A peek inside Kelly Wearstler's Melrose shop

I just love going back to LA, my time there was so good! I got to see my favorite people and visit a few of my favorite places. One place in particular I had been dying to see was the new Kelly Wearstler boutique on Melrose. I am beyond ecstatic that Kelly went from interior designer to fashion designer, which is such a rare feat. Incredibly inspiring, (I can totally remember graduating from college and moving to LA to be the next Kelly Wearstler...still working on that,ahem.). Anyway, I just love this woman and her glam edginess...

Pardon my photos, they are the best my little iphone could capture. The styling in the store is just beyond. While I love the clothes and accessories, all I could marvel at were the furnishings and styling. The entryway is pure glamour and the marble walls are incredibly chic. 
Little accessories in white, black and gold (my favorite color combination) were throughout the store. 
 The chicest part, the dressing rooms. Antique mirrored walls and gold light fixtures next to gold art. I just can't get enough of her style. If you haven't been yet, you MUST GO! 
A few of my favorite things...

Oh so chic boutiques...Tory Burch

Like many of you I am a huge fan of Tory Burch. I rock a TB black leather bag + wallet every single day. I happen to make the drive down Robertson Blvd on the regular and I always pass by her store. The bright orange + deep green color combo just absolutely inspires me. Such an interesting and distinct color combination that she chose for her store front. I am kind of obsessing over it.
So I went a little deeper and did some research of her many boutiques. I love the uses of mirrors throughout, keeps the place looking jazzy. The light fixtures are so amazing, don't get me started. The walls are so exciting, and her colors and extremely bright and fun, just like her. Love!