An Upper East Side jewel box...

 Marie-Hélène de Taillac, a fabulous jewelry designer, probably has the most adorable apartment in Manhattan. AD France captured her space and its really rocking my world right now...

 How incredibly chic is she? I adore the shade of blue and the way the hot pink just pops. I love the big mirror too, it completely opens up the space. 
All the mirrored finishes in this space are key too, the light fixtures just rock it.
Oh, and this bathroom wallpaper. Oh, yes.

images via AD France

ANIMALISTIC by Todd Alexander Romano

I just love a good Manhattan apartment. Yesterday while meeting a friend for dinner in her building, I ran into a designer friend of mine who had just finished a new project...
It was so good, I just didn't want to leave the place. It brought me to the realization that some seriously good apartment interiors exist in this city and are being created new every day.
 One apartment I would just die to get a peek into is this apartment of Todd Alexander Romano, a fabulous little decorator. Everything about this space is oh so chic. I love the modern fireplace against the smoky glass mirrored wall. Hello glamour! White walls and yellow curtains are such a cheery backgrop for all the deep and rich accents around the room. The tiger print covered chair for example. Now that is hot. 
 Nevermind that the rest of the accent walls are vivid citrus colors and mega glossy. Ugh. It's just so darn fabulous. His choice of art pieces is really well curated too. I love the mix of cheeky photos and great modern art. 
 Now this is an entryway a girl could come home to with attitude. Taking note of all the black/blue combinations, ie. the lamp and the chairs. 
Yep. in love.

images via elle decor, design by todd alexander romano, photography by william abranowicz

The Plaza Hotel & Restoration Hardware unveil new suite

How excited are well all to see the new Gatsby movie? I know I am. First of all, I always go to movies to see the set and costume design, it is one of my favorite ways to get inspired. This movie has that amazing Art Deco style that just literally gets me so excited. So you can imagine my happiness after hearing the news of the Plaza hotel partnering with designer Catherine Martin (she did the set design on the movie)...
Together with Restoration Hardware they unveiled The Fitzgerald Suite, a 900-square foot suite transformed into a dramatic art deco space that channels the dynamism of the Jazz Age using authentic, period-inspired pieces. The suite will be furnished exclusively by RH to reflect the luxury and style of the era. 
 All I can say is wow, they really nailed the space. The wallpaper and color palate and the lighting of course. All of it. Now I am really dying to experience the majesty of this space. I bet its even that much better in person.

images via the plaza hotel.

10 things that rocked my world this week...the downtown Manhattan edition

I partnered up with for a little something, and spent an afternoon checking out lower Manhattan. I couldn't help but snap photos of my favorite things around the area. Thank God for my iphone which provides the ultimate camera for snapping quick pics...
 1. The architecture on random blocks of downtown Soho. At times, the look can be so soft and European looking, yet in colors that are very New York.
 2. The character of Little Italy. I love this oversized statue of David just sitting outside a little cafe. It's so random but so charming all at the same time. 
 3. The insides of churches are so gorgeous. Most of the new churches in other cities these days are so modern and while beautiful, they don't have the charm or color that the old ones in New York do. New York always keeps it true.
 4. Hotel front desks. Always chic, professional and glam. This one happens to be the Mercer hotel, one of my favorites for a little bubbly. The purple back lit lobby is bangin'. 
 5. If you have ever gone down to Wall Street and walked into the old buildings, this is what you get. I fell hard for this entryway. 
 6. Central Park will never get old for me. Hands down my favorite place in the city. 
 7. I love how our city always meets our needs. Down in the Financial District, the tourist booths have ties. Each neighborhood has a different need. The little booths up in my Upper East neighborhood sell Pashminas, go figure. 
 8. We all know my obsession with gold. How fab is this brass wastebasket down on the streets of Wall Street. Hello. Can I get one for my apartment, please? 
9. Most people say this city is lonely, and I get that. However, never have I been in a city where more strangers have my back than ever. Our city is full of people standing up for one another. I kind of love it. 
 10. Lady Liberty. I really love her and her green.

 BONUS: my two favorite photos of the day:
 I love this womanly mermaid figure...
and please tell me how incredible is this entryway?
 all images by me.

My latest muse...Athena Calderone {via Harpers Bazaar}

Lately I have affections for Brooklyn. There are some amazing doors and amazing places to shop for vintage furniture, great restaurants, etc. So, when I stumbled up this completely hip interior designers Brooklyn abode, I almost fell out of my seat. Athena Calderone is a designer AND blogger, HELLO, love herThis kind of NY edge is right up my alley. How ridiculously amazing is this Brooklyn bungalow...

