LOVING LONNY LIVING...an NYC editor's buduoir

My brain is absolutely excited that the weekend is here, despite the rain I am thoroughly enjoying finally staying in the city for the weekend. No traveling for the entire month, thank goodness! It's time for me to get things organized and clear out the things I don't use anymore (Jen totally inspired me). 
More than that what I will be spending my weekend doing is getting a clear vision of what I want for my new apartment. So, as I was catching up on my favorite online glossies, I stumbled upon Michelle Adam's of Lonny Magazine and her gorgeous new bedroom. I am such a sucker for canopy beds and in this issue she details just how she did it so you can do it too...

 I really am impressed by the way she kept things simple and white. White walls are so my weakness right now. I think it really works in a super modern space with lots of natural light like hers. Black, white and gold elements just are pure perfection in this space without being boring. I'm a fan of panache, you know, living with flamboyance and flair. That means not being afraid to mix leopard, bold florals and some sparkle. Michelle did this while still keepings things sophisticated looking, which I absolutely love. 
 She even got a little Kelly Wearstler-esque by using abstract and geometric accessories. Such glamour without over doing it. This bedroom is a total win win for me! I am seriously chomping at the bits to decorate my new bedroom. 

images via lonny magazine photos by patrick cline