Paris apartment tour...whimsy & color


It's been taking me a minute to get adjusted back to the week. After having guests all weekend, I need a good time to recoup, reflect, prepare,etc. Monday was a slow start for me but today I'm finally getting back around to feeling sane again due in large part to coffee. What I love about the home, is that if decorated well, it can completely support you in life. I love my little condo and just looking around at beautiful things that are aesthetically pleasing and complement each other, it just makes me feel so good. I'm a huge believer in that. While black, white and gold are my happy place, I am certainly made happy by the colors of the ocean too and that was made obvious to me when I saw this room and the gorgeous blue sofa...

So, when I found this home, even if just perusing online, it did the same thing for me...happiness McGee. I love the grey wood flooring and the grey walls. That shade of grey is fantastic. It makes the blues and greens pop so beautifully. Not to mention the mix of brass and natural accents. That's when I decided that sharing this home was so necessary. A few things to note here, a painted ceiling. I really enjoy when an entire room is painted and not just 'ceiling left white' situation. The palm wallpaper in the breakfast nook. I've never really seen this pattern before, therefore I adore it!



The darkness of the walls and the light wood flooring is such a winning combo. This Parisian apartment just killed it for me. Colorful, yet still whimsical and modern with metallic accents. Yes.

images via AD Paris