Style-icious Sunday: the MANY shades of MINT

The color MINT is everywhere right now. We have all seen it on full blast this year, so I have a true appreciation for this particular hue of green. I have been dying to add some green to my apartment this spring, but have no idea where I am going to incorporate it...

What's wonderful about the color is that there are so many shades of minty fresh green in fashion + decor. I love to explore the different color combinations it can go with. I truly believe that all colors go together so lets see how many look amazing with mint.
To start off, mint + black are an extremely chic combo, and in the first photo mint + navy blue look so fresh together too.
Mint + orange + pink are a super stylish mix.
mint + cream with a pop of red.
But my most favorite look is a monochromatic mint color palate. It's invigorating + inviting all at the same time.