Okay, after this years color of the year announcement, I have really come to terms with the fact that my favorite color is GOLD. I know its not the normal favorite color like blue or orange but I really just have this love affair with gold. If you have seen my work, you know I am a fan of painting ceilings gold or adding the metallic color the bottom of your dining table. I love and I just can't get enough of it. Especially in home decor accents...

I was taking the time to look through Elle Decor's lookbook and it occurred to me that all of the rooms with beautiful gold and brass accents were my absolute favorite shots. How amazing is this large round coffee table? I literally would do anything to get my hands on one of these. 
I love gold bases. The bottom of these small side tables in this living room are so perfectly touched with just the right amount of gold. Again, in this glossy black dining room, the gold base of this glass table is just stunning. 

Not to mention, gold lighting, gold chairs and gold finishes are all incredible accessories for any room. Talk about adding the perfect amount of glamour. So very decorista!
all images via Elle Decor lookbook

Secret of Domestic Bliss #65...ADORABLE ENTRYWAY

When you first enter into a home or an apartment you really want to be impressed right? Well, I highly recommend that we all amp up the wow factor in our entryway. It is absolutely the most essential spot for style. Even in my little NYC studio, with no space, I still made major impact with just stripes and a few photos on the wall. It's easy to add a few things for style, here are some tips for inspiration...

I love the pop of white molding on this hot pink door and a mirror to maximize the space.
The coral walls and pop of aqua is so dreamy. 
Wallpaper or paint with any of kind pattern works absolute wonders. 
Black is always a favorite of mine and this glam gold mirror is so simple yet packs so much style.
I think I have a thing for stripes in the entryway..


Style-icious Sunday: the MANY shades of MINT

The color MINT is everywhere right now. We have all seen it on full blast this year, so I have a true appreciation for this particular hue of green. I have been dying to add some green to my apartment this spring, but have no idea where I am going to incorporate it...

What's wonderful about the color is that there are so many shades of minty fresh green in fashion + decor. I love to explore the different color combinations it can go with. I truly believe that all colors go together so lets see how many look amazing with mint.
To start off, mint + black are an extremely chic combo, and in the first photo mint + navy blue look so fresh together too.
Mint + orange + pink are a super stylish mix.
mint + cream with a pop of red.
But my most favorite look is a monochromatic mint color palate. It's invigorating + inviting all at the same time. 


The Art of Living: mixing mirrors and pattern

My top two obsessions right now...mirrors and fabulous patterns. Mixing these two together can be SUCH a chic looking combination. I love this red geometric patterned wallpaper mixed with an ivory finished mirror...very, very sophisticated. I don't know what it is about the mix, but the right pairing of pattern and mirrored frame can be incredibly impressive. It can give a room the perfect touch.


So on my decorista radar...gray + yellow

So for some reason I just can't get enough gray in my life. I don't know exactly what it is about it but I have a huge infatuation with him. He's masculine, sharp, cutting edge, and gorgeous! His pretty girlfriend yellow, is just the perfect compliment. Lately, this color scheme is so on my radar. Mixes of grays and yellows are perfect for this season and probably never out of style. Love it. 


the lived in look...

There is something to be said about a home being over-decorated and too stuffy. I have seen it numerous times, like that feeling that you don't even want to sit on the sofa because it might ruin everything. I've been noticing that most of my favorite apartments in Manhattan are well decorated but because they are so quaint have that "lived in look" that makes for a ridiculously cozy and warm home. To ensure domestic bliss...don't be overly stuffy. Stacks of books and magazines, a few thrown in pillows, family photos, plush blankets on seating... these elements are key! 


