Over the weekend I stayed at quite possibly one of the more beautiful homes...
I have been to yet in the Hamptons. Will definitely post pictures soon, but what really got me going was the beautiful stairs throughout the home. I love great staircases and I do think its important to style them accordingly. Lately, I have had my mind on entryways so when I spotted this adorable little staircase, it reminded me of something that could be in my little Manhattan apartment. Notice the lovely pink tufting?
Then my mind ran wild with all the different staircases I have loved throughout the years. I'm starting to imagine my perfect staircase and what it would look like. 

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A few thoughts on entryways...

I've been working on my entryway lately. It's so small so I really have to make sure I use the space very wisely. I already have some fab wallpaper and my gorgeous Sophia Loren print hanging, but now I need to style it up...

I love a gorgeous console piece. A stand out piece is always a good way to go. I also love the idea of a bench or a little seating, a perfect place to take off and put on shoes.
 I always love a good basket set. In NYC we are always looking for some extra storage so baskets can be of assistance. 
 My final thought. A mirror is another great addition to an entryway. A final place to check your outfit and make sure the makeup is looking right. This last one might be one of my favorites. So playful and fun, I just love it. 
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Thank goodness for clients in New York City. I swear, every issue we come across gives me perfect ideas for what to share with you all. Finding out what to do with a bare hallway can be such a daunting task. Especially when we all know how important first impressions are in a space. Here are a few ways to handle your hallways...

 I am a girl who loves mirrors... the more mirrors ,the merrier I am. So, I just love the idea of throwing up some chic mirrors in the hallway. Mirrors always make a space seem bigger than it is so this would be key for a narrow hallway.
Only recently am I loving high contrast trimming on walls. Especially in these hallways, it gives such a dramatic and stylish look without filling the halls with furniture.
I adore this one wall painted in a different color. It makes the nook seem larger doesn't it? Such a great idea. I also am always a fan of small repeat patterned wallpaper. It looks well decorated, gives a burst of color and major style!

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Secret of Domestic Bliss #65...ADORABLE ENTRYWAY

When you first enter into a home or an apartment you really want to be impressed right? Well, I highly recommend that we all amp up the wow factor in our entryway. It is absolutely the most essential spot for style. Even in my little NYC studio, with no space, I still made major impact with just stripes and a few photos on the wall. It's easy to add a few things for style, here are some tips for inspiration...

I love the pop of white molding on this hot pink door and a mirror to maximize the space.
The coral walls and pop of aqua is so dreamy. 
Wallpaper or paint with any of kind pattern works absolute wonders. 
Black is always a favorite of mine and this glam gold mirror is so simple yet packs so much style.
I think I have a thing for stripes in the entryway..


Decorating a console table...

Recently, a lot of you have been sending me emails asking how to decorate your console table in the entryway. So, I have decided to show you some examples and give you an idea of what to use and how to make it work...

First and foremost, your entryway console will be an opening statement. So feel free to accessorize with your favorite collections. When doing so, I like to gather things in odd numbers and make sure there is some symmetry too...
Stacks of books are always a stylish decorative statement. Try keeping the spines in the same color family to keep it looking put together...
Work with height. You can use either one lamp or two, but if using one make sure to use other objects with height to offset the height...
Obelisks are a fab item to use in the home. They have height, style and sophistication. So, if you are looking for ideas, make your console pop with a pair of them...


The Art of Living: make your entryway chic

Lately I have been stressing to my clients the importance of having an entryway that just has lots of panache....

It needs to make a statement and be extremely representative of how you want your home to feel. It's like the first chapter in any good book, it's gotta get you wanting more. I always love a great piece of art or mirror above a console but I want to inspire you to think outside the box, too. Give your entry space a little bit of flair by adding fun, eccentric and oversized items. Collections can really be perfect in your entryway, too! The bigger and bolder, the me. 

secret of domestic bliss #45...good color combos

There are so many ways to achieve a well decorated look for your home. A great start is choosing the ideal color combination or scheme. I know its difficult for a lot of people to decide on a color story, thats why they hire decorators. I do e-decorating color consultations, too. The right color combination can do wonders on any space and create amazing impact that you will love! The goal is to fall in LOVE with where you live.
One of my favorite combos right now is gray and pink. So adorable. You can infuse color into almost anything. Fabrics in the bedrooms, delicious pops of colors on beautiful chairs, painted furniture, beautiful pillows, artwork, etc. It's so much fun to play around with color... pink and gray get along so famously, I just knew I had to share. 

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Wallcolor Wednesday...sunny shades of yellow

Never underestimate the power of a yellow colored room. It might seem a bit much at first thought but yellow is jam packed with happiness. I think yellow can be beautiful when used with discretion. 
Yellow is not for everyone but how grand does this gorgeous yellow entryway look in the first photo? I really think it works well here and with a dash of pink...its perfection. I also happen to adore this gorgeous and cheery living room via martha stewart. Very martha, very traditional, very palm beach...i dig it. 

Now if all yellow on the walls is a bit too much for you...try going with stripes. They work too.

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I am always arrested by amazing and gorgeous homes. It's something that I can never get enough of.
My e-decorating clients are always surprised when I try to educate them on creating an amazing entry.
I adore the feeling of walking into someones home and being wowed by its style.
These entryways are so well decorated, I would be so impressed by anyone who decorated the entryway with over the top amazing collections of frames. Here are some amazing ideas...


 Now if frames aren't your thing, don't be afraid to wow your guests with dramatic & modern lighting.

Tablescape tuesday {entryway table decorating}

As we all know, the entryway of a home is one the most important spaces to decorate.
It is like the opening chapter of a book, its got to be good.
Tablescaping the entryway can sometimes present a challenge but I am just loving how these foyers, have been styled with displays of beautiful treasures.
Artwork and flowers are extremely helpful and oversize decor can make such an impact.
Oh, and really great rugs and beautiful trays, work wonders!

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