Tablescape Tuesday...ringing in the new year right

First thing to do in the New Year...throw a fabulous holiday soiree. The first big meal of the year is always a reason to celebrate and this year is no exception. How fitting would it be to celebrate with shades of Emerald, the color of the year! I am completely crushing on this gorgeous tablescape with hints of gold, emerald and black + white stripes...

 Originally this chic little get together was for a baby shower, but I happen to think the look would work perfectly for a NYE brunch to celebrate the new year. Simple flowers and a toast of champagne and orange juice are definitely a must. 

images via...inspired by this
Photographer: Katie Stoops Photography

Tablescape Tuesday: red + pink are the colors of LOVE

I just love Valentines day because everything around is pink + red and I love those colors together! 
So, for me, entertaining on this very special day is an ultimate treat. I just love using + mixing the colors of LOVE...

In the words of Whitney Houston (God rest her soul)...
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tablescape tuesday: luxurious situations

With the holidays quickly approaching, I found that some tabletop planning is essential. 
I have found one item with major impact that I LIVE for...

Incredibly gorgeous gold flatware!
 It's rare to see gold forks, knifes and spoon on a tabletop because most are in silver. However, when you do see the richness of gold flatware on a table, it feels instantly LUXE.
Back when I did a photoshoot for Adore Home Magazine, we put simple, chic, gold flatware like this and it just perked up the rest of the table to the next level. 

So, get your own gold this holiday season for some serious style! 

The Art of Living: elements of a party pad

One aspect of domestic bliss is entertaining at home. Such a difficult thing to do here in these NYC apartments being that they are so small. However, you can get creative no matter what size your space with just a few fun touches. 
An oversized dining table...even if the table is a tad too big, it really makes for a great entertaining spot and can double for a work space when you work at home.

Get creative with extra seating... I am a firm believer in having extra chairs around the home. I also LOVE how this pair of cushions is set atop the fire stoop for two extra seats for creative! 

A well stocked bar area...having the proper nosh area is always essential for happy guests. An array of drinks, sparkling water and mixed nuts. Perfect soiree snacking.


dining room delights...the perfect dining chair

Today, I've got lots to get ready for before the end of the weekend. The Architectural Digest NYC show is on and I am so excited to check it out. But before all of that goodness, I have to get a few friends over for a dinner party (on of my best friends is in town to visit) and we are needing some extra seating in here, asap. 
Lately, I'm into the look of patterned dining room chairs. In an otherwise plain room, a pop of pattern can give some energy and movement. I love how these greek key esque chairs look in this ultra sophisticated dining room. However, not only do graphic patterns go well, great color and fabulous textures can do amazing things too. 

Some of my favorite dining room chairs...

loving this "liv-chic" space and the woodson & rummerfield green velvet chairs. GORGEOUS! 


Tablescape Tuesday: the perfect tablecloth is everything

When decorating your table for a dinner party a sure fire way to have a stylish soiree is a pretty patterned tablecloth! Choosing the right bold pattern will give your party an instant look of chic. Don't be afraid to get fearless when mixing patterns. If you feel thats too risky for your style, go with simple colors in your dishes and flatware and let the tablecloth speak for itself. 

2011: It's all about the sparkle, shimmer and shine

As I prepare for my last night of the year, I can hardly believe that 2010 is already over...
it seems that this year just flew by. 
I feel so grateful for everything that has happened over this last year because of my blog.
Fabulous friends, fabulous job, fabulous new ideas...I am literally amazed by all of the accomplishments.
I want you all to know, that I could have NEVER, ever, ever, done it without the amazing readers of The Decorista. You inspire and encourage me every single day.
 Thank you so much for a wonderful year! 

2011 is going to be all about the glamour
So, tonight, as you celebrate with friends + family, put on your sparkling dress, break out your finest champagne and celebrate with wild abandon! Even if you are just relaxing at home with a few loved ones, get dolled up and make it fun! I'll be celebrating the year's end at a masquerade ball at the W Hotel in Austin. Hope you all enjoy your soirees and marvelous plans in sparkly style. 
So, here's to 2011!
Wishing us all lots of celebrations...
beautiful feelings and glamourous fashionista moments...
breathtaking interiors to live in + entertaining delights galore...
happy new year!

tablescape tuesday: tabletop decor ideas for your nye bash

The ending of 2010 is all about glamour. When decorating for your New Years Eve, take a cue from the ever so stylish Olivia Palermo and try a mix of black, white and silver!
 {don't be afraid to be heavy with the metallics}
You can even throw in an accent color for some fun. A fabulous color combo for a fabulous fiesta!

images via here + here

Tablescape tuesday {a southern shabby chic christmas}

Being back in the south, I am quickly reminded how old shabby chic style vintage boutiques are so prominent around here. The smells of maple and hazelnut fill the small town diners and family owned stores. I love being back in the south, especially the people with such southern charm!
To inspire you today I found a beautiful vintage store/shabby chic-ish theme tabletop. The pretty pastel colors and embellished vintage items set the perfect tone for a southern charmed holiday dinner or breakfast.Notice the floral chintz table runner mixed with charming detailed mason jar candleholders. Too cute.
Everything you see can be found at your local thrift and makes it oh so easy to throw together!
How amazing do those Vanilla Belgium Waffles look? Would be absolutely divine to dive into those on Christmas morning. Don't you think? Here is my personal favorite recipe...

