10 things that rocked my world this week! july 30

1. I finally got to meet one of my very first blogging friends in person...the lovely Mariska Meijers from Amsterdam. Extremely talented artist...extremely genuine heart. 

2. Motivating quotes just get me everytime. This week I really was moved by these empowering words.  Such a good point, I thought...so I acted on them. Loved it! 
3. Fell head over heels for this door number sign I saw as I was walking the streets. So industrial chic looking, no? If the door was touched up with a strong black lacquer, I'd like it even  more! 
4. Something about this collection of pipes reminds me of the library at The Soho House...very intellectual new york- esque. I would die to design a room around them! 
5. Aqua blue tufting. It's so romantic and dreamy. I am crazy in love with my sofa. We bonded this week over a Twilight Saga marathon. good times. 
6. I am coveting this chandelier from the thrift store in my neighborhood. The piece doesn't go on sale till next week because its in the window. fingers crossed no one snags it. 
7. So incase you guys don't know...I am pretty much vegan (i will never stop eating fish), so its hard for me to find a good restaurant that caters to my type of eating preferences. Thanks to my manager, I found the spot. Westville has the best menu for healthy eats....oh and really good ginger ale. 
8. Hello NYC fire trucks. Not only are they super hip looking, its always a sign somethings going down. In this particular case they were filming a movie and sirens were on full blast. It was a party on the street. Kinda cool NYC moment....
9. This week I decided to try out a new look on my nails inspired by my recent bloglovin photo browsing...coral french mani. I am totally into it. 
10. a snap of my favorite flower ever...soft white/light pink tipped roses. so big and beautiful!
enjoy your weekend. xoxox