I love how modern it is and I love the large windows, too. Bright sunlight is essential for me in any space but in this space in particular it makes everything just shine. Especially in this outrageously gorgeous kitchen. I also am a sucker for using gray in any space, oversized art, pops of gold, tufting, eccentric lighting, and pieces that mix white and wood. 
images via Christopher Sturman for Harpers Bazaar

How to live chic in New York...Lonny Magazine style

As most of you know, my obsession with the doors of my wonderful city just had me on one...I. cant. stop. Every time I snap a photo of a new door, my imagination runs wild with what could be inside these incredible apartment spaces. Every once and a while someone has their drapes pulled back and you can see inside and gaze at the lovely decor. I love this, but hank goodness for Lonny mag, who gave me a glimpse inside one of the most fabulously decorated NYC apartments I have seen in a while...

An ultra fabulous gal Jessika Goranson, tricked out her upper east side apartment with some serious panache. Layers and super chic accessories make this apartment all about the details. I really love the way she styled it up. First. WALLPAPERED HALLWAYS. I think it's such a good idea. In my own apartment I painted my hallway with stripes, it makes the whole area seem bigger. 
POPS OF PINK. Her style is pretty feminine but its not too over the top. This pop of pink is perfect, don't you think?
 She styles things up really well and has a collection of dogs and little figurines would that make any true traditional decorista swoon.
 Alas, a perfectly decorated hallway for New York City and a collection of horse art, that just seals the deal. So very upper east side and so very swanky. Fab job Jess.
images via Patrick Cline for Lonny...


I am not usually one for a lot of white in New York City. Mostly because I think that it can be a little boring and color adds so much to smaller spaces. However, this gorgeously large loft has changed my mind. The windows in this space are beyond amazing and the light just illuminates each piece of furniture making it that much more dreamy and magical...

It's more than a loft, its like a magic little spot in the city...where dreams are made. I just love the mixes of brick, white and wood tother in different shades. Mixing textures in neutral colors can be so warm and comforting. 
I adore the look of organization and am loving how all of these books have white spines. Very clever and impossibly chic. 
all images via the october issue of Rue.

A Manhattan Apartment with girlie swag {via Vogue}

Since yesterday we went all the way masculine, today I thought I'd throw back a little pink into the mix. I always love a good girlie space and this one takes the cake. Pink walls and super glam accessories right in the heart of my beloved New York's so right up my alley. The homeowner, Alina Cho. A completely stylish Manhattanite. I am absolutely blown away by her apartment. Take a look with me at this space as shares her apartment with Vogue...

Her entryway kills me with that leopard runner, dark chocolate walls and pretty pink silk chairs. 
She mixed in accents of gold with super style.

How incredibly chic is that clear coffee table? So glamorous. She mixes metallics with such panache, I just love it. 
The dining room with accents of green was such a great touch too. This color combo is just perfection.
images via Vogue..photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank

Elements of Eclectic Glamour

When people ask me to define my style, I always say "eclectic glamour". I think because I love so many looks and styles, its so hard for me to really define. The one thing I know is that I love glamorous things and I love the finer things. Perhaps thats why I love vintage + antiques so much, most of the time these things are made with such care and high quality. I rarely find an interior that really does eclectic quite like I like but Nicole Hanley's apartment featured in vogue did something I am completely into...

White I am not the biggest fan of yellow, I can't help but love the little touches of yellow throughout her space. It adds vibrancy and color to the mix. I've been seeing neon in acrylic so much lately and that adorable ashtray on her coffee table is probably my favorite thing in the space, aside from the glamorous kitten artwork. 
These black doors with yellow insets are oh so rad. Very "outside the box". Which brings out an eclectic edge. Her abounding art collection also nods to modern and the eclectic mix gives you that sophisticated feeling. To top off the look that golden obelisk paired with the marble eggs adds style, swagger and keeps it very glamorous! 
images via

Black, white pink and CHIC

Incurable Romantic. This just might be the perfect art for me. New Yorkers just have the best art in all the land, I am not even kidding. Just when I think I've seen it all and then something like this gorgeous home takes my breath away. My most favorite colors all together, black, white, gold, and dashes of pink make this home extraordinarily swagger-iffic to me! 

 This bedroom is a perfect example of how to bring french glamour to a NYC apartment.
 Black and white striped sofas? Be still my heart...

