SIX TO BLISS: the julie richard edition

Who: Julie Richard
Where: Boston, Mass (in a town a little north of the city)
What: extremely stylish interior designer and blogger of Shelter 

(this girl is so stylish, I have coveted her office space for who knows how long)
Here are her 6 secrets of domestic bliss...

I truly believe that domestic bliss can be found in simple, every day ways! Here are my secrets.

ONE. A beautifully, organized closet with plenty of storage! I can only dream of having a closet like this one day, but when my {much smaller} closet is organized, getting dressed is so much more enjoyable! The colored boxes, painted shelves and light fixture are perfection!

TWO. Fresh Flowers

THREE. You can't go wrong with a cozy, wood burning fire!

FOUR. There's not much better then enjoying a candle lit evening with good food, great drinks and friends + family. {I've included my current favorite wine - Layer Cake - Malbec}

FIVE. A fun mix of color in your small {pillows} or large doses {entire walls}

SIX. A soft, crisp, comfy nest to lay your head at the end of the day!

Thanks Ashlina for asking me to be a part of your Six to Bliss series!