Decorating for Spring with Ruthie Sommers

 Ruthie Sommers is a long time favorite interior decorista of mine. I love that she is not afraid of color. The minute I saw these pictures of her California home, I immediately got so excited for spring. I'm so ready for sunshine and lighter clothing that is all over the magazines these days. I am patiently anticipating the manhattan days I can spend reading a book at central park with no gloves on. Oh, Ruthie, she just gets my decorator mind going...Her master bedroom is one of my favorite girlie bedrooms ever! It's gorgeous. I am loving this home and so ready for the brighter colors that are spring...

aol shelterpop

Bliss in the kitch' & breakfast nook bliss

I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. On Saturday mornings, there is nowhere I'd rather be. This cute little grey kitchen just looks like pure happiness to me. I love the cute little ghost chair at the gorgeous wood table. Such a great mix of styles. The perfect compliment to a beautiful kitchen = 
great breakfast nooks. Here are some that took my breath away...

Today I will be spending most of the day, sipping delicious coffee and working away at some projects on my computer. Lighting candles and a little music in the background...domestic bliss at its best.

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Styleicious Sunday...NYC city girl living

Life in nyc just gets better and better. The weather is so amazing today. Decor shopping and strolling city streets of gorgeous neighborhoods has never been more enjoyable. A lovely sunday in the city is the perfect ending to another fabulous week. Loving the vibes...the street style...chic apartments and killer shops. oh and starbucks, too!

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secret of domestic bliss #44...big, bold and beautiful lamps

I always say that lamps are to a room like earrings are to an outfit... they are an essential part of the decor.  Most of us who have great overhead lighting forget that lamps are so much more than a fabulous source of light, they are a key figure in decorating. Big, bold and beautiful lamps can do so much for a room. A stand alone beauty can make a huge statement all by itself and give a room that extra pop of color that it needs. On the other hand, when you add a pair of lamps, your room is instantly more sophisticated and polished. You can find just the right pair to tailor your room and make it complete. If you find a pair you love, just grab them. You never can have too many lamps.

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The Premiere Issue of High Gloss Mag

The new girl on the block, High Gloss Magazine its finally here! I am loving this new online glossy. Packed with gorgeous interiors + fashion from cover to cover and it rocked my world in the best way. The artwork in the mag is superb, I was so happy to see so much goodness in one place. You must check out the new issue. Here are a few snaps of my favorite pages.
Will any of you be at the launch party in NYC this evening? If so, make sure to say hi! 

style-icious Sunday {eclectic panache}

 There is something about these NYC streets and the fashion that saturates them. Each outfit is so very different than the next. It inspires me in that I remember not everything has to be so "put-together". Eclectic style is every bit as stylish as the next, and probably a lot more inspiring than others. 
Today I just want to luxuriate in the rooms that are inspired by this kind of look. Curious, colorful and filled with mixings of the most fabulous of textiles (suzanis + furs + plush velvets, oh my). 

images via... monicarose. houzzfullhouse

secret of domestic bliss #37...simple touches of fur

Oh how these chilly LA days are so blissful. The crisp air outside combined with the beautiful sunshine just makes me so happy. As the cold air outside permeates indoors through my apartments' open windows, I am longing for warmer textures. 
I love to add to the coziness in my home by simply placing small touches of faux fur all around me.
Whether it be through a fur throw or a fabulous fur rug, I love how fur instantly transforms your space to comfortable glamour so effortlessly.

and this is what it looks like white a whole lotta fur loveliness...

rooms that rock my world! {rock star glamour}

Completely crushing on this fabulous bedroom nestled in the hills of Los Angeles.
Ever so feminine elements mingle with a bit of rock star glammah and the outcome is modern + perfectly chic.
Fireplace, a round setee, YSL pumps, crystal lamps and stunning, colorful photography are the epitome of LA style. I love it.
Such a lovely job done my Molly Luetkemeyer...I have always been so fond of her work.

a Home Tour worthy of adoration

Feminine interior decor is always a favorite of mine. I love love love the look of a woman's home, it reminds me of my mom. Bright whites and pinks with floral and french accents and a touch of modern. This beautiful space is right up my alley and I wanted to share because I bet it would be right up your alley too. The name of the design firm had me at hello!  
The Cross Design...i love it!
images via fabulous k + here