How to decorate with major impact. Birds.

Can we just talk about the importance of good styling at home? Here is a surefire way to guarantee a perfect vignette....
These oversized stuffed pheasants/birds are such a great way to accessorize. They create drama, they are eccentric and whimsical. All things that are key in making sure there is some swagger to your vignette. 
If you aren't into the bird thing, don't fret. There are other ways to create drama, just make sure they have as much boldness as these guys.


secret of domestic bliss #30...decorating with birds

Sometimes, decorating can be daunting when you are trying to create a welcoming + cozy home but you feel like your look is a little stuffy. The key is adding whimsical touches to your space. If you don't have a bevvy of whimsical items around and you appreciate being "clutter-free", try throwing birds into your decor. There are a multiple ways to incorporate this adorable and happy animal. 
I personally love elephants, but lately, I have been utterly inspired to throw in a few birds to my apartment...and I must say, they absolutely make me smile!
See if you can spot the cuties...