Trend Spotting: Animalistic

This isn't just your ordinary taxidermy on the walls...
I love a good antler and by all means I appreciate the style, however I am kind of over seeing the same look everywhere. What I am really into right now is seeing different animals on the walls. How fabulous is this cheetah head over this chic home office area? I can hardly deal with how much swag she has. 

Then in this bright white and black entryway, I think this black horse head looks so good. I love an art wall with eccentric items mixed in. It looks so good and well put together. I am so digging this look right now...

images: 1- sea of shoes 2- style at home 

My time in Madrid...aka La Decorista

While I was away in Madrid, I really tried to take some time away and refresh. After reading this post, I knew getting out of town would be the best thing for me. I needed to get away, see new things and become re-inspired. So, while I was in Madrid, visiting family, I did just that...

I mean, the second I got there I was blown away by the design. The airport was out of hand amazing. Photos cannot capture the bad-ass-ness of this place. I was madly in love with it. Shortly after, the first little spot we went to eat was so stylish and on point. Throwing little furs on the chairs to keep you warm. What?!? I loved it. 
 Every where in this town has serious style. Take for example, this art store. It was in an old school pharmacy with walls of drawers and it was incredible. All of the restaurants had the most interesting light fixtures, too. Speaking of restaurants to not talk about the food in Madrid would be a disservice to this city. The food was absolutely incredible. I ate so many amazing things, I just was blown away. So blown away, in fact, that I forgot to take photos...oops!
 This was one of my favorite restaurants, La Manuelo. The style was very art nouveau whimsical and just very, very cool. Stone walls, black and white striped curtains, curvy accents, metal elements, feather lights and gorgeous spanish tile. 
Obviously, the architecture in downtown Madrid was beyond breathtaking. 

Not surprisingly, I took pictures of all the doors in the city. The moldings and the woods were so gorgeous. Not to mention the door knockers. They were almost always in gold or brass + all the lions just stole the show.
My favorite part of Madrid was el Rastro. We went shopping for antiques all day on Sunday. Everything  was insanely good. 
How cool are these Paris letters?
I am seriously considering putting a cat in my home, and some religious paraphernalia too.
 This one store had a collection of suns that was out of this world. So in love.
All in all I had a wonderful time, resting, recharging and relaxing. But, now, its back to business. 

Decorista Trend Spotting: paneled mirror loveliness

In NYC, I am noticing that basically any project I'm on, mirrors reign supreme. A wall of mirrors is the perfect compliment to a big and beautiful loft window. But sometimes, mirroring an entire wall with mirrors can be intimidating for home owners. When my girl Mackenzie posted this photo, I knew instantly that these paneled mirrors are the perfect way to create a look of mirrored walls without going overboard. Lately, I have seen them around more and more, they are an elegant twist to a regular mirrored wall, no? Stylish, glamorous, resourceful and incredibly beautiful. I love them.

image links. 1.23,4,5. 6

The Decorista Trend spotting: cork and acrylic desk

In this latest issue of Lonny, I spotted this gorgeous cork and acrylic desk and fell instantly.
I thought I remember seeing it before...
Then I remembered that I spotted it in Lonny a while back...I always loved this photo. This desk makes for the perfect vanity and can work well in so many interiors. So stylish and on trend.
Loving it! 
Get this desk at Jonathan Adler...

the decorista Trend Spotting: brass deer

These lovely brass (and quite large) deer figurines are all the rage and I have been dying for one.
My obsession started a while back when I found a brass rams head dining table. Since then I have been coveting a brass deer and found out that my dad has one that he is sending me and I cannot wait to get my hands on that little angel. I love it.

I'm getting all settled in to my adorable + cozy around the cutest little neighborhoods and playing around with the pup in the snow. Too much fun.

decor images one. two. three.

The Decorista tip of the day... get on board with 2011 decor trends

2011 is sure to be a fantastic year! I am so excited about what is to come in the new year for decor.
The magazines are only getting better and blogging has totally revolutionized the way I see decor trends, it's just fabulous + I can't get enough of it.
Here are a few trends that I am uber thrilled about for this next season...

The Decorista Trend Spotting...industrial revolution

The time is coming and the industrial chic look is taking over the world of decor.
Its very winter-friendly and is what I imagine London and Scandinavian homes to look like.
I quite like the look of worn leather and exposed metals, I also love weathered wood in any space. It is the perfect look to work with the harshness of metals.
The photo above really gives an essence of the "industrial revolution" (my term for the look) type of decor that I am drawn to. Ochre and Halo are two shops I suggest for shopping for this look.
What I really love about this look is that it can translate as an addition to any style of decor through really fantastic pieces. Take for instance, this gorgeous industrial chair, it could totally go in a glamorous room if done the right way, of course.

chair by casamidy

The Decorista Trend Spotting...cowhide meets zebra

I have spotted this look a few places now and the jury is still out.
I am really on board with the look of layered rugs, however have yet to try layering animal hide rugs.
In this particular room I think its smashing but I am not completely sold yet.
What do we think of this trend?

and speaking of animal prints...
I have a very big crush on this set of leopard sheets from Ballard Designs,
thanks to miss Katie A.
What am I going to do until I get a set in my hands? They are so light & dreamy.
Oh my, I think I have fallen in love.

The Decorista Trend Spotting...rock candy

I am smitten with everything about this photo. Such drama and glamour.
What I am drawn to is that gorgeous stone, its completely alluring.
Rock candy is oh so chic for the home. Next to candlelight It can glam up any space.
My current obsession is amethyst as my favorite color is purple.
It makes for accessorizing perfection.
Get the look...

The Decorista Trend Spotting...Wild wallpaper

I have been seeing this dark + botanical wallpaper everywhere lately.
It's all about dark florals for fall!
Bold and dramatic wallpaper is a major attention grabber. I love wallpaper!
Take some inspiration from over the top magazine worthy rooms.
I love the patterns and bright colors of these fabulous few...

 green malachite wallpaper...are you kidding me? It's ridiculously good here, no?
I just think these panels of wallpaper are too cute!
how gorgeous is this mirrored vanity?
apartmenttherapy. housetohome. livingetc

Decorista Trend Spotting: painted red furniture

This weekend I have been up to lots and lots of projects.
Repainting furniture has gotten the best of me, I'm hooked.
So, lately I have been noticing bits of red catching my eye.
I know we all took notice of this gorgeous apartment in Lonny Mag.
The red console dresser in her hallway did not go unnoticed by moi. I fell instantly in love with the glossy redness of it. I love the drawer with tons of jewels packed in. Ooh la la.
Makes me want to repaint something red, STAT!