Holiday shopping can be seriously wallet crushing, I know. With all of these gift guides online I see my money going quickly so I wanted to share with you some of my favorite beauty bargains. To help with maintaining your sense of self and a little pampering for the holiday soirees!

coconut oil (one of my biggest beauty secrets)...i use it on my hair, skin, nails, in cooking and I do oil pulling to detoxify. Ooh, its also the BEST eye makeup remover.
Samantha Buxom lipgloss has lip plumping action that is out of this world! 
sephora liquid eyeliner goes on perfect every single time and no need to ever sharpen. love that.
Rimmel volume accelerator is my new favorite mascara...way better than any other mascara i've used.
Hempz Age Defying lotion works wonders and smells delicious too (like bubble gum)
Hair, skin and nail vitamins, People always ask me how I get my hair and nails so long and I swear by this brand and I buy online in bulk so as to never run out, and its cheaper. Make sure to take them as directed.