10 things that rocked my world this week. December 10

 1. Top of the rock... I seriously love doing cheesy NYC tourist things for fun. It really makes me appreciate this amazing city that I live in. From the top, you realize just how small the island is. They also do the best souvenir photos...

 2. My new headboard from Zgallerie has arrived and I am absolutely in love with her! Her name is Grace too and I find that incredibly serendipitous...its one of my favorite words.
 3.Yesterday in my beauty bliss post I told you about her but I had to show you guys how adorable my samantha lipgloss is. So much fun and the yummiest, mintiest, lip plumper ever. 
 4. I guess I am probably the last person to get this book but I LOVE YOUR STYLE by Amanda Brooks is awesome. It breaks down fashion and how to achieve that killer celeb style. love it.
 5. A free manicure. Honestly. Best. thing in the world. I went with a lilac purple and it brightens me up each time I get a glimpse of my pretty purple nails.
 6. I am commissioning the piece for a client and the sculptor did such a fab job, don't you think???
 7. This pretty light is in an office space. Now, that is definitely the kind of light I like to be working with..
 8. More touristy stuff + Christmas tree = decorista happiness! 
9. I just couldn't resist an ice skating party. There is something SO VERY new york christmas about ice skating at rockafeller center. Can you guys tell how excited I am that this is my first Christmas in NYC as an adult. I can't get enough of its magic! 
10. Oh, and this fabric. I shot it upside down because it was so high to roll down in the store. I am just DYING to use it somewhere...Art Deco Amazingness!