office space of the day... 6 Art wall looks I love

white walls + gorgeous blue chair + retro black lamp + wood desk + mixed framed art pieces =
domestic bliss

I've been working on my art wall above my home office. I'm loving the mix of frame finishes. 

This was the original photo that inspired my current wall. White walls and mixed frames, white, black and metallics. I adore this look, there is something very sophisticated about it. The space looks very modern and well put together, metallic finishes and a little dash of that john lewis furniture look. 
I have also always loved Mary Macdonalds office originally in Domino magazine. The contrast of blue and white always really stood out to me. As much as I love the look of mixed frames, there is something very chic about all black and white. She is so glam, I adore her decor.
 Something about this layered look really draws me in too.
 One of the most famous NYC decorators, Charlotte Mott, covers her decor offices in artwork and also mixed in an inspiration board look too. I did the same in my new space. 
 Finally, this really inspired me too. I love the way that the art really pops on the black wall. The mixed style of furnishings just look so polished and well put together. 

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