SIX TO BLISS: the crystal edition

Who: Crystal 
Where: Chicago, IL
What: a supremely hip and stylish blogger of Plush Palate 

I am super pleased to have the lovely Crystal here to share her very chic secrets of domestic bliss!

1. Scented Candles: I always have candles lit when I'm at home. They're the perfect way to create ambiance and romance at home. I use Jo Malone's Vanilla & Anise candles for the most luxurious and sophisticated scent.

2. Natural Light: A room flooded with sunbeams on a bright day is my idea of a very happy home!
3. Fresh Flowers: Somehow they always lift my spirits and make me smile. They're weekly splurges well worth the money in my opinion.
4. White Linens: I only use white sheets, coverlets, and duvets in my home. They remind me of being at an expensive spa or in luxurious hotel. Exactly the feeling I want when I'm in bed!
5. Clean & Airy: To feel at peace at home, I need a clean and airy space with no clutter. One of my favorite quotes from Coco Chanel, "Elegance is refusal," reminds me that less truly is more when it comes to stuff.
6. Cozy: Home is where you can kick up your feet, spread out on the sofa, and be yourself. Creating that cozy feeling is my true bliss at home!

We all know and love this girl. With this style, how could you not?
Happy Friday everyone!

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