A woman's touch in decor is something that I will forever be a proponent of. However, there are times when a man really steps up to the plate and gets his style straight. I am working on a few clients right now that are bachelors in the city and I cannot continue to stress enough the importance of a cleanly and chic masculine bedroom. I truly believe that your confidence starts in your home. If your home is chic, looking right and clean you will walk more powerfully and confidently through your day... #justsaying

To start there are a few essential elements of a good male space... dark walls, soft curtain panels, groupings of chic photography artwork, and sumptuous, clean and crisp bedding. Warm blankets at the foot of the bed, simple but classic pillow combinations too. 
 I also find that metallics and leather always work very well in a masculine bedroom. Wood and plaster sculptures finish off the look with pure polish. 
 I always enjoy a good mike tyson photo or old rat pack style photography works well too. 

 How gorgeous does this buttery brown leather look on this dark and deep textured wall? So chic.
I'm even a fan of modern like in this bed combination below. I really love the mix of black and white photography too. This is such an easy way to display your personal favorite art works and kill the dead space above a low laying modern bed. 
I am so loving all things masculine this moment...

image credits: a merry mishap/livingetc//lonny mag archives//elledecor archives