HEADBOARD STYLE {high + tufted}

Things in my apartment are getting so good. I have had so much goodness shipped in lately,
its more than exciting. What I have left for my bedroom is usually one of the first things I would normally order, a headboard. For some reason, I am saving the best part for last.
How do I like my headboards? High and tufted. It's all you need for major style in your bedroom...
There is nothing like a headboard with a mirrored trim. They can be my favorite look for a glamorous room. I think it might be perfect in my bedroom. 
 Velvet headboards are also really glam and old hollywood style. I just used a deep purple super high headboard in a clients apartment and it just makes such a fab statement. Seriously, when it doubt go velvet! 

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Bedside Stylings...

As I prepare to leave for LCDQ in Los Angeles tomorrow,
I am tying up a few loose ends here with clients. Today, I am hitting up the accessories show to get some ideas for things for clients and their bedrooms. The finishing touches are just as important as the big pieces. I love to get inspired by the way people decorate their bedside tables. So today, I am offering a bit of inspiration and a few ideas...
 Flowers are always a bedside essential. Books are as well. 
 A stylish lamp and chic candles work well. 
 A cute little trinket like a wishbone is such a great statement. 
Frames with photos of loved ones or a full on statue of a bust, thats pretty chic too.
 Sometimes simplicity is the best look too.
images via here

Sherwin Williams National Painting Week {My bedroom makeover}

Yep, it's finally here, my purple bedroom paint makeover. I mentioned last week that I was going to show you pictures of my new bedroom look, now that its national painting week I am sharing the story. When Sherwin Williams reached out to me about joining NPW and assigned me the color purple, I jumped at the opportunity. For me, purple is a gorgeous color, but I never decorate with it. I'm not really sure why, its just usually a last accent color but nothing I've ever really wanted to work with. At first I considered painting a piece from an antique store but then I thought, I really need to shake up my all white bedroom and make it more of a cocoon for blissfully deep sleeping. Game on!
I ended up going with the Emerald line of paint, in the color called "soulmate" and I absolutely love it. It's so soft and muted, reminds me of a color you would see in Paris. It completely softens the more modern furnishings I have in my bedroom.
I think most of you know how much I was feeling the all white thing this winter, but painting my room purple was everything I needed and more. Now my teeny little manhattan bedroom is such a cozy little jewel box. 
My most favorite area is my vanity. I absolutely love getting ready here and something about the purple sort of makes it feel more luxurious, especially with my little pink velvet vanity seat.
I really love the color at night too. It's such a dream to sleep with. Who would have thought I would love my purple bedroom so much? I'm not finished with the entire room, I need more art on the walls , a few more choice accessories and I think I am considering a new bedding look, too. For now, I am thrilled with it. 
Purple can be interesting to accent, so I went for white, black and gold...Here are a few of my favorite pieces...

Be sure to check out my purple co-hort The City Sage and her adorable makeover, or the rest of the bloggers and their color makeovers. They are not to be missed!

photography by Michelle James

White done right...

I must say, this issue of Lonny Magazine is pretty good. I love the apartment of Michelle Adams,  editor-in-chief of the mag. White walls are so my thing right now and I really like how she splattered art all over the walls to keep it colorful and filled. This cute bedroom is totally New York City Chic. 
Femme artwork is a must in any killer girl apartment. Love the hints of pink too. I also really dig this little entryway vignette. All white everything and a little modern artsy kelly wearstler vibe going on. Yes. I love everything about it. 
all images by Patrick Cline (my photog hero) for Lonny mag.

A bedroom side table

The next thing on my shopping list...

 Typical of New York, my bedroom is particularly small and I refuse to give up my big bed. So, I am in search of the perfect small side table that will fit that area. On the one side, my large vanity fits perfectly but on the other, I need something small and sweet, just enough for a little lamp and an accent or two. By the way, I am collecting my favorite things on luvocracy. Check em out! 

images via bedside stylings

On a glamorous bed rest...

