Wallcolor Wednesday: cozy + creamy

I am usually the first one to add some deep color on the walls, but today I am seriously loving the things you can do with cream walls. They really aren't as boring as you would think. I love this room here, its so very California cool and the deep + dark trimmings make cream walls look totally chic, not to mention that fabulous yellow couch.
Bright punchy colors in fabrics or even really fun patterns can completely divert your attention and make cream walls actually seem a little glam...

images via nancymarcus. theglamlamb. pinterest.

WALLCOLOR WEDNESDAY...lavender loveliness

I personally think that the color lavender is really underestimated. Most people associate it with a nursery or a really feminine room but I think that the color can actually be quite sophisticated when used in the right way. Yes, of course it is feminine but let us not forget that in our history the color purple was used to signify royalty. I love when it is used in the unexpected places and situations...it can be quite breathtaking...

I do think it looks very sweet in a country-esque kitchen...
It is absolute perfection in this modern home office...no?
This couple just looks so cozy in this sophisticated lavender dining room...

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art + room...woodson + rummerfield Pink Lady

So proud of my former bosses, Woodson + Rummerfield for making the cover of LUXE magazine with their fabulous pink bedroom at the Graystone mansion...they really nailed it with the pink and that has totally inspired me.
blush pink walls + pretty velvet sofa + candle wall sconces + proper painted lady =
domestic bliss
I am just smitten with the look of rose colored walls. I recently read that dusty rose is lucky for me on this birthday colorscope and since my birthday is in less than 2 weeks I want to surround myself with the best of luck + the beautiful color.
Rose is so feminine and so sweet and I really think that I am going to incorporate the pretty color into everything that I do from now on...

{images via. luxe magazine. domino. society social. elle decor. interior design. houzz}

Wallcolor Wednesday...prospecting purple

My newest client is the ultimate girls girl...
and her love of purple is similar to my own. That just makes me incredibly happy. So in attempt to create her living room dreams, we are starting with a plum/eggplant color on the walls. We are thinking of going with something like this below...and adding some gorgeous gold frames.
She lives in a pre-war walk up, with the most amazing molding similar to this utterly glamorous room below. I love the mix of different purples. That pop of light blue in the drapery is divine too. 
What a really good wallpaper can accomplish for you?
Style without too much clutter on the walls, similar to this pretty purple pattern.
This one is a favorite of course, and I think I might need that glass coffee table too.

{images...domino. ruemag. unknown. pinterest. elledecor.}

Wallcolor Wednesday {wonderfully white}

Why not work it with white?
As much as I just adore me loads of lovely color, I am not mad at an all white room. You can dress up white walls in so many ways to make a fab room. Also, with white, you are not limited on shades...there are several white wall colors that can just look magical. Ivory, off white, etc. They all work really well and are a wonderful neutral.
Keep in mind. Small rooms need major color, I personally think that if you have a small room, color is what helps make it feel bigger. If your room is big, white can be absolutely wonderful! 

Wallcolor Wednesday {black in the bathroom}

I have been going back and forth with what to do in my bathroom...
I have this weird colored tile (so very new york city apartment) and I have not been able to make a decision on what color to choose for the walls. Black is majorly chic and after looking for hours at bathroom inspiration, I finally decided to go for it. High gloss black in the bathroom is the way to go! So excited to share with you guys the final pics but hopefully it will look as lovely as these beauties!

images. domino. lonnymag. apartmenttherapy. countryliving.

Wallcolor Wednesday {the bold and the beautiful, royal blue}

This week, I decided to spend the week in the Hamptons...
I needed to get out of the city, badly. The earthquake in NYC yesterday was such craziness. A little spooky. Being out here in this gorgeous, small beach town, I am constantly seeing the most lovely shades of blue. My heart just adores it! Light blue skies, deep blue waters, pretty aqua pools, and the most beautiful blooms. Blues are the epitome of coastal living so I thought, why not highlight deep blue walls today.

