Inspired by Outdoor Entertaining

Probably the best part of summer are the outdoor dinner parties...

Don't you guys agree? I know I have been at several over this summer and honestly they are where I have made some of my best summer memories. So, I love being inspired by new outdoor looks and alfresco decoration! Here are a few looks I absolutely love...

I am so in love with this little situation. I love the black, white and neutral palate and those gorgeous little mercury glass topiaries.
Enjoy the weekend! 


Tablescape Tuesday...THINK PINK

 This summer, I have been stocking up on all the fun entertaining items
that I can get my pretty little hands on. For some reason I have just been really drawn to hot pink, shocking I'm sure. I have some upcoming photo shoots this week, doing a few rooftop entertaining looks and I found the perfect place to shop for these things...C.Wonder. Aside from flowers bringing the color, the store is jam packed with colorful, vibrant and on trend items that will really give my tabletop some personality.
A few items I suggest...

This ikat tray has great shades of pink, red and orange that will match a lot of different looks.
 I love gold and I love bamboo so this bamboo salad set is perfect for salad and the gold bamboo setting will make everything look so much more glam. 
I love the look of mixed glassware. So these chevron low glasses  go perfectly with these pink neon tumblers for some personality. 
I always start with napkins rings and then choose the napkin. I adore these  chain link napkin rings and I think they would mix perfect with this ikat napkin.
You have always got to throw in something unexpected and I adore this lobster bottle opener
These cute white foo dogs mixed with some candles and flowers could be a cute centerpiece. 
Also, pineapples are good luck so I would suggest grabbing a few of these pineapple stirrers for some extra fun in the sun. 

Black and white for THANKSGIVING...

One of my favorite things about the holidays is tabletop decorating + styling. So when my good friend Nicole enlisted me to help her plan out her Thanksgiving tabletop I was beyond excited. Her apartment is so fabulous already so it was easy to make it pretty. It was just important to come up with something simple and uber easy because she is a busy mom with lots to do. Nothing too fancy or frilly...

There are a few essentials needed when wanting to create a tabletop with not too much fuss. You can bring in bright colors through simple items already in the kitchen like artichokes, tomatoes, etc. Also, little flowers from the local market provide such a great pop of color, too! 

Nicole is such a good DIY-er and made fabulously chic and so very 'Kelly Wearstler' black and white cocktail rings that really stole the show. A cocktail ring can be where you bring in pattern and style while keeping the plates and placemats pretty simple. No need to purchase expensive dishes. I also think by having a fun and chic pair of salt shakers can really add some style to the table too. It's all about the small things. 
 By the end of the session we filled the table with all of Thanksgivings essential elements and the food brought in such rich colors it was such a stunning sight. 

all photo credit to nicole + her fab camera.

Tablescape Tuesday: bright blooms

This spring all I can think about is beautiful brunches on the rooftop. Nothing is more blissful than sunshine and a lovely afternoon with friends. What makes for the perfect table setting in spring are bright, beautiful and colorful flowers. Arranged in all different sizes, shapes and colors they just brighten up even a monotone place setting. Flowers are the ultimate treat for springtime delights...

images via here

DIY simple + chic holiday decorating ideas for your tabletop

1. Paint stripes on a long white tablecloth. Sometimes the tablecloth is all the statement you need. Lots and lots of candlelight and you have a perfect holiday tablescape that will hold you over through the New Year.
No time to craft? Get a black and white striped sheet set and use as a tablecloth. 

2. Paint your placemats black! Basic black placemats highlight ordinary dishware...Refinery 29 shows us how to throw a holiday party in style...with simple black and white accents.
3. Think outside of the box. Take a cue from the latest issue of Adore Home Magazine and place black Christmas tree cutouts next to long pillar candles with ribbon tied around them for a SMASHING and easy-to-do centerpiece.

Tablescape Tuesday: entertaining & tabletop ideas

I am busy as a bee today getting everything together for a big entertaining feature I am styling for Adore Magazine. Beyond excited because I get to make it as glamourous as I want...
So as I hit the town for fabulous finds, I will leave you guys with some beautiful tabletop inspiration.
I love the teeny stemware in the photo above, a collection of these can be so chic. 
I always love yummy desserts on girlie. All white with hints of gold just makes me swoon.
pretty pinks and silver really look sharp on an all white tabletop background.
images via lonnymag, rue, weheartit

The Art of Living: bedside swagger

So, thankfully I made it out of the hurricane Irene unscathed. God bless the entire east coast for dealing with this mess, my heart goes out to all who were affected! In any case...
I spent lots of extra time in my bed during the rain and remembered the importance of having a stylish bedside table. The essentials are different for every person as its such a personal choice what to place there. I personally love a lamp for reading at night, flowers and candles for delicious fragrance and something good to read. Curious to know, what do you guys keep on your bedside table?
Anything like these lovely little trinkets?

1) alex papachristidis 2)unknown 3) 4) rue 5) small shop studio

Happy fourth of July...God bless America!

I absolutely LOVE America (my grandmothers name is america too, so cute)! I truly feel so blessed to live in such an amazing country. So, I do believe in taking advantage of celebrating and going all out. Especially when having a backyard bash. There are so many ways to be creative... My favorite part of the 4th, well the FIREWORKS, of course! 

Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day! 

Tablescape Tuesday: the skirted round table

Making your home a warm and cozy palace for your belongings is the ultimate domestic bliss. I have found that one sure way to make a lovely display piece for your most treasured items, aside from bookcases, are lovely skirted round tables. As you all know, I am loving layered fabrics lately and adding fabric to the tables in your home is the perfect way to achieve this look. My first choice is a fun zebra fabric or even a David Hicks pattern will rock your house, too. 


