8 incredibly chic hotels & cities I'm dying to visit

I've been on the hunt for a perfect place to suggest for our upcoming family trip. I'd like to get out of the states and visit somewhere exotic and fabulous. I've narrowed down my list to my favorite cities with hotels that are visually enticing to me. I'm all about aesthetics when I travel. Not only do I want to be in comfort but I want everything around me to be decorated very well. I'm a wee bit of a snob in that way. You never know if the weather is bad and you get stuck indoors, the place has got to look good, am I right? lol. Here are my top 8 I'm dying to go. If you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

shangrilaparis1. ShangriLa Paris. I just get the Marie Antoinette vibe from this room and of course I'd love to pretend to be here, if only just for a day. Perhaps I could do that here.

langham london

2. The Langham London. Check out the Artesian bar outfitted in all lavender. Oh, so damn chic.

gritti palace hotel venice

3. The Gritti Palace Hotel Venice. I just can't with this stylish decor. The rug looks so soft and comfortable. I would love to wake up to all of this style.

Ivy, George St, Sydney

4. The Ivy Hotel Sydney. I love Sydney, probably my favorite city ever and the deliciousness of color going on in here. Yes please.

hotel habita mexico

5. Hotel Habita Monterrey Mexico. In contrast to my more glamorous & feminine visual interests, this masculine chic look is also enticing to me. I love how modern it is. I also love Mexico.

hotel georgia vancity

6. Hotel Georgia Vancouver. I have been just dying to get to VanCity and I hear this hotel has the most incredible customer service ever. Mindblowing in fact. Needless to say, I want to get here. Oh, and with interior design by Munge Leung, you just can't beat it.

grand hotel oslo2

7. The Grand Hotel Oslo. I would just do anything to get to this hotel immediately. Obviously for the color, with a good bar and wifi, who would leave?

Selman Lobby in Marrakech2

8. Selman Marrakech. The photo here should actually speak for itself. Imagine a lobby like this and what the rest of the hotel could be. The gorgeous chandelier, purple sofas and dramatic accents just seal the deal. I've got to get here.