10 things that rocked my world this week...October 7

1. A huge thank you to Sequin jewelry for rocking out my jewelry box with such amazing bling. This fall I decided to step up my accessories game. I fell instantly for JASMINA, this beautiful hammered gold necklace, she was a huge hit for my weekend...

2. I also love anything gold, black and white. Like this gorgeous art deco cuff bracelet. So freakin' glam, I just love it. 
 3. Somebody really amazing gave me the idea of a Muhammad Ali photograph for a client's dining area. I have to say, it went over like a charm and we got it!  I am now a fan of Yellow Korner vintage photography and this place has it all, for a great price too! 
 4. I did a lot of client shopping this weekend and I found a few new vintage shops that I love. A little overpriced but extremely inspiring...
5. LOVE LOVE LOVE round wood coffee tables. 
6. I also love when I see really good street accessories, like these baby pink planters I spotted in Soho. 
7. If you want a really good lotion and you live near a trader joe's, snatch this one up. This makes my skin so ridiculously soft I am newly obsessed. 
8. Even though my trip to Paris is a month away, I have been preparing by adding red to my wardrobe bit by bit and my grandmother gave me this beautiful red bag.
9. These gorgeous red booties were another wardrobe essential too. I only have black and nude shoes in my closet. I seriously needed some color. 

10. The highlight of my week was styling on the set of a Food Network cooking show. Can't reveal details now, will come soon. I never really thought about working with food before but styling and cooking go hand in hand visually and I loved every minute of it.