 I have just never seen pink + gold look better together. So chic! 
images via ny times, photography by henry bourne

LOVING LONNY NYC editor's buduoir

My brain is absolutely excited that the weekend is here, despite the rain I am thoroughly enjoying finally staying in the city for the weekend. No traveling for the entire month, thank goodness! It's time for me to get things organized and clear out the things I don't use anymore (Jen totally inspired me). 
More than that what I will be spending my weekend doing is getting a clear vision of what I want for my new apartment. So, as I was catching up on my favorite online glossies, I stumbled upon Michelle Adam's of Lonny Magazine and her gorgeous new bedroom. I am such a sucker for canopy beds and in this issue she details just how she did it so you can do it too...

 I really am impressed by the way she kept things simple and white. White walls are so my weakness right now. I think it really works in a super modern space with lots of natural light like hers. Black, white and gold elements just are pure perfection in this space without being boring. I'm a fan of panache, you know, living with flamboyance and flair. That means not being afraid to mix leopard, bold florals and some sparkle. Michelle did this while still keepings things sophisticated looking, which I absolutely love. 
 She even got a little Kelly Wearstler-esque by using abstract and geometric accessories. Such glamour without over doing it. This bedroom is a total win win for me! I am seriously chomping at the bits to decorate my new bedroom. 

images via lonny magazine photos by patrick cline


It's been just over a year now that I have been in my adorable apartment in the city. I moved in July 15th of last summer and thinking about the past year is such a roller coaster of emotions and accomplishments. I can't even believe its been a year. However, it's also the time to find a new apartment and this happens to be one of my favorite things in the world...
  Nothing makes me more excited, I just love the whole process. 
As I try to visualize what I want in my next apartment I think to myself, modern, white, a view, dining room, ample room for an office, etc. Then I happened to come across this gorgeous space and I thought to myself, this is EXACTLY what I want...

I love the clean white walls of this apartment and the light floors. It's located in the upper west side too, so I know its in my dream location. The kitchen is modern with stainless steel appliances and see through shelving. The track lighting is a little ick, but there is a bar and hello a mirror in the kitchen. My favorite decorating trick! 
 Plenty of room for a dining table.

Great lighting in the bedroom and just enough room for a cozy bed with a little extra seating.
 Great bathroom flooring and a clean, white bathroom. It's sheer perfection! Saying my prayers now. 

HOME TOUR: Pretty Styling Magic

I am just smitten with this fabulous apartment. The busy fabrics, bold dashes of hot pink, mix of vintage and modern pieces. Completely gives you an idea of how white walls can really work! The black chesterfield sofa is incredibly stylish and works some masculinity into the feminine panache...

The home belongs Kimberly Steward + was designed by Marcus Hay....
uber stylish New York City people.
Pink walls + gold chandelier...a winning combination.
images via + photos by Jonny Viliant


We all know my affections for black, white and kelly green all mixed together. In fact, I've been looking to add a dash of kelly green to my apartment and the moment I spotted this New York apartment it was complete confirmation. It's so very modern and glam and I absolutely love it...

I love all of he patterns and eclectic mix of furniture.
When can I move in?
images via 534 w42, midtown west. 

NYC House Tour: Stylish living in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of those places that you just can't hate. While I am a total Manhattan kind of girl, Brooklyn does have a small part of my heart. There are so many great restaurants, shops, things to do and see and I do have a heart for the hip people. The best part about Brooklyn...the space! I continually dream of living in a much, much bigger apartment and it seems as if I gave life in Brooklyn an opportunity, that dream just might come true. 
This townhome featured in Architectural Digest totally gives me some inspiration. It's incredibly gorgeous...
Even with white walls the place is loaded with serious style. The artwork all over the walls is a huge part of what makes it so chic. Oh, and of course the pops of turquoise help too,
These deliciously glossy dark brown walls + tiger print chair are majorly FABULOUS! 
How perfect are these red chairs in that garden area? In the springtime I bet this outdoor space is just killer. Wow. Doesn't it just make you want to move to Brooklyn? 
well...not really but at least we can daydream.

images seen at luxe + lillies via AD.

NYC apartment decor style: bits of brick...

It has been a super productive/hectic week for this lil decorista...NYC life is taking some serious getting used to. The more apartments I get to see and work with here, the more I realize the amazing character some of these teeny little gems have. Moldings with gorgeous detailed lines, beautifully narrow yet tall windows, curvy pedestal sinks in the bathroom. My most favorite and the fairest of them all...little bits of exposed brick. 
Oh, its just so delicious, I am quickly becoming obsessed. You really can make brick work with any decor style. It can work with industrial chic, romantic, modern, even a little bit glam. 

I love when brick is painted in glossy white too. the lonny offices are fab-tastic!