10 things that rocked my world this week. July 15

1. I'm so thankful that God has blessed me with amazing opportunities with such interesting and incredibly talented people all around the world. My photoshoot with Olivia Still + her photographer Ollie, was such a great experience. Love this shot of me in my bedroom...

2. There is no place like home. This is my favorite building in NYC. It just captivates my heart every day that I pass it. 
3. I'm so in love with my custom Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar pillow from C.R. Laine. I had to have it in pink of course. 
4. Sunshine. Stripes. Starbucks. Summertime. A few of my favorite things...
5. Love the name of this restaurant. Very appropriate for my night celebrating one of my best friends birthdays on the town. 
6. So, my lease is up at the end of the summer and I have been apartment hunting. When I walked to this building and saw the elevator, it was a total sign. Any place with fabulous wallpaper in the hallways gets my vote. 
7. gummi bears. these are my favorite kind. 
8. Hello amazingly glamorous and vintage looking chandelier. I just love this piece. The flowing beads are so very art deco. 
9. Saw this sign on a door and thought to myself, what a way to walk into your office. Strength. Such a good reminder of how I want to be in my life. 
10. The incredibly talented Debby Hymowitz, my fave photographer in NYC. We had an incredible photoshoot this week. She is working on a photography book of particular people in new york and telling their stories. Beyond excited to see the finished product.