Stylishly living in Spain...

While I was in Madrid, I didn't really care about buying any Spanish paraphernalia, but I did however, stock up on as many decor magazines as I could. Madrid has an incredible collection of decorating magazines. I couldn't buy enough of them, they are just too good. I love America, but we could really take a cue from the magazines over seas. 

Nuevo Estilo was my favorite one and this months cover feature was my absolute favorite. A completely California chic look in Madrid. I love everything about this space. It's charming, relaxed, collected and incredibly chic. As I said in yesterdays post, I really love a collected look and not just everything so contrived. I think partly because I relate to changing around my home decor almost daily, an ever evolving collection of beauty. Of course she happens to be a fashion designer, only a chic girl would have a striped bedroom.

 I find that the most stylish rooms have a very eclectic look. Key pieces that are on trend and mix together for a killer combo. That's so very decorista style. 
Chesterfield sofa + Slim Aarons print + gold bamboo table + exotic rug + glass coffee table = YES! 

 I have been seriously considering black and white stripes in my kitchen. Love this look.

images via Nuevo Estilo home of CARLA REBUELTA