DIY decorating secrets from a beach-y bohemian pad...

Many of you know that my affections belong to southern california and that beachy lifestyle. I fell instantly for this adorable apartment. So, I took a few notes on her decor style...
1. Collect a bunch of white vases in different sizes and set atop your fireplace mantle. Fill them with bunches of the same blooms, and your mantle will pack some decorative punch!

2. Display your jewels on sidetables (not just your dresser or vanity) on pretty feminine dishes and combine with pretty trinkets and treasured magazines to make it look like a styled set. This gives you that  boutique display vibe that we all know and love.
3. DIY artwork... stencils, canvas and pretty color paint. Pick a favorite quote, saying or mantra for an everyday pick-me-up.
oh and don't forget to display your prettiest shoes for more happiness...

Secret of domestic bliss #24...creating a gorgeous jewelry display

The art of displaying your precious jewels is not to be taking lightly.
Time, love and creativity should be your motto when you work on creating your beautiful jewel assortment. Why hide the beautiful gems that grace your ensembles day in and day out...they belong out there for us to see and enjoy every single day. I love staring at my jewelry. I love the colors and the stories behind each beautiful piece.
I think we all love displaying our jewelry with pride, no?
How do you display yours?

nicole richie and her line of jewels

molly sims and her jewelry box

Paris Hilton and her jewelry closet

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gold rush

Metallics have been making a huge comeback and this Christmas I have been bringing gold back into my home. I think it brings a bit of glamour to any outfit of any room. 
I'm spending my holidays in Palm Springs this year, hoping to get some vintage shopping in.
I am ever in search of the perfect gold items to put some pizazz into my pad.
Here are some of my most inspirational favorites.

(where i am dreaming of writing Christmas Cards)
(where i wish i was dreaming)

(dreaming of this handbag)


(also secretly dreaming of wrist candy in gold form...)

jolie jewels...

i have been obsessed with jewels ever since i was a little girl. my favorite jewels are those of my grandmother, America. she has the best collection of jewels i have ever played with. i love everything of hers. so lately i have been thinking of cocktail rings...and i just love this one!

Lia Sophia Turquoise Enamel Ring with Crystals