2 egg yolks
2 cups milk
2 cups all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/3 cup oil
2 stiffly beaten egg whites

Preheat waffle maker. Put all ingredients except egg whites in large mixer bowl. Beat on low until moistened. Increase to medium, mix until smooth. By hand, gently fold in beaten egg whites. Pour 1/2 cup batter over grids. Close waffle maker, bake until steam no longer escapes, about 3-5 minutes. Repeat. Serve hot with your favorite topping.

Pecan or Macadamia Nut Waffles: Sprinkle 1 Tbsp. finely chopped pecans or macadamia nuts over preheated waffle grids. Pour 1/2 cup batter over nuts & close waffle maker. Bake as directed.

Blueberry Waffles: Fold 2 c. fresh blueberries into batter. Pour 3/4 cup batter over grids. Bake until golden.

Chocolate Chip Waffles: Fold 1 cup chocolate chips into batter. Bake as directed.


Entertaining in style... gingham loveliness + recipe

Entertaining in style is an essential for any decorista. 
With the upcoming holiday season I have been searching for recipes to cook for my family when I get home and I am always drawn to gorgeous breakfast decorating. I would rather bake amazing dessert than cook a huge meal. 
(Just incase you all didn't know, I pride myself on my baked very martha stewart-y)
I like to think that baking + decorating go so well together anyway.

I love the look of beautiful gingham with breakfast, and when I laid my eyes on this gorgeous dish + the gingham napkins my heart skipped a beat. Dessert for breakfast? why not?

It looks absolutely dee-lish!

i'm also a teeny bit obsessed with these gingham walls. so very "Updated Traditional".

Entertainging for the holidays...tabletop ideas.

Now that Thanksgiving is almost over, it's time to get down to business. 
Decorating for the holidays is in full swing.
IKEA recently did a holiday entertaining look that caught my eye. Unabashedly bohemian is the signature look and they totally pulled it off. Mis matched chairs, glowing lights + candles...uber cute.
Notice the pillow atop a stack of books as seating, so very clever, no? Absolutely adorable!

via mochatini
I am also completely smitten with this look...gray + white striped walls are so on my heart right now.
so fabulous!
via blulabelbungalow
and how gorgeous + clever is this tabletop. Its perfect for a traditional holiday party.
The black + gold dishware is beyond amazingness and the stripes are fab too.

fashion meets decor {fall decorating with antlers}

Hip and happening antlers on a fabulous trio of supermodels
Hip and happening antlers gracing the most fabulous living spaces...
This fall + winter season, you are all the rage, even the latest mags say so!

In these last photos, rue, shows us how the antler look is done. I especially love this above look for Thanksgiving table decor and entertaining. Very rue, very holidays!
for more antler inspiration check out this masculine chic look.

in other blissful news...
incase you haven't been caught up, I've put together a page for you to go back to past
You should check out this lovely group of ladies!
They are so fabulous.

fashionista friday ALL ABOUT SUZANNE ON STYLE

Have you ever met someone and just instantly felt like kindred spirits?
I love when that happens, especially now that have an adopted big sister.

Totally inspired by this fashionista + decorista + domestic diva...Suzanne Marquez.
Such a triple threat!
I'm totally girl crushing on her chic laid back LA style.
You must check out her blog for pics of her fab home 
(perfectly decorated by Woodson & Rummerfield, of course!)
and her amazing cooking tutorial videos.
This one is perfect for Thanksgiving holiday entertaining.
some snapshots of her famous casa...

The Art of to properly set a table

The weekend is here and the dinner party invitations are steadily coming in.
As always, I offered my help to each of the hosts and surprisingly I got asked a question...
Do you know how to properly set a table for a dinner party?

My grandmother taught me at the age of 5 and she always insisted a formal table setting at every single family occasion.
{I figured you guys might like to know the answer here are my cheat sheets.}

This setting is perfect for intimate dinners with close friends...

Now if you are having a large party or just want to impress your guests this formal setting is for you!

A well styled table is a sure fire way to achieve harmony at a dinner party and ultimately create the perfect mood for you very own domestic bliss!
images via stylenote