The Art of Living: great kitchen/bar stools

I love meeting my new clients in the city for the first time. Especially when they are fun, sweet and fabulous! 
Yesterday, I met my new beautiful client, Dina and we chatted on and on and realized that in NYC sometimes there is just no place for a dining table (that so won't fly with to entertain)!
 However, for the most part, all I have to search for when looking for seating options are bar stools. The name 'bar stool' for some reason just gives me the jitters....I am not in love with them. So, in search for the perfect bar stools, I found a few that changed my perspective.
Now that I have found these cool and sophisticated stools, I am so very into them. 
These fabulous pair were picked out by W + R for the Ritz Carlton. I worked on this project and let me tell you, its breathtaking! 
These are incredibly gorgeous white with yellowish green seating. I love them.

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