This blue living room could totally be a Hamptons living room. Very traditional and preppy, I love the sophistication and style. 

Wallcolor Wednesday {grey + beige = greige}

The walls in my new apartment are finally done and I am just smitten with the color. It's a soft greige that really just warms up the space. I love the way metallics look against the color and small pops of black look fabulous too! The greige creates such a cozy and ethereal look, I can't wait to throw in some pops of color to really make the walls sing...

I love the way the beautiful outdoor lighting hits the soothing walls, makes for such a dreamy space. 

Wallcolor Wednesday {black walls. white molding}

A color combo I am seriously considering lately...black walls paired with white molding. It's the classic mix, black and white, yet paired in such an unexpected way. I can't get over the way these deep black walls are just made even better by hooking up with some sweet white molding, such a power couple don't you think?

a gorgeous miles redd designed space

images: athena,mynottinghill, elledecor, 

Wallcolor Wednesday: mint green walls

I am having some serious fantasies about mint green walls in the bedroom lately. The images are just dancing in my head. I envision mint green walls, black, white and gold accessories. I can just daydream about the deliciousness all day long. It can go modern, it can go vintage or it can go completely retro. Anyway you try it, mint walls are all the rage! 

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Wallcolor Wednesday {a burst of citrus orange}

Inspired by my lovely orange water bottle, I have been noticing bright orange everywhere. It could be the summertime, but I just think the pretty color is the epitome of chic. I'm sure it can be a bit much for some, but perfect for a quaint little bathroom, guest bedroom, or smack dab in the living room. Wherever you put this fancy pants color, it will be effortlessly stylish...

Wallcolor Wednesday {toile on the wall}

Sometimes a regular old paint color just will not do. In those cases, something I find absolutely alluring is toile. It's an oldie but goodie in terms of patterns and right now, its so fresh! Especially in vivid, bright colors. Whether you go for just one wall or all out wall to wall, it can look amazing and reinvigorate your space...talk about rooms with personality

i absolutely adore toile in the kitchen. so cute. 


Wallcolor Wednesday {trick it out with TEAL}

Ladies, don't hate me but I just have to say, I love helping my guy friends decorate. Wow! I think it's because they REALLY need it the most. The funny thing is, guys are too afraid of color. So, the next guy I help decorate, I am suggesting teal on the walls. It's gorgeous, semi-masculine and loads of color. Guys don't get that the color of your walls can change your life, uplift your moods, and so much more! Ladies, holler if you hear me. ;) and lets love on some deliciously sweet teal walls.


Wallcolor Wednesday {gray in gramercy park}

Today our apartment painting sessions have officially commenced. Yay! (side note: we have fallen head over heels for our little Gramercy Park neighborhood) I wanted to give you all a sneak peek at the gorgeous, dark gray color we decided to go with. Kelley and I both love color, so we thought  that a dark gray would make the perfect backdrop to pops of bright colors throughout the room. It also looks absolutely lovely combined with our yummy dark chocolate floors. I have, like most people right now, a slight obsession with gray. I especially love it on the walls. Its good stuff.

I've always loved the muddy brown-ish gray used in this romantic bedroom. So chic. 


Wallcolor Wednesday {horizontal stripes}

Already have my mind going for the new apartment and I haven't even gotten the keys yet. I am seriously thinking that we are going to do some fun horizontal stripes down our long corridor to the bedrooms. I think it can be such a fun and playful way to perk up a long hallway, no? Add some pretty frames and fabulous photography and we have an insanely cool view from our bedrooms.


Wallcolor Wednesday {creme de la creme}

So, I finally found an apartment. fingers crossed it all goes smoothly and I will be moving in less than 2 weeks. The apartment is gorgeous and as you can guess, I have been obsessing over my bedroom wallcolor. I love so many colors, black, white, deep blues, but for some reason lately I have been secretly in love with beige walls. More cocoa beige than just plain beige, I feel like it could be a very serene feeling room. Seems like a boring color, but I almost feel like it would be such a fun challenge. My mission...to make beige work it!