I'm getting excited as I watch my apartment really come together, I am beyond anxious to show you guys how cute it is. My sconces from Zgallerie are really rocking my wall area. We all know how much I love the high gloss marshmellow white in my living room walls. It looks so fab with my white sofa and leopard pillows but I feel that the wall is just calling for a fun pattern. Now that the idea got into my head, I am obsessed. I am on the hunt for a perfect wallpaper in a fabulous pattern to put behind my sofa. 
I could go a few different ways. One of them is that I could let out the inner artist in me and get out some black paint and a paint brush and just get a little cray. I have always loved this wall with brushed circles or the fan leaf effect. Both would look great with gold sconces.
 I always liked the way my homie Naomi added an accent wall of a modern birdy wallpaper. So fab. 
 This striped look is always going to be a classic. I love stripes but something has me wanting to do something a little bit more different and fresh. I love me some stripes though, they always look chic. 
 I also have always love the way a molding framed wallpaper looks. Very decorated and put together. I would love to do something like this. The metallic damask wallpaper look has always captured my interests. This is going to be a tough decision but I'm dying to get something up fast. 

images via me. cocokelly. design manifest + domino mag.