color, put 3 matching pillows on the bed
these 3 black tall table stands on the right, completely balance the frames + lamp on the left.

more... from kelly wearstler

Want to decorate like Kelly? I know I always do.
I came across this article at dailymailuk.
Here are some of her best how to's that I wanted to share with you.
Hope you enjoy!


Inject some Hollywood glamour into your home with Kelly’s decorating dos…


Always choose a colour that you love. I am fearless when I select colour. I go into my library at the office and pull out 30 or more hues in different textures and tones and something amazing always happens – even if it feels as though it’s by accident. So go to your wardrobe and pull out ten things and just look at them. Never force style: if you love pink, then go with it. Follow your heart.  


If you are not jumping for joy at the colour combination in front of you then don’t go for it. Colour is an emotional experience. 


Fashion and art blend references, and you can do the same in interiors. Experiment with cool, unexpected colours and try new combinations.  


If you decide to do a whole room in blue, you need something shiny, something matt and something with a little pattern. Without these three elements the room will not have energy or soul. You need a combination of big, medium and small textures. The weave of the fabric, the plaster on the walls and the pattern in the rug are crucial in building the overall picture.    


Snap up and collect anything and everything you come across that catches your eye. And carry your camera around with you. 


Avoid buying your items in one place, as the room will end up looking the same. Build your collection slowly and branch out and shop everywhere, particularly at markets, auctions and car-boot sales. 


I love black and white as it feels a little edgy and it works in any type of design. It’s the textures and materials that make it interesting. Black and white with a colour gives a crisp look and makes a room feel organised. 


Start with something you love – a painting, a carpet or a collection of stones, for example. If you have a pink abstract painting and you want it to be the big voice in the room, hang it on a contrasting coloured wall. But if you want to be subtle, then hang the pink painting on a pink wall. One way creates drama and the other harmony.


In LA we are not rooted in traditional design. We have the film business and everyone is trying to do ‘the next big thing’. That means we live surrounded by an incredible mix of things. That can be very freeing.