10 things that rocked my world this week...December 3

 1. This cute little card (in black and white I might add) just stole my decorating heart. I think it might be my new life motto...

 2. Now because I believe in miracles and I LOVE to dream BIG...I saw this photo of this black and gold office tower and thought to myself....this is definitely what THE DECORISTA ENTERPRISES will look like one day. So pretty. So glam. So dreamy.
 3. I found this coat rack-ish type of thing at one of my favorite vintage stores. So dorothy draper....I had to have it and its the new home to all of my favorite winter coats...
(I must say, its still weird to say 'my winter coats' when a year ago I was in LA and didn't own a single one...isn't life just full of surprising things?)
 4. I am kind of obsessed with Kate Spade. While, I am much more the bombshell glamour type than the preppy type, her accessories kill me with cuteness. Like this rose bowl, we all know its a long time favorite. Every girl needs one. You can find the similar vase here.
 5. So I went really crazy shopping online for holiday gifts and found this Kate Spade striped Iphone cover. I am obsessed with it. It's perfect and completely protects my phone when I drop it. 
 6. My pack of office supplies from Poppin.com. So in LOVE!
 7. So right outside of my apartment, they have lined up christmas trees. It makes me so happy because I may not be able to have on in  my apartment, they have lined my street. Oh, Joy! 
 8. In case you all didn't know Pineapples are used in Feng Shui and other asian cultures as a symbol of WEALTH, FORTUNE and PROSPERITY. The sound of the chinese word for Pineapple is similar to the sound of the saying "good luck coming your way". Needless to say, I scooped up this pair of brass pineapples for my desk quickly. Now, everytime I see them, they bring a smile to my face. 
9. Gemstones are good luck too. And these guys are just so darn pretty. I couldn't resist them either.
10. Now while the quote at the top of this post is my new personal mantra...this "pink please" spray painted wall I spotted is definitely the mantra of my blog. She loves herself some pink.