10 things that rocked my world this week. September 22

1. I'm such a sucker for anything to do with charities, non-profits, organizations that work towards the betterment and empowerment of those less fortunate than themselves. So, I was beyond excited to take part in an event this week for FreelyBe and their work for MERCY 29 (my new favorite anti-profit). I helped get donations and so I had to look fab. Jessica, my good girlfriend, came to my rescue and did my hair and makeup to help support the cause. Jessica also has a non-profit called Pure Beauty Project, I'm passionate about beauty too so I love being part of this organization too...
2. Pretty portraits of women dressed glamorously are a weakness of mine. I found this beauty at my local vintage shop. I had to have her, isn't she gorgeous?
3. Okay, so I just have to say the fall in New York City is just beyond! Every single day I walk outside I want to scream how much I love it here. It's so good. The weather, the chilly-ness, the beauty in architecture and even the water. My evening runs along the Hudson river are my quiet time to gather my thoughts and get my strength for my day. So blessed. 
4. Found this sofa in a local vintage store. This incredible Art Nouveau pattern just blew me away. I thought to myself, someone incredibly chic + stylish must have owned this sofa. I would love to know the person, I must have come up with 5 different potential stories of the owner. I love imagining these types of things. 
5. If you know me well, then you know how important smells are to me. I am a freak about it. I'm the kind of girl who has perfume for everything, I spray my bedding everyday, I spray my lingerie, I even have sachets in my closet. I just love good smells. I am newly obsessed with this line... Antica Farmascista.  Everything is just heavenly. I suggest you guys try it, its sooooo good. 
6. Like I said earlier, I am obsessed with beauty. This week I attended the Lucky Magazine style guide launch party and I was in the corner sharing my beauty secrets with everyone. Had so much fun and I always love anything at the Standard Hotel.
7. Speaking of beauty, now that its fall I get to paint my toes dark colors. Right now I am rocking black, it looks so fab with my leopard print peep toe shoes. 
8. My sweet friend Ida, sent me a beautiful set of handmade bracelets. A little bit rock and roll and made with love. It's always fun to add some edge to my jewelry collection. Love.
9. I love the colors on the cover of the October 2012 issue Latina Magazine. Read it from cover to cover and its SUCH a good issue. However, I feel like they need a little decorista action going on inside. When will everyone realize the importance of home in terms of your lifestyle? I am on a mission to get some decorating advice inside this fab mag! 
10. We all know my passionate love for Jesus + this verse reminded me that I should never stop sharing my love for God with the world. God is so so so good! #ifyoudontknownowyouknow