New York is absolutely freezing right now and I am having an affair with my bed. Unfortunately for me, I'm under the weather (the flu is the worst). So, what else is there to do but daydream of how I will work out the decorations in my new apartment, right? A lovely and calm bedroom perfect for freezing cold weather will absolutely do...

Thoughts of light gray, warm creams and lush lavenders are dancing in my head. Not sure if its because winter is a cool season and cool pastels are inspiring me so. 
What do we think? Which one is your favorite?

images via this board.


The storm came and went and left much to be repaired. I had a shattered window and ruined drains but at least we are all safe and sound. Luckily, I had a lovely fireplace and some wonderful candlelight to get me through. I can't help but be reminded of how gorgeous fireplaces in bedrooms are, especially this gorgeous Rita Konig apartment...

Truly, I would settle for any of these gorgeous spaces! 

INSPIRED: hanging light fixtures in the bedroom

Lately I am really loving hanging lights in home decor. I have a chandelier in my apartment hanging over my bed, and I absolutely love it. However, I am loving the look of hanging lamps over bedside tables. This is such a great way to eliminate cluttered tableau and give room for other essentials and really fab accessories. Black and very glamorous chandeliers would be my first choice but there are several other styles that work too...

Light blue walls in the bedroom, mirrored dresser, dripping chandelier, and extra high headboard is the perfect concoction for an ultra modern and romantic bedroom. 
While sweet and romantic looks are always good in the bedroom, I of course, always think gold is the way to go...


 A woman's touch in decor is something that I will forever be a proponent of. However, there are times when a man really steps up to the plate and gets his style straight. I am working on a few clients right now that are bachelors in the city and I cannot continue to stress enough the importance of a cleanly and chic masculine bedroom. I truly believe that your confidence starts in your home. If your home is chic, looking right and clean you will walk more powerfully and confidently through your day... #justsaying

To start there are a few essential elements of a good male space... dark walls, soft curtain panels, groupings of chic photography artwork, and sumptuous, clean and crisp bedding. Warm blankets at the foot of the bed, simple but classic pillow combinations too. 
 I also find that metallics and leather always work very well in a masculine bedroom. Wood and plaster sculptures finish off the look with pure polish. 
 I always enjoy a good mike tyson photo or old rat pack style photography works well too. 

 How gorgeous does this buttery brown leather look on this dark and deep textured wall? So chic.
I'm even a fan of modern like in this bed combination below. I really love the mix of black and white photography too. This is such an easy way to display your personal favorite art works and kill the dead space above a low laying modern bed. 
I am so loving all things masculine this moment...

image credits: a merry mishap/livingetc//lonny mag archives//elledecor archives


Pardon my lack of posting these last few days. After my trip back home to Texas, I came home with the flu. It's incredibly difficult to even move, let alone compose a blog post. In an effort to not let my most loved people in the world, you, my readers, down, I thought I'd share a few blue bedrooms. Because thats the color of my bedroom at my grandmothers house. (thanks for all the sweet comments about her by the way, she LOVED them) Being sick in bed all day is no fun, but in these gorgeous bedrooms, a day in bed could very well be blissful...

So inspiring. Blue doesn't have to just be painted on the walls to make an impact. There are so many ways to incorporate the gorgeous color. My grandmothers favorite color is blue and she once told me...
"you must always have one blue room in your house. It will be your favorite place to escape to"

images via bedroom bliss...

LOVING LONNY LIVING...an NYC editor's buduoir

My brain is absolutely excited that the weekend is here, despite the rain I am thoroughly enjoying finally staying in the city for the weekend. No traveling for the entire month, thank goodness! It's time for me to get things organized and clear out the things I don't use anymore (Jen totally inspired me). 
More than that what I will be spending my weekend doing is getting a clear vision of what I want for my new apartment. So, as I was catching up on my favorite online glossies, I stumbled upon Michelle Adam's of Lonny Magazine and her gorgeous new bedroom. I am such a sucker for canopy beds and in this issue she details just how she did it so you can do it too...

