Loving Lamps Plus

Things around here are so crazy right now, so forgive me for not posting as often as usual. I have been trying to get everything with clients up to speed and my new apartment ready before my trip to Spain. Yes, I am heading to Madrid for work and a little bit of play next week...

Thank goodness for people and companies who make shopping for decor oh so easy and seamless, like Lamps Plus. Where I decided to get a few things to beef up my vanity area. I really wanted to make it fresh and modern yet still girly glam. 
The robert abbey delta lamps (my current obsession) look so fresh atop this gorgeous white desk, right?

Once I started shopping, I literally couldn't stop. I knew for my new space I wanted a super fluffy white rug. I also knew I needed to get some brass into the mix so this gorgeous mirror and floor lamp were the perfect additions. I also fell hard for leatherette lamp shades for my new brass vintage babies. 
So far, I am loving everything. Decor success!