Tablescape Tuesday: pretty pops of yellow

Nothing says spring like a bright and sunny pop of yellow in your tabletop decor. Come to think of it, nothing says spring like dining al favorite. I'm heading back to LA this week to hit up west week (all sorts of fun design festivities happening) and all I can think about is an outdoor baby shower that I am going to attend. I'm on the decor committee, of course, and right now all signs are pointing me to a teeny pop of yellow. 


Tablescape Tuesday: the perfect tablecloth is everything

When decorating your table for a dinner party a sure fire way to have a stylish soiree is a pretty patterned tablecloth! Choosing the right bold pattern will give your party an instant look of chic. Don't be afraid to get fearless when mixing patterns. If you feel thats too risky for your style, go with simple colors in your dishes and flatware and let the tablecloth speak for itself. 

Tory Burch's sweet space. Instyle Magazine

I have such an incredibly huge girl crush on Tory Burch. Her style is so good and she always inspires me with her addiction and passion for orange. She makes orange oh so cool. Her spread in this month's Instyle Mag looks great. I have seen her hotel digs photographed before, but I don't know why every time I see it, its like the first time all over again. The use of color is just spot on! Jewel tones on the walls. Yummy! Have you seen her amazing stores? The decor is sensational.

p.s. i just absolutely love the monogrammed napkins and placement. so chic.

tablescape tuesday: tabletop decor ideas for your nye bash

The ending of 2010 is all about glamour. When decorating for your New Years Eve, take a cue from the ever so stylish Olivia Palermo and try a mix of black, white and silver!
 {don't be afraid to be heavy with the metallics}
You can even throw in an accent color for some fun. A fabulous color combo for a fabulous fiesta!

images via here + here

Tablescape tuesday {a southern shabby chic christmas}

Being back in the south, I am quickly reminded how old shabby chic style vintage boutiques are so prominent around here. The smells of maple and hazelnut fill the small town diners and family owned stores. I love being back in the south, especially the people with such southern charm!
To inspire you today I found a beautiful vintage store/shabby chic-ish theme tabletop. The pretty pastel colors and embellished vintage items set the perfect tone for a southern charmed holiday dinner or breakfast.Notice the floral chintz table runner mixed with charming detailed mason jar candleholders. Too cute.
Everything you see can be found at your local thrift and makes it oh so easy to throw together!
How amazing do those Vanilla Belgium Waffles look? Would be absolutely divine to dive into those on Christmas morning. Don't you think? Here is my personal favorite recipe...

2 egg yolks
2 cups milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup oil
2 stiffly beaten egg whites

Preheat waffle maker. Put all ingredients except egg whites in large mixer bowl. Beat on low until moistened. Increase to medium, mix until smooth. By hand, gently fold in beaten egg whites. Pour 1/2 cup batter over grids. Close waffle maker, bake until steam no longer escapes, about 3-5 minutes. Repeat. Serve hot with your favorite topping.

Pecan or Macadamia Nut Waffles: Sprinkle 1 Tbsp. finely chopped pecans or macadamia nuts over preheated waffle grids. Pour 1/2 cup batter over nuts & close waffle maker. Bake as directed.

Blueberry Waffles: Fold 2 c. fresh blueberries into batter. Pour 3/4 cup batter over grids. Bake until golden.

Chocolate Chip Waffles: Fold 1 cup chocolate chips into batter. Bake as directed.


Entertainging for the holidays...tabletop ideas.

Now that Thanksgiving is almost over, it's time to get down to business. 
Decorating for the holidays is in full swing.
IKEA recently did a holiday entertaining look that caught my eye. Unabashedly bohemian is the signature look and they totally pulled it off. Mis matched chairs, glowing lights + candles...uber cute.
Notice the pillow atop a stack of books as seating, so very clever, no? Absolutely adorable!

via mochatini
I am also completely smitten with this look...gray + white striped walls are so on my heart right now.
so fabulous!
via blulabelbungalow
and how gorgeous + clever is this tabletop. Its perfect for a traditional holiday party.
The black + gold dishware is beyond amazingness and the stripes are fab too.

weekend decorating idea... how to decorate with succulents

Lately I have been seeing adorable little arrangements of beautiful succulents all over the city.
All the cutest boutiques have the most lovely little displays full of green!
I am determined to decorate for the holidays with some wild panache,
and succulents are the way to go, especially for the tabletop decor.
I'm crazy about these beautiful botanicals.

I think what is key when decorating with succulents is placing them in unique and unexpected items.
Gorgeous vintage trophies, milk glass jars, apothecary jars, candle holders, etc.
So chic!

images via. theselby. countryliving.

The Art of to properly set a table

The weekend is here and the dinner party invitations are steadily coming in.
As always, I offered my help to each of the hosts and surprisingly I got asked a question...
Do you know how to properly set a table for a dinner party?

My grandmother taught me at the age of 5 and she always insisted a formal table setting at every single family occasion.
{I figured you guys might like to know the answer here are my cheat sheets.}

This setting is perfect for intimate dinners with close friends...

Now if you are having a large party or just want to impress your guests this formal setting is for you!

A well styled table is a sure fire way to achieve harmony at a dinner party and ultimately create the perfect mood for you very own domestic bliss!
images via stylenote

tablescape tuesday {bloggers show fall style at its best}

rustic fall by Eddie Ross
birthday glamour by Cassandra Lavalle aka Coco&Kelley

Both of these tablescapes are incredibly stylish, yet so completely different. I can appreciate good style when I see it. Who doesn't love a lovely fall table with rustic accessories? How about gold, polka dots  and pink bow napkins that compliment each other so well? Absolutely perfect!
I love a beautiful themed table setting with some lovely candlelight,
it's inexplicably the perfect setting for fall and winter evening affairs.