 I really am impressed by the way she kept things simple and white. White walls are so my weakness right now. I think it really works in a super modern space with lots of natural light like hers. Black, white and gold elements just are pure perfection in this space without being boring. I'm a fan of panache, you know, living with flamboyance and flair. That means not being afraid to mix leopard, bold florals and some sparkle. Michelle did this while still keepings things sophisticated looking, which I absolutely love. 
 She even got a little Kelly Wearstler-esque by using abstract and geometric accessories. Such glamour without over doing it. This bedroom is a total win win for me! I am seriously chomping at the bits to decorate my new bedroom. 

images via lonny magazine photos by patrick cline

Secret of domestic bliss #66...WOODEN BEDS

As I start planning my move, my eyes are already shopping for new furnishings. What I am really into lately is wood in the bedroom. I think I may have been spending too much time by the beach, and lovely earthy rooms. I'd love to see how a beautiful wooden bed looked in a sea of more modern pieces, I just love a good mix. This four poster dark wood bed looks so regal against this brick wall. Brick is so common in NYC apartments, so this could be something I could work with...

The beautiful shapes of a bed like this antique one are just beyond breathtaking to me. I could literally see myself sleeping and waking in bliss in this sleigh bed. I adore that wooden cross, too. 
 Wooden floors + wooden bed = super chic
I have my eyes on a few beds from this great source.
 Oh, and this gorgeous light wood four poster bed is incredibly intoxicating and almost a little dreamy like. I just love it against the white and mirrored room. 
A few beds I like...


The laid back style of California is everything I am into this summer. When I spotted this adorable couple's home on apartment therapy I knew I had to share it with you guys. The style in this home is just beyond words. Take a cue from this super cute spread  to build a stylish home...

I love the pop of green in this kitchen. It really makes this look work.
How charming is this office space? The navy and white works so beautifully together. 
I am always a fan of a metallic ceiling, especially gold! 
How cute are they???

WALLCOLOR WEDNESDAY...the baby blues

This weekend I spent some time with my grandmother who I absolutely adore. We had a conversation about decorating and she shared with me that her most favorite color on the walls in pretty baby blue. I immediately agreed and gushed over my recent affections for the sweet pastel hue. I happen to think it works marvelously in the bedroom, because it's so serene and relaxing...

I find that most rooms have a bit of French style in the mix somehow and my most favorite of all is when its mixed with gold and bits of red. So incredibly gorgeous and eclectic.

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5 ways to achieve domestic bliss...

Just the other day I got an interview questionnaire and as I was filling it out there was one question that got to me. It asked me what is the purpose behind what I do.
Oddly, enough I had to think about it for a minute because my first instinct was to talk about how I want to make the world a more beautiful place. That answer didn't really sit right in my heart and then I realized that what I am most passionate about is the home. 
Your home is your sanctuary and I love the feeling of loving my home, I feel so awesome at the end of the day coming home to my special space. My purpose is to help other people have that same feeling about where they live...you know, the art of domestic bliss....

1. Don't take your decor seriously...add elements of whimsy to your home by introducing random things that you love. Like this funky bird on the console. If you love it, every time you enter your home, it will make you smile! 
2. Make your bed every morning. Studies have shown that you will have more power and energy to attack your day if your bed is tidy. 
3.Get organized. I know the messy decor looks better in photos but in real life it is essential to keep your things tidy. It will make for a happier day and you will have a much more fun time getting ready if you know where everything is.
4. Keep your favorite fragrances going at all times. Light candles, use reed diffusers or put scented sachets in drawers. 
5. Create a special place for you to unwind, relax and read a good book. 

Secret of domestic bliss #64...Bedroom Suite Swagger {CANOPY BEDS}

Romantic bedrooms just speak to my soul. It's probably why I love period films so much, the bedroom is always so luxurious and filled with layers of fabrics. I have always want to re create this look in my own bedroom (if my current one was any bigger, i would give it a try)...

I got inspired by Apartment Therapy to create my very own look at home.
Here are a few examples of how to create a faux canopy bed...
and how you can do it yourself.

Pretty stylish huh?
images via pinterest