Keeping it personal.

There are certainly many ways to style a console and I thought I knew all of them. That is until I laid eyes on this incredible vignette from the home of Carolina Hererra...
It's different and unique and totally fresh. I love this zebra console, I am kind of wanting one in my apartment right about now. Then the white x-bench with black piping...oh la la. I just love how she displays her family photos in such a collection type of way. A few books here and there stacked beautifully, then topped off with a beautiful pop art self portrait. I just love it. How very diva!
You don't have to always have a self portait to be chic. Photos of others always work in my book too. What I love about these consoles is that the decor is very realistic. Its not just trendy items that scream, I was professionally decorated. There are very sweet framed family photographs on display, which to me, says something is very special going on here. It keeps things so personal, which I can appreciate in a home. Making sure there are personal items like this is essential when you want to love where you live.