Every time I return to visit my beautiful city, Los Angeles, I swear I turn into a little glam bohemian...
It's only for a few minutes before I get my business hat back on but when I'm in it I feel like I'm in the middle of a daydream.
 There is just something about relaxed glamour, its so effortless and calming. Gazing outside (or inside) at beautiful palm trees, lush greenery and golden sunshine. It just makes me in such a good mood. The interiors look magical when white with muted neutral tones making such a statement. Outdoor eating has become almost an every meal affair, my goodness I'm loving this.
 Woods are highlighted and encouraged as well as outdoor elements like shells and metals. 
I'm not missing NYC one bit and soaking up all of this pretty business. 
The dream ends after the weekend though. I'll be back to the city and back to my busy-ness! 

images via thegiftsoflife