Re-decorating in the new year...2012

Now that family has departed from the Christmas in New York festivities, I can finally return full attention to my apartment and making it my own blissful palace...
I want to continuously be adding to my art collection, because my apartment is small I am leaning towards bigger! I also love bright and pretty pastels in the winter months. So, naturally this painting from Lonny mag has caught my eye.

Inspired by this simple candle grouping, I have finally figured out how to best decorate my fireplace for the new year...and it looks a little something like this.
Horizontal stripes are catching my eye as opposed to the vertical ones I have adored for so long. 
I am also inspired by the fashionistas of the world...they are some of my favorite artists. I am lately loving dots and bits of blush pink and red.
Here is to a more magical + fashionable 2012...